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2013-04-29 18:39:39
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4:[Schlachter]> Change Clock to a more fashionable one. (Analog JavaScript-based one coming up... give me a heads up whoever requested this) by [sammie h!]
6:status> The new yellow tone against the grey is very hard on the eyes, it makes the grey appear more purple and doesn't look good. I feel it would look nicer if the grey top border (With Mainstuff, your house etc), the grey on the right side bars (Wiki comments, poll-comments, etc) and your elfpack page (Badges, Treasury, description etc) were a different color, maybe tan or brown or something other than grey. [WonderTweek]
8:status> Replace the donor snakes with something better; suggestions? Contest? [Stephen]
9:status> Cut back on the blue glows around everything. Less is more! But don't completely remove them. [Stephen]
11:status> Upgrade side border ivy with higher quality. [Stephen]
12:status> Fix logo to fill space better. [Stephen]
Picture examples for [Stephen]'s requests <URL:stuff/aj/15609/SE0001.png>, <URL:stuff/aj/15609/SE0002.png>
13:status> Links on mainstuff (bright green) and hover links (grey) are unreadable against a light background, please make them darker. Visited links on mainstuff are still blue. Gief consistency.
14:status> Hide .TERMODATA 'cause it's borked (and why would people care about it even if it worked)
15:status> Change the remaining grey boxes to match? (.STATUSTABLETOP, .DATA, .CALENDARATSTART, .NEWSTEXT)


0:[Schlachter]> change general font color to #006600 [Stephen]
1:[Schlachter]> change background color of alternating side boxes (& other places with bright green) to #AF56AF [Stephen]
5:[Schlachter]><URL:view_forum.html?vnr=963&forumnr=1> change purple forum controls background to regular white
6:[sammie h!]><URL:stuff/aj/15609/1361229478.png>
3:[sammie h!]><URL:stuff/aj/15609/1361228986.png>
13:[kittykittykitty]>change guard box to green
14:[kittykittykitty]>Update top border to pretty one
7:[sammie h!]> Remove the animated donor borders -- no animated images! [Stephen]
10:[sammie h!]> Make the blue glows a shade of forest-like green, should match things better. [Stephen]

Here is an example of how this works:
Take a free spot (please be descriptive, don't worry about length & do NOT change the "status" tag) & attach your profile ID to it if you wish crew members to contact you about your request:
2:status>I want everything to be so green it hurts! [Schlachter]
A CSS crew member will take over the task & make it bold to show it is in progress:
2:[Schlachter]>I want everything to be so green it hurts!
When completed, the crew member will move the task to the "Completed" section.

If you are somehow unsatisfied with the result, do NOT re-post it in the requests section. Contact the crew member & make the request via a PM that you are unsatisfied. Your help is greatly appreciated with this task & our thanks knows no end! Please don't forget to advertise the style sheet if you like it by linking to it like this: Install Dynamic Elfpack Stylesheet.


[sammie h!]

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2013-04-18 [WonderTweek]: YAY! Less grey! \o/

2013-04-18 [sammie h!]: Damn right, hope you like the new Stylesheet. ;) x

2013-04-18 [WonderTweek]: I do! :3

2013-04-18 [sammie h!]: Good, if you find a problem with anything, please let me know. :)

2013-04-19 [WonderTweek]: Okay :3

2013-04-19 [Stephen]: I don't think you have, if I'm wrong than I apologize; but can you apply the new image to replace the old one? :P


2013-04-19 [kittykittykitty]: I've fixed that now. Also Sammie, people have already let you know about several problems with the stylesheet that you didn't address yet -- the most important one being the animated donor border, since we stipulated there would be no animated images.
<URI:stuff/aj/15609/SE0001.png> <URI:stuff/aj/15609/SE0002.png>

2013-04-22 [Stephen]: Thanks for fixing the Guard-reports box, Kitty. Also thank you for fixing the background upper box thing with the pretty one Lina made. <img:lo-gif.gif>

I'll put those screenshots on the request portion.

2013-04-22 [Schlachter]: I... am... going... to die...
I go for 11 days... LOOK AT THE ACTIVITY HERE!!! LOOK AT IT!!!
This is so much work! Can I PLEASE TRAIN SOMEONE!!!

2013-04-22 [sammie h!]: I can't do it just yet, I am helping move into his new flat, but when I can I will. :)

2013-04-23 [Faith.Hope.Love]: I have lots of time, but I don't have the know-how. :(

2013-04-23 [sammie h!]: Damn, you would be a good person to train though.

2013-04-23 [kittykittykitty]: Train for what exactly?:o

2013-04-23 [sammie h!]: To do .css and html.

2013-04-26 [Stephen]: Is it possible to hide the interesting people box? o3o

2013-04-26 [sammie h!]: [Schlachter] will be able to do it. :)

2013-04-26 [kittykittykitty]: Yes it can be hidden. You can do it Sammie :P .INTPER Though the interesting people box isn't so bad, useful even... until it stops being useful when you have inactive people on your friend/watchlist.

2013-04-26 [sammie h!]: So do I Put .INTPER hidden !importent; ?

2013-04-26 [Stephen]: inactive people on your friend/watchlist

That's the reason I don't like it. ):
I just get inactive people suggested all the time.

2013-04-26 [kittykittykitty]: {display: none;} seems to work better. If you use {visibility: hidden;} you will not see the section, but it will still take up the same space.

2013-04-26 [sammie h!]: I will try it when I next get on. :)

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