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Wednesday, 5th of May 2010, 7pm.

I am in my family's jet on my way to Scotland to vist my bride that I have not met yet and if what mother says is true my bride dose not know about me...yet. Mother and father have be like headless chickens these past seven days worrying about clothes, tranport, hotels and so on. I how ever do not care about any of those silly things, I only wish to go back to Romania. I never wanted a wife at the age of only 18 years old but it was a family tradition that a young man of eighteen ,that has been going on for the past 300 hunderd years.
The only thing I know about my bride is her name and that is, Andra Wallace. I must stop writing for the jet is about to land, but I shall write later when I have seen what this Andra Wallace is like and if she could be the one that could bring me out of this darkness that is my life.


I was in my white and red room that I painted myself, I was sitting on my queen size bed, just finishing my make-up when my mother, Maggie, yelled on me.
"Andra come here please!" she called.
I sighed,"Yes, mother!"she yelled back. I always called her mother since I never see her or father. I got off my bed and looked in the mirror, I saw a girl with electric blue dyed hair and weird eyes. No really my eyes are so freakish, they are like a mix of blue, green, gold and grey. But they turn a different color in different lighting. I wore skin tight black jeans and a white hello kitty t-shirt, with my green skater shoes. I ran a hand threw my hair and walked out my room and jogged down the stairs. I walked into the living room and looked at my parents.

"Yeah, what?" I asked not seeing we had vistors. My mother looked at me, she wore her normal black dress pants with a colored shirt as did father. But mother normaly has her long red hair up in a bun but today it was down, her long red hair was like a waterfall down her back. I looked at my father and he looked the same but in his eyes where lies and sceret, I was sure of it.Ever think that your parents are lieing to you? Ever seen secerts and lies in they eyes? I have all the time but I never ask them, why bother? They're just going to lie to me

"Andra I would like for you to meet some old friends of ours."she waved her hand at the three strangers. "This is Maria and Stefan Vasilescu and there son Vladimir."

I looked at them and was studend.Maria, Stefan and Vladimir Vasilescu. They where like the more beautiful people I had ever seen in my whole life! I mean Maria looked like she was a super model with her long blond hair, her bright green eyes, her high cheek bones, pale ivoy skin and full lips. Stefan, Maria's husband, he looked like he was a male model! With his black curly hair pulled into a low pony tail, his bright blue and gray eyes, sharp cheek bones, straight nose that was a little long and his thin but yet femmine lips. And there son, Vladimir Vlasilscu well he looked like a lost geek god of sexyness. With is blond curly hair which was short, his green and blue eyes that changed color from blue to green, he looked like his father but he had his mothers lips. Yes they where, and still are a beauitful family.

Maria stood up and walked over to me,"She is very beautiful, Maggie. She looks so much like you and Ian but not in the eyes though."she touch my cheek, her hand was so cold, like ice so much so that I couldn't stop the flinch. She smiled at me but that smile was different, more like a wild animal locking onto it;s prey. She didn't sound Romania at all, she didn't even have an accent.

Stefan,"My dear your scaring the poor girl to death."he chuckled a little coldly. I looked over at him and noticed that there son, Vladimir was not looking at me but at my necklace. My necklace was just a plain sliver locket with a picture of my grandmother in it, she died two years ago from canser, I was heart broken and that is when I went emo. I took a step back from them.

"Nice to meet you all. " I looked at my mother and father,"I'm going out so see Seth and Mac, be back later."I started to turn to the door when my father's deep voice spoke.

"Andra no, you will stay here and get to know the Vlasilscu. And no buts, my word is finally."he looked at me, that meant I dare you to chanellge me. So I did.

"Look old man, since when did you ever care about me meeting your friends before, huh? And I am going out so laters." I stormed out the room and that's when my mother grabed my arm.

"You listen here young lady, Vlasilscu's have helped this family on more than one time. So all I asked of you is to get to know them."she begged

"Fine but I get to smoke in the house from now on and you and father have to stop bugging me about my hair." I knew she would never do it.

"Fine you have yourself a deal, now get back in there." she walked back into the room with me, with both hers and my arm linked together while I plastered a fake smile in my face.

"Ah there are my two girls, everything okay?"my father asked.

"Yes, everything is alright,dear." my mother said as we both sat down, my mother patted my father's knee gently. I mentaly groan as I leaned back on the cream sofa, now I was stuck here, doomed to listen to boring talk of buisness and family life.

"So Andra hows life?" Stefan asked me. His blue and grey eyes looked at me with some kind of curious look but yet he looked like a predored at the same time.

I shrugged,"Fine." I was the queen of one worded answers when I wanted to be.

Stefan raised on black eyebrow at me,"Really now? From what I hear you got into Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen. And that you work two jobs, one at the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh and also at a book store on weekends. From what your mother has told us is that you are the head of the art club at your school and your also in the fashion club too. I am corret?"He looked a little smug for my liking. I mean what have my parents told these strangers about me?

I looked at him,"Yes, you are." I didn't like him knowing some bits of my life. I swear these people give off werid vibs, like dark vibs that give me goose bumps and make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. After that Stefan and Maria talked to my parents in Romanian, I never knew that my boring old parents could speak Romanian! I let my mind wondered for a bit until the Vlasilscu stood up.

"We shall see you all for dinner tommorrow night at 8. So until then, goodbye Maggie, Ian and of course Andra." said Maria, she smiled as she walked out the room with her husband and son. Vladimir looked at me, our eyes met for a moment when I looked away. My parents showed them out our townhouse, I could hear them at the elevator door, talking but in engish but the words where to soft for me to hear. But I knew one thing, that these Vlasilscu's where something else but I didn't know what but I would find out.


Wednesday, 5th of May 2010, 10pm.

Well I have met my bride to been, Andra Wallace. She is the most rude, loud, selfish person in the whole world, but yet I like that about some small way. Mother and father where moaning, in the car, that she would never fit into our world of darkness and bloodshed but I disagree with them. I think that maybe this Andra could and will fit into our world. She was like a little fire cracker of color, her hair was bright blue, and of course it was dyed but I can not help but wondered why a beauitful girl like her would hide her natral hair color. She was slim but had all the right curves in all the right places, she was as tall as her mother, which would be only 5 foot 2. I do beilieve if I get to know this Andra Wallace, we will hopeful get on like a house on fire.
But I do wondered if she will take to the new of what I am and that of my family, well or just scearm bloodly mudered? Would she cry and beg for us not to hurt her? Or just shrug and say 'That's cool with me'? I am not sure, I must talk with my older sister, Anna and her mordern husband, Davey for answers on how I am to deal with Andra Wallace because I know she is going to be hard crack.
Sadly I must go again for we have arrived at our hotel. I must unpack then I must eat for I am so verry hunrgy. I shall right more just before I go to dinner with the Wallace's but for now I say goodnight.


I sighed as I lay on my queen size bed, the past couple of days have been a nightmare. Mother ans father have had the Vlasilscu's over for dinner for the past two days. I had to play the loving daughter, which I hate, I had to say and do the right thing. I had to keep a smile pastered to my face that hurts my jaw to no end.

I lit up a cig and took a very long, long drag, I know smoking is bad for me but I really don't care, smoking is better than hitting everyone cause they made me mad. Yes I know I have anger issues but who wouldn't? With a mother and father that are never around, being stuck with nanny after nanny, going to posh private schools, going to country clubs and so on. All I ever wanted in life was to be my own person and not some copy of my mother.

I finished my cig and put it out in my bat shaped ash tray. I got off my bed and walked to the mirror, I looked at myself but I wasn't seeing me but a barbie doll that looked like me. She had the same electric blue, same weird eyes, same ivoy colored skin but she was wearing the most disgusting dress I had ever seen. It was pale pink that gose to the knees, it had no sleeves, but it looked like it was nicked from barbie! It even had little flowers on it that made want to rip them off but mother would have gone crazy cause she spent about £1035.99 on my dress today.

I was in the dinning room a little while later with my parents and the Vlasilscu's, I was stuck sitting next to Vladimir again, I swear his parents and mine are trying to fixes us up or something. I took a bite of chicken, and I nothing that the Vlasilscu's never ate, they just picked at there food. Which was weird, I mean people have to eat but made they are on a diet or they like to be stick thin not that Vladimir or Stefan where skinny, they where build like old warriors or something but Maria looked like she was at ther prefect weight.

"Andra that dress looks lovely on you."Stefan said as he smiles.

"Thank you."I said then I took a sip of my white wine. I hate wine but hey it's alcohol and I was not going to moan about it. But I knew Stefan was lieing about my dress, I mean I look like a barbie with blue hair!

Vladimir looked at me,"My father is right you look stunning."he smiled softly at me, his eyes looked into mine and there I felt that same spark everytime I look into those green or blue eyes.

"Thank you Vladimir." I said shyly and I looked down at my plate so I didn't have to look at him anymore. I'm not shy around guys but Vladimir makes me feel all shy around him, it's weird. I finished eating my food and sipped my wine.

My father stood up,"Now the reason we are out to dinner, on the last night that our friends will be with us. Is because I have a wonderful announcement." He put on a fake smile. "I would like to welcome into my family, as not only a son-in-law but as a friend, Vladimir. Welcome to the family son."he smiled.

My jaw dropped, I blinked, I just couldn't beilieve that Vladimir was going to marry my baby sister, Bonnie, who was only 16 years old! She couldn't beilieve that Vladimir was into little kids, well okay Bonnie was only two years younger than him but still.

"Thank you, Mr.Wallace." Vladimir smiled.

My father looked at me,"Andra I know this a shock but you and Vladimir have been promise to each other, promised to marry each other."he looked at me with worry that I might throw a hissy fit.

My mother was saying something but I wasn't listening to her, Stefan and Maria where watching me with that predator look again the one that gave me the chills. I knew Vladimir was watching me, I could feel him looking at me.

I stood up,"I am not getting married!" I yelled at my father, then I stormed out the dinning room,"Stay the fuck out my room, all of you!" I yelled as I walked out the room.
When I was out the room and ran to my bedroom, I slammed the door. I stripped out of the disgusting dress and changed into my black sweat suit. I rolled myself a cig then I lit it and smoked it. My parents didn't come to my room that night or anything.


Friday, 7th of May 2010, 10pm.

Well that did not go as well as I hope. Mr.Ian Wallace had just announced that I am marring Andra but she took the news so badly. The look on her face was horror so much horror then disgust then shock and finialy anger. I have never seen a young women ever talk like that to a man, let alone her own father! But these mordern women are firey things, full of passion and life. But sadly my life is not that way, it is full of sorrow, pain and death. Mother and father think it going to be harder to get Andra to marry me but I must agree with them, from what mother had read from Andra's mind is that she likes me. Which is good because I can not take my mind of that girl, the girl with a firey temper, Andra Wallace my future bride to be. I knew of the promise my parents had made with the Wallace's all those years ago but Andra did not. But if she knew, would she agree to marry me? Or would she just run as fast as she can away from me? God's blood! I have no idea what I am doing.

I called my sister just before dinner, she say to win Andra's heart is to be truthful, charming but not in a weird kind of way. And that I should spend some time with her alone. Alone time with Andra, that sounds very interseting to me, I could get to know her better without my parents or her parents there. Yes, that is what I shall do! I shall ask mother and father to take Mr and Mrs Wallace to a play or go out to dinner, while I spend alone time with Andra. I think I should buy my sister something for the great advice.
I must go again, the sun is raising and I need sleep but I shall write how it gose with Andra and I on our alone time.


I sat in the games room of my parents town house with Vladimir, the sun had gone down about an hour ago then he turned up 30 mintues ago. We have been sat in silence from the moment I walked into the games room. I nodded to him as my way of saying hello, but that was all. I sat on the dark red sofa and he sat next to me. We have been like that for a full 30 long mintues and I was ready to get up and go to my room but Vladimir turned his body to me. He took my chin in his hand and turned my head to look at him. Our eyes met again and I was hopeless lost in his eyes, I was sure I was blushing but hoped I wasn't cause that would be so uncool for me to do.

"Andra I am sorry for all this, I knew about the promise, the promise that we have to marry."Vladimir said softly. He still had my chin in his hand, his thumb lightly rubbed against my bottom lip.

I shivered lightly,"Well I'm too young to get married and I never want to get married."I whispered because I couldn't get my voice to go any high then that because of the way he ketp looking at my lips then to my eyes, over and over again.

"Pity."Vladimir said in a dark lustly tone that made me shiver. He leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips.

I closed my eyes and kissed him back. And what a kiss it was! We started to make out with him, tongues rubbing against each other, hands gropping each other's bodies, sounds of little moans came from both of us. I swear I thought I was going to have sex with him until his cell phone started to ring. We both froze we looked at each other, panting, blushing, I didn't know what to say or do right then. But then I noticed that we where tangled together, I was under him with my legs around his hips and my hands where runs all over his back. He was on his hands and knees, he had one hand on the arm of the sofa while the other one was on my left breast.

"I'd best answer that."he mubbles as he takes his hand slowly off my breast then he unhookes himself from my legs and arms. He sat up right on the sofa and pulled out his cell from his coat pocket. I swang my legs off the sofa and sat up right, I fixed my tank top and mini skirt while he talks in Romania. I knew my face must be bright red but I didn't care because that boy sure knew how to kiss a gal and turn her on as well.

Vladimir put his cell phone back into his coat pocket and he looked at me. He took my hands in his,"You are the most beauitful women I have ever seen, Andra. I know your against this marrage bewteen us but...there is nothing we can do about it. I am sorry if that upsets you but I will do everything with in my power to make you comfortable at my home back in Romania."he caressed my cheek lightly as he say that.

I was lost in his eyes as I leaned my cheek into his hand. I was listening to him, and it was so sweet of him to say but I have plans in for my life. I wanted to be a artist and own my own art gallery then maybe get married not the other way round. I only just got into art school and been asigned my dorm at the school. I really didn't want to give all that up for a guy not even a guy who is being forced to marry me.

"Vladimir, I have too much I need, no want to do in my life and not be tied down to a marrage. I am sorry but I can't marry you, we're too young to be getting married. I want to go to art school, be a great artist and own my own art gallery then maybe get married and have children not the other way around." I said as I pulled from his touch.

Vladimir looked disappointed then he looked hopeful,"I understand but how about this we get married but we stay here until you finish art school and then you come with me to Romania?"he held both my hands in his and gave them a gentle squeeze.

I was shocked that he had thought of that to fast, I shook my head to clear away the warm fuzzy feel I had inside of me."Vladimir I have a life here,friends, family. I like my life here, I love my friends and I tolerate my family as much as I can. I really don't need a husband and a family-in-law to put with too."

Vladimir sighed and looked down,"I give me until your birthday, Andra, to prove that we are made for each other."he looked at me with passion and determined to have me as his wife.

After a moment of silence we talked about our dreams and hopes in life if we wheren't getting married. Then we talked about everything and anything, we laughed for hours. My mother came into the room and told us it was time of Vladimir to go with his parents to hotel.

Vladimir stood up and took my right hand in his and kissed it,"Until we meet again, Andra."he smiled at me.

I blushed lightly,"See ya Vladimir." I whispered as I was caught in his gaze. It was like he was looking into my soul and I was looking into his. My mother cleared her throat loudly then he let go of my hand and picked up his jacket and walked out the room.

My mother walked to me and sat next to me,"Andra?"she asked.

"Yeah?" I said as I watched the door close then I looked at her.
"I'm sorry about all this, really I am. But you must marry him, it's for the good of the family."she patted my knee.

"For the family?" I asked as my temper kicked in."How is this good for the family? Is it money you need? Or is it because you want to get rid of me?" I snapped and stood up then I stormed out the room and to my room. Trust my mother to fuck up a very nice moment I had with Vladimir! I changed into my PJ's, crawled into my bed and closed my eyes.

I dreamed of Vladimir and a life I could have if I married him but the dream turned into a nightmare. A nightmare of blood and death. I was standing in a castle with Vladimir at my side, holding my hand as two maids came in with a girl and boy, only about 15 years or so, then the maids left while the girl and boy looked so scared. I asked Vladimir why those people wear here but he just smiled, and let go of my hand as he walked to the girl. She backes away from him as she crys, he grabs her and sunk his fangs into her coco colored neck, blood ran down her neck as she screams for help. I watched in shock then I screamed while Vladimir fed off the girl.

I woke up screaming, I couldn't beilieve what I had dreamed of. Vampire's are not real, they just couldn't be but that dream had felt so real. I stopped screaming and was panting, I was covered in sweat. I layed back on the bed, I hadn't noticed that I had sat up, now laying on my bed I looked at my clock, it was 2am. Great, I thought as I closed my eyes and a little while later I fell asleep


Monday, 10th of May, 2010, 2am.

I feel so good this morning, last night was just wonderful. I talked to Andra last night, which was only about 5 hours ago. We laughed, talked about the future and other stuff but then I kiss Andra! Her body felt so good againat mine, her lips where so soft, she was like heaven to make out with but there was a thought that crossed my mind, sex. I was so close to taking her, so very close. Hell I even got a hard on by just making out with her, but her moans fueled me to go further. If her mother never came in then I would have taken her and I know I would have bitten her. She would freak out if she knew what I really am, not a human but a...I must go now for I have been called to my father. I do not want him to know I keep a diary for he will think it is to girly and I spend to much time with Anna. I can't wait to see Andra again because she is fun to spend time I must go father just yelled at me to come to the living room. But I shall write after I see what father wants with me.

Well I have just finished talking with both mother and father. I have found out that I must tell Andra the truth, the truth of what I really am and that of my family. That my family are not humans but vampires. We are not evil like other vampries are read on page or seen on sceen but there are some who are like that but they are taken care of my the council. I wonder how she will take the truth? Maybe she will call me crazy or mad? Or maybe she has been having dreams of her past life and she might take the news well? Or maybe I'm just hopring for it. But I also have to tell her of 'The Blood Promise' we made long ago.
I have been having dreams of my past life with Andra, those dreams where so real, every touch, smell, taste and sound. Three hundard long, long years and we have been reunited. I am still getting flash backs of my past life...with Andra. I remeber when I was parted with her, back then she did not have blue hair but blond hair as golden as the sun, her eyes where same as was everything else about. She was still as stuborn now as she was then, still loving, caring and still firey. I remember the last time I saw her before we died.

The time was 1710 and it was the time with the witch hunts or better known as the burning times, it was a bad time for anyone that was diffterent. I was with my Andra in own castle in Transylvania we where just about to have a snack, I had just sank my fangs into a beauitful coco colored women's neck, her blood was lovely just what I had need. I stoped drinking when Andra let out a scream, I turned to her with alarm, she pointed to the hunters going for me. I threw Andra over my shoudler and ran out the room and too the secert room in the library, I let her down.

"Vladimir what do we do?"she asked with worry with her Romania accent. She walked around the room, I knew she did that when she was hunrgy or upset, I think it must be both.

"My dear do not fear we shall be free but if not...I want us to be reunited in own new lifes together." I knew she was going to kick off at me but I did not care, I wanted my Andra to be safe in the next life.

"What do you mean? Do you mean the blood promise?"she looked shocked, her unnatural but yet beauitful eyes wided.

I touched her soft cheek,"My dear please this is the only way we have."

"Vladimir we can run!"she begged and held my hand.

"No we can not, the other family members have not wakend yet they must be warned then sent to safety." I pulled my hand from her and opened up a secert door to the cyript,"Come my love."I held my hand out to her. She held my hand tightly as we walked threw the tunnel to the cyript, I knew we did not have long until the hunters would find us then kill us all. We walked into the cyript and we saw the family, my mother, father, sister, cousins, aunties, uncles, grandmother and grandfather where in fact awake.

"They have come for us."I said as I wrapped an arm around Andra's hips. The family all nodded and shared the same sadness in there eyes. "We all have to go now."

"But Andra is still going threw the change, she will never make it!" My mother said as she leaned on my father.

"I know that mother but I will look after her. Do not worry." I sighed,"We have choosen to do a the blood promise." I held Andra closer to me. I saw the shock on my families face's then the horror then then the understanding. I knew I was taking a big risk but I would do anything to keep my Andra alive in some shape or form. Even if that ment I had to wait a life time for her to be reborn.

"We will have to get her to her family. Andra still has half of her human side left so there is a chance we could do the blood promise with her family..."my father was cut off when the hunters stormed into the cyript. The hunters started shoting stakes from cross-bows, some hit my family but not on the heart. I was pulling Andra to the secert tunnels out the castle when she screamed and pushed me to the ground. I grunted when I hit the floor, I could hear the cries of my family and that of Andra. I saw her fall to the ground with a stake in her heart.

"Andra!!!" I cried as I stood up and caught her and held her close to me. I knew the hunters where died thanks to my family but Andra was going to die very soon and it was my fault! My father pulled the stake out her chest, and she cried out in pain, she looked at me with her beauitful eyes.

" alright? Your...not hurt?"she whispered, I wanted to laughed that this silly girl in my arms was worried about me while she was dieing.

"I am unharmed, my dear but you..." I couldn't even finished my sentence I was so close to breaking down but I couldn't i had to brave for Andra.
"I'm dieing, right?" She coughed. She looked so very pale, like snow or the palest ivoy.

"Yes you are Andra but the blood promise can save you but we need to get you to your family. Your human family." My father said.

"Lets go then."She winced a little...

But sadly that is where my memory gets a little fuzzy, I can not remeber what happens next, maybe when I next sleep I shall remeber. Speaking of which I must sleep the sun is raising and is draining my energy but I shall write more tommorrow went I wake up, maybe then I will remeber what happened afterwards.


I was in so much pain, I knew I must be dreaming because one; I was in a castle, which I have never seen before in my life. Two; I was in Vladimir's arms but he wasn't where his normal black and grey jeans and shirt, he was now wearing a black suit with a white shirt under the pale blue silk vest. Three; I was looking at people I have never seen before, well I knew Maria and Stefan but the others I did not know. And finaly four; I had a huge hole in my chest, blood coved my pale blue silk dress. I winced as Vladimir walked threw a tunnel, I wanted to ask where we where going but I could, but I was talking but in Romania accent. I had no idea what I was say but from the look on Vladimir's face he wasn't happy about what I was saying. I shivered then winced as Vladimir carried me out of the tunnels, I could hear the others following us, they where talking in Romania.

He carried me for a long time until we stopped outside a small house, Stefan knocked on the door. A woman, who looked about 40 years old with her very light blond and grey hair, her eyes where brown but when she saw me, she gasped and started yelling as she let Vladimir and the others in. I could see the house was very small they only had some furniture, wooden chairs, a table, dresser but that was all. Vladimir layed me on the table and I winced, he said something, I think it was sorry or something like that but I smiled a little at him. I looked at the women, she kinda looked like my mother but with blond hair and brown eyes because my mother has red hair with bright blue eyes. But that women looked at me with so must worry it hurt to look at her, so I looked at the man next to her, he looked like an old warrior with his dark brown hair, green greyish eyes, he was tan but his face had laugh lines which made him look older.

Everyone was talking but I couldn't understand them. This was getting annoying but I nodded with them and said something but I didn't even know what I was saying. God I should really learn Romania if I am to ever understand whats going on.

Vladimir leaned down and kissed me lightly, I blushed and kissed him back. The kiss was so sweet and loving that it made me cry for some reason, it was like I was never going to see him again. But that was impossble because I see Vladimir everyday! He pulled from me and bit his wrist as Maria cut my wrist, I winced as I ketp looking at Vladimir. Maria put his wrist to mine, then she tied her blood red scarf around our wrists. I felt so weak, like my life was draining away from me, that I could go at any second but I ketp my eyes open by my our will, I never took my eyes off Vladimir.

He looked into my eyes as he spoke, he had tears in his blue and green eyes, I wanted to hold him and tell him everything would be fine but I didn't cause I was too weak and this is just a dream. I said something that I did not understand, then we both spoke at the same time.

My eyes started to close but I opened them again just as the blond women came over and mixed her blood with mine, we spoke the same words that I spoke with Vladimir. Maria did the same with Vladimir. I was slipping in and out of consciousness but Vladimir would always wake me up, and I wanted to slap him silly for doing that. I wanted to sleep not stay awake. My body felt weird, like really heavy until they stopped chanting or whatever they where doing. Then Vladimir kissed me, and this wasn't a nice peck on the lips this was a hot and heavy kind of kiss. I kissed him back the best I could but while this kiss was hot and heavy it was also desperate or something.

I shrugged it off as we kissed but he pulled back too soon, like he always dose. I wanted to pull him back but I was too weak, well I was dieing I knew that...well this body was...or whatever. This one weird dream but I knew the body I was visting was dieing. I looked into Vladimir's eyes as he looked into mine, we spoke something at the same time then... I woke up, I was in my room.

I blinked then sat up, my hand went to my chest right over my heart to feel for a huge hole but there was nothing, just my smooth skin with no hole. But I wanted to be sure, I knew I was being silly but still. I turned on my lamp and looked at my chest,"Thank god."I whispered. I relaxed a little but not compleately.

I opened by bedside draw and pulled out a pack of Mayfair cigs and my hello kitty lighter. I lit up the cig and put the packet and lighter back in the draw, I took a drag of my cig. I could beileve what I just dreamed, I shook my head a little."Your going mad, Andra. Just plain crazy as a loon." I whispered to myself then I took another drag as I looked at the clock." Great bloody 5am in the fucking morning. I've never going to get back to sleep now."she whispered then sighed. I rubbed my chest as I smoked my cig,"Werid assed dream."I mubbled softly as I finish my cig.

I picked up my book that I got last week, Romancing the dead, by Tate Hallaway. I love her books. I layed back on my bed and started to pick up from where I left off.


Monday, 10th of May, 2010, 9pm.

I have been up for sometime, thinking about how to tell Andra the truth and wondering how she will react about it. I am sure she will freak out about it or she will throw a hissy fit or maybe even faint. I am not that sure about it but I do have a good idea about it. I have talked to my sister Anna over the phone, just a couple of mintues ago. She says; that I should break it to her gently and not freak her out with it.
But dose my sister not understand that this is Andra Wallace I was talking about? My sister should remember what Andra was like 300 years ago and how bad her temper was-or still is? My sister can be a pain but I love her dearly. Anyways I have to meet Andra in about 30 mintues and I do hope she take to the news well and not badly. But I am not keeping my hope up though. I shall write later after I come back from Andra's. Wish me luck.


After reading for most of the day, I was pretty bored. Mother took me shopping for a nice dress and a hair cut. Mother wanted the blue to be taken out but she lost that arguement with in like the second it came out her red lips. I came home with a new black, strapless, short, low cut dress with dimonds earings, black high heeled shoes- that would kill my feet or make them bleed. I wondered why mother wanted me to have a new hair style and new dress but I knew the answer to that. It was the Vlasilscu's.

Mother and father are scared of them for some reason and I want to know why. I mean I have seen the way Stefan and Maria looks at me, like I'm some kinda of stake they want to eat or something.I hate it went they smiles cause they look like predators, like a shark or something like that.

Speak of the devil, the Vlasilscu's have just entered the drawing room. The pale mint green walls where ment to be calming but I found it annoying, there was a oak booksheft, oak coffee table, and two dark velvet green sofa's. An oak dresser by the window, which had chocolate brown curtain, the walls where covered in family portraits.

I loved coming in this room as a child and bugging my auntie Elizabetha about the people in the paintings, she would tell me and tell me stories while I listened, hanging onto her ever word. But sadly auntie Elizabetha moved back to Romania, which is where my mother's side of the family comes from.

I looked at the Vlasilscu's and was shock at how they dress. Stefan was wearing a plain black suit with a grey vest with a grey silk tie and black dress shoe that shined. Maria was wearing a plain silver silk dress that hugged her body prefectly, she looked like Venus or something like a goddess. She wore a dimond necklace with matching earings. She looked like she had been dipped in moon light or silver paint.

I looked at Vladimir, he wore the same a his father but his vest and tie where royal red not silver like his fathers was. He was so good looking, it hurt to look at him sometimes but other times you could just eat him up with a spoon from the way he looks.

All three of them sat down on the dark green sofa across from the one my parents and I where sitting on. My mother was wearing a dark blue dress while my father wore a grey suit with a black tie and vest. I wondered why they where all dressed up for, but I would have to wait and see.

"Maggie, Ian shall we go and have dinner?" Stefan asked my parents as he and his wife stood up.

I looked at my parents as they both stood up,"Hey aren't Vladimir and I going too?"I asked.

"No, you and Vladimir must talk." said the beautiful Maria. She took Stefan's arm and they both walked out the room like they where royalty and then my parents followed them, looking like not so much like royalty but more like a lady and lord. I looked from them and too a very nevous Vladimir. I heared the soft click of the door closing.

"Hey you okay, Vladimir?" I asked with consern.

Vladimir sighed,"Andra I have to tell you something and I know it's going to be hard for you to...accept but I want you to keep an opened mind about this."he looked me in the eye.

I nodded,"Sure, Vladimir."I looked back into his beauitful green and blue eyes. God she could just drown in those eyes happily.

Vladimir stood up,"Andra do you beilieve in...vampires?" he asked slowly as if he was scared to ask the question. He walked over to the fire place on the other side of the room, as if he was scared of my answer.

"Ummm...well I..."I stopped talking because I remember what I dreamed last night,"Well if you asked me before I went to sleep last night then I would have said no but know I don't know." I looked at him kinda scared because I remember him biting the neck of that coco color girl in the dream. Come on girl! It was only a dream, it's not like Vladimir is a vampire or anything! A little voice in the back of my head said.

Vladimir blinked then he tilted his head to the side,"Andra have you been having any weird dreams since myself and my parents came here?"he asked. Obvesely he was over the vampire thing,I hoped.

I chewed my bottom lip as I looked down,"Kinda."I finaly said after a a couple of mintues. He was sitting next to me in a flash and then he took my chin in his cool hand and turned it to him, so he could look at my face.

Vladimir,"Tell me about those dreams, Andra. Please tell me."his thumb gently rubbed over my bottom lip.

I shivered lightly as I looked into those beauitful blue and green eyes as I told him about my dreams. Vladimir nodded as he listened to me, he didn't butt in, not once. I was kinda shocked at that sould most men do that and so do women but still. I couldn't make out the emotions flickering over his face because they where to fast for me to make out but his eyes where bright with happyness at something but I didn't know what.

After I finished he kissed me. I blinked but kissed him back, his cool lips against mine as we kissed but then he pulled back, and I bit back a moan of protest because I never wanted him to stop.

"Thats good. At least you remember something." He smiled.

I started to smile but then I frowned,"Wait what do you mean by; At least I remember something?" I pulled back from him and stood up.

Vladimir sighed and looked at me, his eyes looked really old, like way to old for his face. "Andra...I...need you to listen to me, okay?"

"Okay." I crossed my arms over my chest and tapped my foot. It was a little trick I learned off auntie Elizabetha. She said the taping would piss off a guy so much that they would always tell you the truth. I hoped she was right because I really wanted to know what he was going to say.

"That dream you had last night wasn't a dream. It was a memory, of your past life. Of our life, together, which was about 300 years ago." He looked me in the eye.

I blinked, my foot stopped tapping,"Are you like...joking?" I had to ask that but for some mad reason I believed him. Some where deep in me I 100% believed what he said and that scared me to death.

"No, Andra I am not joking. What you saw was the last time we where ever together in that time. Now here we are, new time, new bodies but the same souls." He patted the sofa. "Sit, please."

"No, I'll stand." I stood my ground as auntie Elizabetha's words ran threw my head, If you act like prey they will act like predators...then you die. I shivered when her voice stopped.

"Very well." He sighed. "Look I know this must be hard for you,Andra..." I cut him off.

"Hard for me?! No you think? Oh finding out that I only a copy of some gal from 300 fucking years ago! No that is not to hard to understand." I growled. "You are sick and mean person Vladimir! I never ever want to see you again. Not in this life nor the next. Now just get the fuck out before I break your nose!" I glared at him. I wanted to hit him so badly but at the sametime I wanted to kiss him. God I am fucked up. No really I am.

He just looked at me with understanding. "I understand this is hard for you Andra but please listen the blood promise is going to end on you 18th birthday and you will die." He frowned at me, and he looked so sad and torn, like he didn't want to tell me but at the sametime he did.

"What? I am going to die? And what is this blood promise?"I had to ask because I was getting scared.So I ran out the room and I heard him call my name but I just ketp running.

He couldn't be serious about me dieing on my birthday? Could he? I mean my birthday was in like two days and I had a party planed. I was going to have a bus run with my friends, we where going to dress up as cowgirls and cowboys and get on a mini bus then got to all the pubs and clubs in Edinburgh. Then the mini bus was going to take us all to a hotel to sleep off all the alcohol until god knows when. 

I ran into my room, I slamed the door shut and locked it. I leaned on the door, my legs felt like jelly, I was panting as tears stung my eyes. I can't die, I'm too young! No he must be lieing to me, he must be. Oh god I wish I never met him, I wish he and his fuckin family never came here!, I thought as I pushed from the door and walked to my bed shakly.
I layed on my bed, feeling like hurt but yet some how heart broken. I knew I liked Vladimir alot but I never knew how much until now. I mean what kind of guy would kiss you in a hot steamy way then tell you your going to die on your birthday? A crazy assed Romania thats who! God I feel so used, so shamed.

I looked around my room it has been the same for the past two years, three walls where white and one wall was dark red but they where covered in posters of paramore, deftones, godhead, muse, gossip and so on. My red bookcase was full of all my books for art school and my own personal reading. The red doors which lead into my walk in wardrode that was filled with different colored skinny jeans, tight printed t-shirts, tank tops, bras, thongs, socks and so on.
I looked from the red doors to my labtop on my red desk and saw my homework pileing up but I didn't want to do homework but maybe I should to get things off my mind.

Will a huge sigh I got off the bed and I changed into my baggie twilight t-shirt, bright blue leggings and my grey fuffy socks. I pulled my electric blue hair into a mess bun. Then I grabed my bat shaped ashtray, green lighter and my pack of Mayfair cigs then I walked over to my deak and sat down on the soft compter chair. I put down the ashtray next to the labtop and I turned on the labtop. Then I took out a cig and lit it, I took a deep, long drag of it as I put the lighter and pack of cigs next to the ashtray.

I blew out the smoke as I looked threw what I needed to get done and there was alot because I have exams at the end of May and the start of June. I have six exams, history, art, math, english, modern studies and information technology. But the exams I have all ready done are modern studies and history. They went okay but I really think I have fail, not like it makes a difference because I am going to fuckin die acording to Vladimir. I shook my head to get those thoughts out my head then I took another drag of my cig and I got stuck into my homework and revision.


Monday, 10th of May, 2010, midnight.

I feel so heartbroken like she has taken my heart and ripped it out my chest and crashed it in her hands and let me watch her do it. Like my life is nothing without her, like one big blackhole is stucking me in wanting to take my soul, body and mind from me. I feel so dead but I was dead before I meeting Andra again. Uncle Doru is right 'All the world is a pain, sorrow and heart ache.' But I know I can't give up on Andra not now, not after what we have been though over the past 318 years. I must believe that she will believe me and come to me willingly or...I might lose her forever. And that would kill me, if she died it would just kill me.
A life without Andra is no life at all, not even a tolerable life, I know I would just end up a bitter old man while others around me are happy with the one they love. I even envy my own sister, Anna and her lover Davey, what they have is special and I wish that Andra and I where like that but we're not.

Maybe I should call Andra's auntie Elizabetha to come and talk to her because Elizabetha is the oldest living vampire in Andra's whole family. Maybe she could talk some sence into Andra or maybe Andra might have another dream of our past together but I don't think she will.
Right I'm going to call Elizabetha to see if she could come and vist Andra, so she can help me because I love Andra with all my heart but I have yet to tell her that little bit of information. Maybe I should but I don't think she would welcome it. I'll shall go and call Elizabetha now.


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