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By lunch time I had a enough of this day. Everyone was gawking at Cole and his sister who's name I did find out thanks to Zoe. Cole and Cornelia Bennett, twins, both 19 years old. They look the same but I could see some little differces between them. Cole has the color of sunhine for hair where Cornelia has moonlight and sunshine mixed together for hair. There both lightly tanned which gives them a nice healthy glow. Cole has strong male features while Cornelia has soft female features. I looked away from Cole and his twin when he looked over at me. I bet he thinks I'm like everyone else in this college, I thought. I sighed and poured some brown sauce onto my chips as my friends all gossip about the twins. I just blocked them out cause I didn't want to hear about the rumers. I wanted to hear the truth from Cole or maybe his sister but I would like it to be Cole.

I popped a chip in my mouth and chewed it then my cheek got poked by Mikey.
I turned my head to Mikey.

"What?" I popped another chip in my mouth as I looked at Mikey. Mikey is tall, mucleur with dyed floppy blond hair. He is the gay looking one. I call him a gay-straight guy. Which means you dress gay but your not gay.

"Coming out for a smoke?"he says as he wraps his dark purple scraf around his neck.

"Ummm...too cold for a smoke."I said as I popped another chip in my mouth.

"Oh come on Rose it will take your mind of the new guy and is sister." Mikey smirked a little as he stood up. Was I that obvious that I was into Cole? Or was Mikey just yanking my chain?

I rolled my eyes at him then picked up my black leather bag and stood up."Ha funny, Michael." I smirked at him because he hates to be called by his real name. And with that line it rened me a playful shove and I stubled into back of Cole's seat.

"Oh sorry."I said when I steaded myself on the back of his chair. I could feel my cheeks burning. He turned his head to look at me, and he looked into my eyes which of course made me feel uncomfortable. I moved back from his chair and looked at Mikey, who was grinning like a fool cause I knew he found this funny and he was going to tease me about this later.

"It's alright, Rose." Said a low, husky voice. I looked at Cole and found it was him that spoke. He was so beauitful, so much like a angel. I finally saw the color of his eyes. His eyes where a beautiful mix of blue and gold. I have never seen eyes like those before because they where so unusual. I noticed his sister, Cornelia watching us just looking at each others eyes.

"Ummm...well sorry again. Bye." I grabed Mikey's arm and walked away from Cole and Cornelia. I felt so shamed that I made a fool of myself in front of him and his sister. I sighed and let go of Mikey's arm as we walked out the cateen and down the hall.

"Hey Rose what was up with that whole looking into each others eyes thing?" Mikey asked me when we where outside at the smoking area. The smoking area wasn't that big, but it did have a couple of stone benches and shelter for when it rains. The smoking area was very white. The walls where white, the ground was white-ish cause the snow was melting. I leaned on the cold wall and looked at Mikey as he lit up a cigarette.

"I don't know." I shrugged. I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer to that cause I might get a head ache from thinking about it too much. Mikey took a drag of his cigarette and spoke. "I mean it was werid. Normaly you never let anyone look into your eyes cause you just freak out when they do look into them." he blew out the smoke and it floated into the air.
"The reason I don't like people looking into my eyes is cause well...people call me a freak and what not." I sighed and looked down at my black UGG boots.

"Rose chill out. No one here has never looked at your eyes. And even if they did they would probley not make fun of ya for it. I mean Ellen isn't here you know. She's off working in some cheap hair salon on Hawick. And she has a kid to look after too, so she is way to busy to pick on you." Mikey said just before he took another drag of his cigarette.

I frowned as I thought of Ellen. She was my worst nightmare. She was one of my friends back in primary school but when we went to high school thats when she changed for the worst. She would take advanage of me, she would bosy me about and make me go over to her house after school. She would make me spend every second of my day hanging out with her and her friends. I never got to see my friends because Ellen would have beaten me up if I tryed it. But one day when I wouldn't give her money to buy a bottle of coke, she flipped out on me and called me all kinda of names then later that day she called me and asked if we could meet in the park by the rubgy field. So I said yes but on my way to the park I got a text ofd Kyle asking me where I was, so I told him that am meeting Ellen at the park. He said that it was a bad idea to go and that he would be there in 10 minutes.When I got to the park Ellen was ready for me because she had her group of troble-makers and ASBO teens. Thats when Ellen and I got in this huge fight and I won, lucky. Thanks to my self-defense class, granny made me go to. Kyle showed up when Ellen punched me my gut then kicked me to the ground. Kyle called his uncle Al, who was a cop. By the time the cops came I had Ellen pinned to the ground. I ended up going to the BGH (border general hospital) by the time I left with Kyle, I had a black eye, broken nose, bust lip, some brusied ribs with lovely bruise too. Ellen ended up in jail for 6 months and I got my friends back. I was free of that bitch.

Mikey put out his ciggarette."Rose? Hey Rose you in there?" he waved his hand in front of my face. I blinked and shook my head and looked at him."Sorry, Mikey. I was in a world of my own there for a second." I forced a smiled at him.

"Ready to go back in cause am freezing my balls off here." I chuckled.

Mikey laughed."And here I thought you where a girl not a guy, Rose." he chuckled more as he walked inside with me.

"Ha funny, very funny Mikey." I smiled feeling a little better but not by much.

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