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2013-04-29 18:39:39
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4:[Schlachter]> Change Clock to a more fashionable one. (Analog JavaScript-based one coming up... give me a heads up whoever requested this) by [sammie h!]
6:status> The new yellow tone against the grey is very hard on the eyes, it makes the grey appear more purple and doesn't look good. I feel it would look nicer if the grey top border (With Mainstuff, your house etc), the grey on the right side bars (Wiki comments, poll-comments, etc) and your elfpack page (Badges, Treasury, description etc) were a different color, maybe tan or brown or something other than grey. [WonderTweek]
8:status> Replace the donor snakes with something better; suggestions? Contest? [Stephen]
9:status> Cut back on the blue glows around everything. Less is more! But don't completely remove them. [Stephen]
11:status> Upgrade side border ivy with higher quality. [Stephen]
12:status> Fix logo to fill space better. [Stephen]
Picture examples for [Stephen]'s requests <URL:stuff/aj/15609/SE0001.png>, <URL:stuff/aj/15609/SE0002.png>
13:status> Links on mainstuff (bright green) and hover links (grey) are unreadable against a light background, please make them darker. Visited links on mainstuff are still blue. Gief consistency.
14:status> Hide .TERMODATA 'cause it's borked (and why would people care about it even if it worked)
15:status> Change the remaining grey boxes to match? (.STATUSTABLETOP, .DATA, .CALENDARATSTART, .NEWSTEXT)


0:[Schlachter]> change general font color to #006600 [Stephen]
1:[Schlachter]> change background color of alternating side boxes (& other places with bright green) to #AF56AF [Stephen]
5:[Schlachter]><URL:view_forum.html?vnr=963&forumnr=1> change purple forum controls background to regular white
6:[sammie h!]><URL:stuff/aj/15609/1361229478.png>
3:[sammie h!]><URL:stuff/aj/15609/1361228986.png>
13:[kittykittykitty]>change guard box to green
14:[kittykittykitty]>Update top border to pretty one
7:[sammie h!]> Remove the animated donor borders -- no animated images! [Stephen]
10:[sammie h!]> Make the blue glows a shade of forest-like green, should match things better. [Stephen]

Here is an example of how this works:
Take a free spot (please be descriptive, don't worry about length & do NOT change the "status" tag) & attach your profile ID to it if you wish crew members to contact you about your request:
2:status>I want everything to be so green it hurts! [Schlachter]
A CSS crew member will take over the task & make it bold to show it is in progress:
2:[Schlachter]>I want everything to be so green it hurts!
When completed, the crew member will move the task to the "Completed" section.

If you are somehow unsatisfied with the result, do NOT re-post it in the requests section. Contact the crew member & make the request via a PM that you are unsatisfied. Your help is greatly appreciated with this task & our thanks knows no end! Please don't forget to advertise the style sheet if you like it by linking to it like this: Install Dynamic Elfpack Stylesheet.


[sammie h!]

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2013-02-19 [Deg]: Well, point was to get as many people saying "I approve" of this style sheet so the haters can just go hate themselves in a corner for hating.

Sorry, this made me laugh. Well said, really.

But I agree, too early to talk about implementing changes. I don't wanna go off half cocked and start showing everyone an unfinished project. That will draw the haters by the tenth power. We just gotta keep plugging away. It'll come together eventually.

2013-02-19 [Stephen]: I'm not worried about the haters. I can keep a calm discussion with them regardless of how many come, and if they can't get me to yell at them, they just end up looking stupid.

I'm mostly concerned with making sure [Hedda] doesn't snap at me. :P

2013-02-19 [Deg]: I'm kind of concerned that maybe I don't know [Hedda] enough, which I can honestly say I don't at ALL. Why would he snap at you?

2013-02-19 [sammie h!]: I don't believe he will snap at you as you are only trying to do good for the site, so we will wait for your say so to implement it, we can always post a new article about changes we are currently doing can't we so it won't shoot us in the foot... as much. :0

2013-02-19 [sammie h!]: No, I don't beleive he won't, he doesn't snap easily so he won't.

He's a calm and gentle person............... Bah Ha Ha

2013-02-19 [Schlachter]: [Stephen]... one does not just talk to a hater XD lol
I guess you take yourself for Chuck Norris or something XD but even he can't roundhouse kick those haters back to Hatelande.

But last I checked, priv 1 can't even edit a style sheet directly. You know, we could just "hack" the site to look the same JUST for [Hedda] :3
I'm still more concerned about those haters than him...

But I think we should just wait for people to pick up this style sheet en masse because it is that good -- then [Hedda] will have no say in it anyways. In fact, I can add a tracker to tell us how many users are using our style sheet... good idea? Needless privacy invasions?

2013-02-19 [sammie h!]: Good Idea but still prefer [Stephen]'s option lol. :)

2013-02-19 [Schlachter]: Just illuminating the possibilities XD
Barely any of my ideas are usually good anyways lol

2013-02-20 [Stephen]: @Haters
Oh, I don't really want to make them go away. Just they don't directly bother me. They're discouraging, of course, but challenges and obstacles are meant to be overcome. Besides, I'm always happy to work on my people skills, and they help me fine tune those skills.

Generally, it's better safe than sorry. He can be pissed off easily when it comes to his trusted people doing things they shouldn't do; if I cross a line and he ends up revoking my siteboss rights, then this entire idea of redesigning Elfpack will be moot.

2013-02-20 [Deg]: Oh boy. Then let's avoid that, shall we? o.o

2013-02-20 [Stephen]: That's my thoughts.

If I bring a project idea to him with "We've had this worked on for this long, with this much support, can we do it?" He'll probably say yes.

2013-02-20 [Schlachter]: [Stephen]@Haters
Sure they don't affect you directly, but when they scare off your disloyal subjects members...

I agree. I don't think I can cough up a social site from scratch overnight...

2013-02-20 [Deg]: @[Schlachter]: Beating a dead horse about the haters, man. They're gonna hate no matter what. People gotta deal with them in any way they can, which basically adds up to "ignoring them". Or by being [Stephen]. :D

Plus, I don't think we're trying to do this overnight. I don't know where this is coming from? This is going to be a long journey. I haven't been able to do crap this week because of school. I mean, literally, we've been talking and doing renovations just looks-wise for about a week. This is far from over and no one is expecting it to be overnight...that wouldn't pan out at all. We need a polished version before we attempt to show anything to anyone, really.

2013-02-20 [sammie h!]: Amen. :)

2013-02-20 [Schlachter]: [Deg] I will never surrender! Haters will be de-hate-ified!

Exactly & agreed. I was referring to if [Hedda] shut down the site. I think any change to Elfpack that is not explicitly available through privs should require consultation even IF we can hack it. But I will do whatever authorities decide on.

2013-02-20 [sammie h!]: I think we should wait for [Hedda]. :)

I have a feeling that I know what he will say. :)

2013-02-20 [Schlachter]: Well once we confirm what he says, then we can plan accordingly...

2013-02-20 [sammie h!]: Yep. :)

2013-03-11 [sammie h!]: [Schlachter] can you do the last one please? :)

2013-03-11 [Schlachter]: Sure.

2013-03-11 [Schlachter]: Done.

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