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2009-09-11 [ShanelleRenee]: _<< huhh

2009-09-11 [Tasha//x]: Aha i love excitement ;)

2009-09-12 [ShanelleRenee]: l0l.

2009-09-13 [Skillz.]: kinky ;) :L

2009-09-13 [Tasha//x]: haha shut up you or ill deck you =P

2009-09-13 [ShanelleRenee]: :O she told you! lmao!!

2009-09-13 [Tasha//x]: haha ill beat his lil ass

2009-09-14 [ShanelleRenee]: u should.

2009-09-15 [lulu dinobot]: lol ...i sprained me ankle :( ... stupid high heels and alcohol's everyone?

2009-09-15 [Tasha//x]: awww thats no good!

2009-09-15 [lulu dinobot]: grrr.... lol was sooo sore ....and everyone a hundred people comin outta the nightclub :(:(

2009-09-15 [Tasha//x]: =O take the shameeee lol

2009-09-15 [lulu dinobot]: lol i was sooo mortified!!! my mates just laugheed!!!! Kayla was like "what ya doin down there?" .... my drunken slurr reply!!! "gettin up" .... :S  the shame

2009-09-15 [Tasha//x]: =L its always a good excuse lmao i use it quite often

2009-09-15 [lulu dinobot]: lol i was not amused!! and i didnt feel the pain till i was sober!!!!!

2009-09-15 [Tasha//x]: haha another good one is durrr what do you think im doing you fool =L i broke my wrist when i was drunk before and i just laughed lol was in agony the next morning

2009-09-15 [lulu dinobot]: Aye mines only a sprain but fallin off 7" heels is nasty lol

2009-09-15 [Tasha//x]: ouch lol i think i actually took a very drunken pic of my arm =L i was laying on the floor at the time haha

2009-09-15 [lulu dinobot]: :S  nasty

2009-09-15 [Tasha//x]: yeeaaahhh lol i had to lie about how i done it haha i told everyone i slipped over on the kitchen floor lmao

2009-09-15 [lulu dinobot]: lol ...i didnt my nan was like...."were yee drunk"  =S lol

2009-09-15 [Tasha//x]: haha well i kinda had a house party when nobody was in so i was forced too lie =L

2009-09-15 [lulu dinobot]: ahhh i seeeeeee :( not good

2009-09-15 [ShanelleRenee]: rofl wdf?

2009-09-15 [Tasha//x]: haha =P

2009-09-16 [Skillz.]: ewwww tasha u mofo :P

2009-09-16 [ShanelleRenee]: -.-

2009-09-16 [Skillz.]: haha like u wud break ur wrist n take a pic :L ewww ur gross kid

2009-09-16 [lulu dinobot]: I have a pic from when i ripped my leg open!! war wound pics...FTW lol

2009-09-16 [Tasha//x]: ewwwwww lol

2009-09-16 [lulu dinobot]: :( looked cool!!!

2009-09-16 [Tasha//x]: haha i dont do cuts or blood =L breaks are ok

2009-09-17 [lulu dinobot]: i dont mind blood... its like sever gross wounds that are nasty!! :) i ankles feelin a tad better btw :DD but i still cant walk in heels :(:(

2009-09-17 [Tasha//x]: aww =( i hurt my wrist in drama earlier gotta go back for an x-ray tomorrow =(

2009-09-18 [lulu dinobot]: OoOoOo...are you ok?? thats no good lol ...i do performing arts in our lesuire center...we learnt the miley cyrus - hoe down dance...pop it lock it pokadot it :S lol

2009-09-18 [Tasha//x]: got a fat white cast on lol its stressing me out already =L

2009-09-19 [cowboy_94]: hi ladies and gentalmen how are you guys doing today

2009-09-21 [lulu dinobot]: :O a cast!! thats not cool, when i broke my arm i had a gren cast! you can get colored cast in sunny NI lol :D

2009-09-21 [Tasha//x]: haha same here =) have only got a white one coz its a temp one til friday when they can see if they need a proper one putting on

2009-09-21 [lulu dinobot]: ohhh...if ya do, what color ya gettin?? :L

2009-09-21 [Tasha//x]: blates pink =L i had pink before lol

2009-09-21 [lulu dinobot]: lol im not really a pink person :) .. i love green :DD

2009-09-21 [Tasha//x]: haha my nan loves green and im like whyyyyy =L

2009-09-21 [lulu dinobot]: lol i love it...color of envy apparently...i doubt that!! i dont get jealous and stuff :L

2009-09-22 [Tasha//x]: haha i dont really,,,i get jealous when people are on about things i have lost like my older sister i just think why the fuck cant i have that lol

2009-09-22 [lulu dinobot]: :( awwhh lol  i got blood taken today AGAIN!! its soo sore :( and all bruised!! Bastard doctors likeee :P

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: aww i was nearly sick everytime i had to have a blood test lol

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: I hate it :(:(  there so evillll hahah ...what ya do today?

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: haha just been for my cancery jab thing lol you?

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: eugh!! that things horrid, my wee sis got it!! im too old :( haha... nothing.. woohoo

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: haha my arms mega numb =L

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: :( awwwh hahaha mines all bruised

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: aww thats no good =(

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: nope :(:(  but how are you with th whole baby thing???

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: what whole baby thing? lol

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: :S wait sorry wrong !! are you not pregers?

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: i waaaaas lol had her on 3rd september =]

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: oh :( well yeahhh soo i was right..hows the baby goin?

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: =L yeah shes fine thanks,,,getting stronger and stronger each day =) still has her little relapses but hopefully she will be allowed home soon

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: awwwhh i hope she's ok sswweetie, -hugs- your very brave !!

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: well i have to be brave for her coz she gets all stressy and stuff lol i stayed there the other night and she got all grumpy coz she had hiccups that wouldnt go away haha

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: :( thats so upsettin ...i swear you are the bravest girl i know .... i really hope shes ok xx

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: im not really brave i just take each day as it comes to be honest

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: but i dont think i could do it tbh ...

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: im used to it now lol its just one thing after another

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: =/  but will she be ok?? she was pretty early was she not?

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: shes through the worst of it now and yeah she was 12 weeks early

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: :(  well i hope she ok

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: yeah shes doing well =) im proud of her

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: :D anypics?

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: yeahhh =)

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: <img:stuff/aj/53708/1253746904.jpg>

2009-09-23 [WonderTweek]: She's so precious! <3

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: lol shes my little baba =)

2009-09-23 [WonderTweek]: Congratulations!

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: thanks =)

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: she is beautiful

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: aww thanks =)

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: d;awww can i have her?

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: you can have her at night ill have her in the day =P deal? lol

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: deal :DD

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: haha sounddddd =P

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: i love kids :DD when i can hand them back!!

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: =L see im stuck with my little monkey now

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: :D but shes sooo cute

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: haha she wont be cute when shes keeping me awake every night when i stayed there she was awake all night coz she was grumpy and i thought what the hell have i let myself in for lol

2009-09-23 [lulu dinobot]: get daddy on the goo!!! he can help with 3am shifts!! if i have a kid daddy he will be on night feeds..fuck that

2009-09-23 [Tasha//x]: haha oh dont worry he will be lol but ive got a sneaking feeling that im gonna be really protective haha

2009-09-24 [lulu dinobot]: lol aye ye will be for a while then itll be the terrible 2s and youll be like  take her ... ahha

2009-09-24 [Tasha//x]: haha get her bloody away =P problem is i dont want her to be a clingy toddler but the way things are going she will be lol i wont be allowed to put her down at this rate =L

2009-09-24 [lulu dinobot]: :( awww when she gets up itll be ok :D:D i want one but i couildnt handle tooooo selfish

2009-09-24 [Tasha//x]: haha ell i used to be selfish but you just have to adapt yourself around the baby

2009-09-24 [lulu dinobot]: yeah ... no im pure selfish could not give up my thur-mon drinkin...and goin out whenevr i like...hence now!!

2009-09-24 [Tasha//x]: haha awww see i havent experienced that yet,,,which could be an advantage coz i dont know what im missing

2009-09-24 [lulu dinobot]: hmm true im almost 20 ive been on tyhe scence since i was like not used to responsiblity

2009-09-24 [Tasha//x]: haha well after kerry died i started on the drink,,,i tried sleeping around and one day i took a good long look at myself in the mirror and i just thought would kerry want me to have become this? and i was like nooooo so i guess i changed for the better coz im properly settled down now and i know where my life is going

2009-09-24 [lulu dinobot]: :S i wish i knew where mine was!!! i got worse when i lost Elliott-mae

2009-09-24 [Tasha//x]: all i did was look forward not back and yeah there are some days where you think whats the point but just give it time and you will find that one that can pick you up again and tell you that everythings gonna be ok

2009-09-24 [lulu dinobot]: lol :D im good now..ill see how the next while goes :D

2009-09-24 [Tasha//x]: good =P

2009-09-24 [lulu dinobot]: lol :P im a wee bit drunk

2009-09-24 [Tasha//x]: haha thats no good

2009-09-24 [lulu dinobot]: :D:D just need a decent bloke now ahaha

2009-09-24 [Tasha//x]: =L use mine if you want lol

2009-09-24 [lulu dinobot]: haha no im good i have ;) but he's not mine persay lol

2009-09-24 [Tasha//x]: well aslong as youve got then its good =L [Skillz.] said you could use him in a threesome lmao

2009-09-25 [lulu dinobot]: :L  oohh :|:| what? haha i think i may pass on that [Skillz.] sweetie (Y)

2009-09-27 [Tasha//x]: Haha hes a sweetheart

2009-09-28 [lulu dinobot]: :D yeahh lol ....

2009-09-28 [Tasha//x]: haha :P

2009-09-28 [lulu dinobot]: =/  you not whats not cool!! eatin garlic when out it public!! PEOPLE STARE!!

2009-09-28 [Tasha//x]: oh dear lol

2009-09-29 [lulu dinobot]: lol was aweful!! had to get a few pints in me to kill it and it didnt work that well

2009-10-01 [Sound Junky]: did u know [alexis's babyboy] is a rapist

2009-10-01 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: That's scary to think about.

2009-10-01 [Sound Junky]: rape..... its funny....til you are raped

2009-10-01 [lulu dinobot]: rape really isnt funny!

2009-10-01 [Tasha//x]: rape wil never be funny =/

2009-10-02 [Sound Junky]: that aint nice ching chang wang woo wice

2009-10-05 [lulu dinobot]: *rolls eyes* ... so hows you Tasha?

2009-10-05 [Tasha//x]: im good thanks =) you?

2009-10-05 [lulu dinobot]: cant complain :P
no one listens lol

2009-10-05 [Tasha//x]: haha ill listen =P

2009-10-05 [lulu dinobot]: haha thanks :DD ... no im actually pretty good!! appart from i met THEE nicest guy EVER! like we really clicked, we like everything the same, etc...but hes from Leeds :( and he's movin back home soon, i live in northern ireland :(:(:(:(

2009-10-05 [Tasha//x]: aww thats no good!

2009-10-05 [WonderTweek]: :O

2009-10-05 [Tasha//x]: haha that is one mighty shocked face =P

2009-10-05 [WonderTweek]: Lol yes! :P

2009-10-12 [lulu dinobot]: IM 20 yayyyy at last hahaha xx

2009-10-12 [ShanelleRenee]: happy late birthday lulu..sorry i couldnt have told you sooner iw as in the hospital :(

2009-10-12 [lulu dinobot]: :O are you ok?

2009-10-12 [ShanelleRenee]: im fine now i got hit by a car i have been in there so long cuz i couldnt breathe good and i have an broken ankle.

2009-10-12 [lulu dinobot]: dear lord!!! :| i ws hit by a parked car before lol hope you feel betterxx

2009-10-12 [R.]: Whoah
Totally forgot I was a part of this.
How flattering =]

2009-10-12 [Tasha//x]: haha =D

2009-10-12 [ShanelleRenee]: thanks i kinda feel ankle hurts -.-
kiss it?

2009-10-12 [R.]: I hope your ankle feels better

2009-10-13 [ShanelleRenee]: thank you! :)

2009-10-13 [R.]: No problem =]

2009-10-13 [ShanelleRenee]: =]

2009-10-13 [R.]: Smileeeee faces are the bessssst

2009-10-13 [lulu dinobot]: eugh! im not kissin your broken ankle =P lol

2009-10-13 [ShanelleRenee]: =[ :(

2009-10-14 [lulu dinobot]: hahah sorry :(
broken bones CREEP me out =S

2009-10-14 [ShanelleRenee]: =[

2009-10-16 [lulu dinobot]: lol ....hows the ankle anyway

2009-10-16 [ShanelleRenee]: Hurts still.
My stupid fucking brother kicked it yesterday =[

2009-10-16 [lulu dinobot]: did you hit him back??

2009-10-16 [ShanelleRenee]: nooo i was in to much pain =[

2009-10-20 [lulu dinobot]: =[ awwwhhh....well as long as you ok likee!!

2009-11-11 [KillChasityDead]: Dude.
Trust me. I know how you feel.
Try having your leg, ankle and another bone in your foot broken all at the same time and tearing all of your ligaments and tendons there WHILE dislocating your ankle.
I now have a plate and 6 screws in my leg. So, I know what you're going through.

2009-11-11 [ShanelleRenee]: it hurts =[ but im good now..:) im all healed up

2009-11-13 [KillChasityDead]: Thats good.
I didnt get to walk for 5 whole months.
So I'm glad you've made a fast recovery.
Mine still gives me problems.
And on the 22 of this month, it'll be a year since it happened.

2009-11-13 [R.]: How did you manage to hurt yourself that bad?

2009-11-13 [ShanelleRenee]: Nice.

2009-11-13 [KillChasityDead]: Long story short: I slipped and landed on my foot at a really weird angle.

2009-11-13 [R.]: Jeez that suuuucks =[

2009-11-13 [KillChasityDead]: Yepppp.
I srsly thought i was gonna pass out when I seen how deformed my ankle was.
It was pretty gross.

2009-11-14 [ShanelleRenee]: Ewww....=[
same here

2009-11-16 [lulu dinobot]: Wake up in the morning feelin like P diddy!!! :D

2009-11-17 [ShanelleRenee]: =]

2009-11-17 [!Blah_ Blah_Blah!]: Hello everyone! havent been here for a while! how are you guys?(:

2009-11-17 [lulu dinobot]: good thanks love you?

2009-11-17 [!Blah_ Blah_Blah!]: im doing okay! broke up with the
boyfriend. but other than that! great!:)

2009-11-17 [ShanelleRenee]: =] i love everyone.

2009-11-18 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: Oh me too! me too! I love everybody! *smiles stupidly* :P

2009-11-18 [Tasha//x]: ive always loved everybody =].....apart from a few people i dont love =/ haha

2009-11-18 [ShanelleRenee]: :)

2009-11-19 [Tasha//x]: =D

2009-11-19 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: XD I can love but I can hate just as easily lol

2009-11-19 [Tasha//x]: haha same =P

2009-11-19 [lulu dinobot]: Hates a strong word!! Loath is better :D

2009-11-19 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: LOL yeah I agree with lulu. Loathing IS better!

2009-11-20 [lulu dinobot]: :D plus its a cooler word ....and sounds better ...more sophisticated lol

2009-11-21 [.:Cobra Carousel:.]: lol oh yeah most definately.

2009-11-23 [lulu dinobot]: :D haha

2010-01-22 [mariah yow beezy]: ima stunna ;)

2010-02-07 [Jessica E..]: im def a stuuna :P haha

2010-02-28 [lulu dinobot]: Im not :P

2010-03-14 [Tasha//x]: areeee

2010-03-14 [Chriss]: I take my shirt off and all the hoes stop breathin

2010-03-15 [Ihsahn]: Queen of Elfpack Contest for Elfpack needs a queen, lol.

2010-05-25 [The Vampire Lestat]: wait so you made a wiki for beautiful people... who gets to decide who is beautiful and who isn't?

2010-05-25 [Eyes of the Reaper]: Tasha decides who gets in and who doesn't. Most of these are members from other 'beautiful people' groups that preferred Tasha to the other owners or simply wanted to be in this one as well.

2010-05-25 [The Vampire Lestat]: so one person gets to decide... but who is to say anyone knows what real beauty really is?

2010-05-25 [Eyes of the Reaper]: There is no real beauty. Thing is: if you look at all these people--they are all here for a reason. They have wonderful personalities. They are not smug, vain, or self-righteous. 'Beauty' really has nothing to do with it.

2010-05-26 [The Vampire Lestat]: But everyone should be aloud if you ask me because i think even the most shitty douchebaggy person can be beautiful in some way shape or form... that is just what I think.

2010-05-26 [Nekko fox]: I'm of the opinion that beauty is relative, just as good and evil are relative. Aside from the opinion of beauty differing from person to person, there are also myriad forms of beauty. There is inner beauty, outer beauty, spiritual beauty, and that's aside from things such as individual characteristics. A person can have a horrid personality and be the most physically wretched being on the planet and yet have the most stunning eyes. I think that a single person judging what is beautiful or not makes it come off as somewhat self-important. Now, whether that is true or not is irrelevant, it just comes off as such to those on the outside which could give the wiki a bad reputation.

As an aside, I've noticed that people who hold a high opinion of themselves (at least in a physical sense) tend to make less of an effort in writing proper English, opting instead to write words like "def" in lieu of the word "definitely", using single letters instead of full words (Y, R, and U instead of Why, Are, and You), and generally ignoring grammar and punctuation. This isn't a stereotype, mind you, it is simply an observation. Although, I admit I have been seeing a lot of kids these days of the less beautiful persuasion typing out, or even speaking, as if they were having a text conversation. I swear, if people want to appear more sophisticated they would stop typing like a grade schooler.

Note; This was last paragraph was not directed at any individual in this wiki, it was merely a means to stimulate conversation.

2010-05-26 [The Vampire Lestat]: Well said.

2010-05-27 [cowboy_94]: Hey guys!! srry aint been on much just wanted to stop in and say hey

2010-05-27 [Eyes of the Reaper]: [The Vampire Lestat] and [Nekko fox], you seem to be stuck on the fact that this wiki is about beauty and that the OWNER is the one who accepts people onto the page. May I remind you that this is elfpack? And that trolls are fairly common? No one can truly judge 'beauty.' Simply because, as you said, it is relative. No one is arguing that. No one. If you wish to see a wiki that is truly about judging instead of one that says that everyone is beautiful--I suggest you go to Bloody Beautiful. and pose your argument to them. Not us.

2010-05-27 [Ihsahn]: It wouldn't be wise to promote trolling either...

2010-05-27 [Nekko fox]: Oh, I've been to bloody beautiful. And subsequently banned from the page for voicing my opinion on the topics they were discussing. And if you would look back at my comment, you will see that one person judging others, be they the owner of the wiki or not, makes it come off as self-important. As said before, whether this be true or not is moot, it simply comes across as egotistical which may give the wiki a bad image. It is simply an observation from a neutral bystander, one made in an effort to stem the possible tide of bad feedback. If nothing else, it is candid advice that was meant to steer towards are more all-accepting wiki lest it become another Bloody Beautiful wiki. It was not meant to make people become defensive and it makes me question a person's integrity, they who immediately assume the worst in others. I do not, so it's disheartening to see it appear so quickly. If this is how you take to advice, advice which was neither directed at you nor meant for you, then I must say I will not be a part of this conversation further. If the owner means well holds no value if the people commenting are going to be rude, especially if they are going to react in the exact. Same. Way. As those in Bloody Beautiful. Ergo, I shall take my leave and bid you all adieu. To the owner, I'm sorry that some of the commenters immediately assume the worst. I hope your wiki prospers and you judge fairly all who seek to join.

Good day to you all.

2010-05-28 [cowboy_94]: CALM DOWN GUYS!!!! i mean lets not get worked up about this plz lets all have an awsome wiki that people can come to and chat....not read arguments over something that is getting way outta hand on elfpack just simmmer down and lets b grown up not 5 yr olds and chat like adults we are... Thank you guys for understanding and have a splended day everyone......... any what how is everyone loong time since iv been on every one doing good???

2010-06-04 [Tasha//x]: waheeeey i disappear for a while i come back and theres a full scale riot haha im back guyssss :)

2010-06-08 [cowboy_94]: Welcome back Tasha!!! how you been?

2010-06-29 [Tasha//x]: ive been all good thanks :) had my prom itt was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G <3

2010-07-02 [The Vampire Lestat]: and btw I wasnt tryin to be a douche... just saying everyone is beautiful somehow wether it is just physical and not emotional or vice versa... I know I came off as a asshole its just... seems to me nekko kinda has a point about one person decideing. so maybe make it freely editable and it would make more sense... just saying and not tryin to start something just voicing a oppinion and sorry for sounding like a royal douche nozzle.

2010-07-04 [Tasha//x]: well not being funny but thats not gonna happen coz its MY wiki ;) cant have any old fool on here.much love

2010-07-06 [The Vampire Lestat]: your choice

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