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4:[Schlachter]> Change Clock to a more fashionable one. (Analog JavaScript-based one coming up... give me a heads up whoever requested this) by [sammie h!]
6:status> The new yellow tone against the grey is very hard on the eyes, it makes the grey appear more purple and doesn't look good. I feel it would look nicer if the grey top border (With Mainstuff, your house etc), the grey on the right side bars (Wiki comments, poll-comments, etc) and your elfpack page (Badges, Treasury, description etc) were a different color, maybe tan or brown or something other than grey. [WonderTweek]
8:status> Replace the donor snakes with something better; suggestions? Contest? [Stephen]
9:status> Cut back on the blue glows around everything. Less is more! But don't completely remove them. [Stephen]
11:status> Upgrade side border ivy with higher quality. [Stephen]
12:status> Fix logo to fill space better. [Stephen]
Picture examples for [Stephen]'s requests <URL:stuff/aj/15609/SE0001.png>, <URL:stuff/aj/15609/SE0002.png>
13:status> Links on mainstuff (bright green) and hover links (grey) are unreadable against a light background, please make them darker. Visited links on mainstuff are still blue. Gief consistency.
14:status> Hide .TERMODATA 'cause it's borked (and why would people care about it even if it worked)
15:status> Change the remaining grey boxes to match? (.STATUSTABLETOP, .DATA, .CALENDARATSTART, .NEWSTEXT)


0:[Schlachter]> change general font color to #006600 [Stephen]
1:[Schlachter]> change background color of alternating side boxes (& other places with bright green) to #AF56AF [Stephen]
5:[Schlachter]><URL:view_forum.html?vnr=963&forumnr=1> change purple forum controls background to regular white
6:[sammie h!]><URL:stuff/aj/15609/1361229478.png>
3:[sammie h!]><URL:stuff/aj/15609/1361228986.png>
13:[kittykittykitty]>change guard box to green
14:[kittykittykitty]>Update top border to pretty one
7:[sammie h!]> Remove the animated donor borders -- no animated images! [Stephen]
10:[sammie h!]> Make the blue glows a shade of forest-like green, should match things better. [Stephen]

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2:status>I want everything to be so green it hurts! [Schlachter]
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2:[Schlachter]>I want everything to be so green it hurts!
When completed, the crew member will move the task to the "Completed" section.

If you are somehow unsatisfied with the result, do NOT re-post it in the requests section. Contact the crew member & make the request via a PM that you are unsatisfied. Your help is greatly appreciated with this task & our thanks knows no end! Please don't forget to advertise the style sheet if you like it by linking to it like this: Install Dynamic Elfpack Stylesheet.


[sammie h!]

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2013-04-14 [sammie h!]: I was just trying some stuff, and no, but I like it lol. :)

2013-04-14 [kittykittykitty]: Maybe now a few people are using this .css stylesheet, you could do the random testing on another page, in case they're online at the time of your testing?:P

2013-04-14 [sammie h!]: Good idea, though there is a warning that it is subject to change, could you tell me how many people are using it and what members? :)

2013-04-14 [kittykittykitty]: Well the warning is more like 'don't get too attached because we might improve some things' rather than 'the site may sporadically become unusable/unreadable with random colours'. I did mess up my own stylesheet pretty bad once while I was fiddling, so much that I had to log another account and revert the page xD Accidents can happen.

I'm just guessing at how many are using it, maybe [Schlachter] could tell you that? He did say something somewhere about a tracker... uh... maybe it was in the deleted comments on the other wiki.

2013-04-14 [sammie h!]: ok.

2013-04-16 [Stephen]: <gb:135604>

I've been going from Mainstuff to a wiki to a house and to diary and guestbook pages, just looking and comparing. I like the sea green border/outer glow but it's a bit too thick I think. The side border and the top border might be best decided when all the colours used within the stylesheet have been decided upon and then the side border image could perhaps tie in with all or the main colours used and to accent the stylesheet as well. As far as the top border, perhaps a bit darker than what it is currently, with just a slight touch of the sea green or lavender colour (flecking perhaps?), which would depend, of course, on which colours are decided upon to be used in the stylesheet. This would add uniformity between the grey background in the boxed areas and the top border tying them in together and whatever colour is used to just touch the grey with, then use the same colour as the outline when a button is tickled.

It's hard to explain what I mean, but maybe I can drum up some images that will help to explain better. :P

2013-04-16 [Stephen]: @Sammie: Kitty is right, now that people are using this random experiments would be best on another page, we don't want to break the site. (o;

2013-04-16 [sammie h!]: Yeah, I will do that, how many members are using it now? :)

2013-04-16 [Faith.Hope.Love]: I've also been using Kitty's stylesheet and even though the colours are less intense, I like it. But.. I also like the Dynamic, too. So I'm not stating any preference of one over the other. However, I think uniformity is important and Kitty's stylesheet goes together very nicely and there's not any drastic differences when going from one type of page to another, say from Mainstuff to a wiki-page. ..And her borders tie in and accent the stylesheet very well. I think if you use too many colours, particularly contrasting ones, then the more can become less.

But... awesome work to Kitty and Sammie and Schlachter. :) I wish I could make a stylesheet, but it looks rather mind boggling to me. :P I can't even figure out how to make a page template. >.<

2013-04-16 [sammie h!]: The page has to end with .css, example, michelle.css

2013-04-17 [Faith.Hope.Love]: hehe If I could, I'd make a stylesheet with blues and a horsey feel. :P

2013-04-17 [sammie h!]: Lol, you could, I taught myself, its not hard. :)

2013-04-17 [Stephen]: Okay, here's my thoughts on the Stylesheet.
Before I'll talk to Hedda, I'd like these addressed. :P


2013-04-17 [kittykittykitty]: Regarding the third pic: they're not buttons in the default stylesheet too :S They should be buttons, I agree, but I don't think we can make them so.

2013-04-17 [Faith.Hope.Love]: I agree with too much glowing and Mainstuff doesn't need to be twinkling year round and too many colours detract rather than attract. Some points I've already stated.

But.. there is something I'd like to say about the Facebook like button, Google+ button, Stumble button, and the Share button. It might not be a bad idea to teach and encourage members to use these buttons. These can be excellent promotional tools. I do some networking, so I'll explain a little...

Let's say, I decide to use the Share button to "tweet a wiki-page" on Twitter. Okay, well, I have about or at least, 12 other online accounts that are connected to my Twitter account. So, whatever I tweet across Twitter, it then also goes to each and every place that I have connected TO Twitter, such as: my Facebook profile, my Facebook page, MySpace, WordPress, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Formspring, and several others. Anything I place as a status on Facebook, IT then goes automatically to Twitter and MySpace, because I've connected Twitter and MySpace to Facebook. ..And then of course, anything I send from Facebook to Twitter, then spreads out among the many other accounts I have connected to Twitter. Pinterest is a fast, upcoming and prominent site as well, which I also use in my networking. Google+ comes into play as well, but it has to be worked with via the Google+ button, because it is not included in the Share button. When I Stumble a link, it then goes over to Facebook, too, as Tumblr also does, and also Pinterest. ..And then there's Klout that has some well, klout, in the online world.

This may seem confusing, but it's not really. If I can get it, probably most anyone could. If anyone wants to know more and if I can provide more info, I'll be glad to "share". ;) :)

2013-04-17 [kittykittykitty]: You are right, we should be encouraging people to use them (or to create more content worth sharing). I can't find a way to hide them anyway, so either I'm incompetent or it can't be done with the stylesheets (or both) xD

My main problem with them is they're not all together... it's just a big mess of scattered buttons that nobody is looking at because it hurts the eyes ;~;

2013-04-17 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Well, they could be a little better lined up in a row for sure. If you visit any prominent website, you will most likely see up near the top and across horizontally several buttons, like Facebook, Tweet, G+, PinIt (for Pinterest), and so on. ..And also, a Facebook button to like their Facebook page and to follow them on Twitter is usually at or near the top of the pages of the site as well, and Pinterest is being increasingly pressed upon to follow too. The more times a site, an article, whatever, gets mentioned across the Internet, the better, because then the greater the audience, hence attention. To draw more people to Elfpack, first, more people need to learn not just about it, but even that it exists. :)

2013-04-17 [sammie h!]: Very true. :)

2013-04-17 [Stephen]: Short on time, so quick response.

It would suck if you cannot make the text buttons, but if you can't, then you can't I suppose. I can (probably) bother Hedda into doing it himself.

About the 50 different share options; I think promotional ideas are awesome, but I've had a lot of people tell me that Elfpack is extremely cluttered (Mainpage even moreso) and it keeps them from wanting to try out using wiki's and other features. I don't really blame them; half the time I have to look for the upload an image in the right hand bar, and I already know it's there. (I always upload in comments now because of that.)

I suppose they wouldn't need to be removed, but why not do the Facebook Like, the Twitter Share, and then the Share button for everything else. FB and Twitter are well-known and used enough I could see keeping those visible, but most of the others I don't know of anyone who personally uses them, so they're kind of clutter-like. Putting them in a share button would work well. ;3

2013-04-17 [Stephen]: Also, if it would be possible to MOVE the delete wiki button (see <URL:stuff/aj/15609/SE0003.png>), that would be fantastic. I've accidentally deleted pages before as misclicks, and once they're gone they're erased from the server and there is no way whatsoever to get them back. (Other than from a backup, and I don't think Hedda would like doing that.)

2013-04-17 [sammie h!]: the only way I can get to that is with the Privs on a Tempory basis. :)

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