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2006-04-12 15:10:29
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OMFGOSH these people are smexy ass friends!(and they are in no order!)


aint she just the shexiest person youve ever seen, awsome hair and fun to talk to!!!


aaah shes sound as fook. and well hawt! love this gurl to bitses!


[HERO.] - woah. PHIT or what. and doesnt he just look soo cutes in this picture!!!!



omg, shes so pretty!!!! and fun to talk to love you hunneh!

[*~*damn cute pixie*~*]

OOOH MY GAWD, look at the smexyness of the latest victim heheh shes kool!



[larry bot!] she says shel be my boyfriend 'coz no one loves me ^_^ so har!!!! she's mineeeee

Erin[Love like Winter.]
omg, this girl is sooo phittt!!!! i loves her lots

Sally - my fiancé

she preposed to me in english (with my own ring) hehe so original![ZOMBiE KiD__x]
Sally, dude you rock the world. heheh your my emo-sexual fantasy. lol terrorising mrs england is our duty>., (i wont even mention English) dude i loves you



YEEEEEH babe!!!! funny times, funny times. and please stop helping me!!!!lmao. what a go for doll faced cross dressers...and i go for ginger, jesus lookalikes O_o lmao oh well .... LOVE YOU BABE - oh 1 more thing *cough* MULLET*cough* heheh aint she so sexy



[elfpack is a pile of piss]hahah your so random and funny and smexy and noels stalker O_o harhar dude you rock


[I LOVE DINOSAURS ♥] hahahah my girlfriend *wink wink* lol well show him >.< hehehehehhe looooove you loads pipkins!!!!

Joooosh!!!![Joshua.] - omg this guy is sooo cute, luff you mate.

Ricky![.:ric:.] hehe aint he just a cutie!!!!heheh ric your still coool


JODIIIIIIEEEEEE [~*~chemical Jodie~*~] i luffs this girl lots and lots, and she has the coolest scarf!!! shes so effin worth being on here!!



ooooof, hottie or what!?!?! lol shes so pretty![Necavi]


[FRANKEEY.] SHA'AP GAY. SUCH A FUCKIN GAY. lmao i loooove this girle, she is effin Awsome ....with a capital A!!maths would never be the same heheh

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2006-05-14 [NekroNix]: AAAAAAAAAH i am not *breaks down in corner* hahah EMO =/ what is it. PICK ON NIX WEEK. eheheheh??? sophi kept asking randomers in the street if they thought i was emo that day i saw u frankey lol

2006-05-14 [FRANKEEY.]: hahahahahaha

2006-05-15 [$matt$]: lol

2006-05-22 [Shadow of a woman]: i'm lefted out *goes and cries*

2006-05-22 [*~*damn cute pixie*~*]: whoo hoo

2006-05-22 [NekroNix]: shit!!! yasmin!!!!! secondez/...

2006-05-25 [FRANKEEY.]: rawr your a bad person nix *shakes head* shameful

2006-05-26 [*~*damn cute pixie*~*]: haa haa

2006-05-27 [$matt$]: haha

2006-05-30 [*~*damn cute pixie*~*]: hee hee

2006-06-02 [NekroNix]: =//////

2006-06-08 [faceless69]: hack

2006-06-13 [NekroNix]: someones random

2006-06-16 [Shadow of a woman]: you still forgotted me

2006-06-16 [$matt$]: so

2006-06-27 [Shadow of a woman]: shut up matt, i feel left out

2006-06-28 [$matt$]: lol

2006-06-29 [*~*damn cute pixie*~*]: shut up

2006-07-06 [Shadow of a woman]: No

2006-07-06 [$matt$]: uh yeer shut up

2006-07-07 [*~*damn cute pixie*~*]: shut up loser

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