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Show Us Your Desktop!


A random wiki page idea from [Ringbearer]


Hey there Elfpackers, hit that print screen button and share a pic of your desktop. Just keep the Uploading Art Rules in mind.

Please do not resize your screen shot. Upload it as a huge pic and then scale it like this <img300:stuff/zoloftzantacDesktop.jpg>






[Love like Winter.]




X-Men 3: The Last Stand Opens Friday, May 26, 2006.




[eyes of frost]

Rachel really likes Bleach :)


[Clive Scorch]


[Big Brother]
Ya, ya. it looks like a girly background but it's a good anime series!




[Eyes of the Reaper]
May 2006:

December 2011:


[gods2armys] ok be honnest everyone, who wants aids now ^_^


its the view from the front of my house the sun is so beautyful isnt it ^_^


[Amalaswinta] - made it myself


[Wolfe In Chef's Clothing] - Van Helsing all the way..

[Wolfe In Chef's Clothing] - IPhone home screen, technically my background cause I mainly use my phone, lol! ^n,.,n^


[Elisa] -I'm a 99% The Sims fan and I love gardens...




[Sunrose] - Renewed



Old ones (a lil bit naughty) -><img50*0:stuff/kittys_sexy_desktop2.jpg><img50*0:stuff/kittys_sexy_desktop.jpg>


[Morningstar Rising] All done by little ole me. LOL


[Frosty French Fry]






How to Show Us your Desktop

To the right of the F buttons (like F1 F2 F3) there is a "print screen" button. Pressing it copies your desktop to your clipboard. After that just open up your paint program and paste it in (CTRL+V)

These are fun when they are still full size, if you can't upload images that large to EP lets us know, we might be able to get you some temperary upload privs. ;)


Thanks to [Ringbearer], [zoloftzantac] and [Big Brother] for ideas, help and content.


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2011-12-13 [Stephen]: Kinky Kitty. :P

2011-12-18 [kittykittykitty]: Lol :D My desktop is a bit tamer these days :(

2011-12-18 [Eyes of the Reaper]: Mine's a lot less dark. lol

2011-12-19 [Stephen]: Yours was pretty, Allie. :3

Kitty probably has 'em having sex in her desktop wallpaper these days. D:

2011-12-19 [Eyes of the Reaper]: rofl Mine is now Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a button-up shirt, using his tie as a blindfold on a woman in lingerie. >.>

2011-12-19 [Stephen]: How suggestive. xD

2011-12-19 [Stephen]: I know who he is now. He's a good actor. =]

+1 for Google / Google Images

2011-12-20 [kittykittykitty]: Oh yes he's hawt! (also didn't know the name, had to google it:P)

2011-12-21 [Eyes of the Reaper]: rofl It's my favorite picture ever. XDDD It makes me giggly.

2011-12-22 [kittykittykitty]: Well now you must upload it for us to see! :D

2011-12-22 [Stephen]: Agreed!

2011-12-22 [Eyes of the Reaper]: rofl There you go. My desktop has been uploaded. XP

2011-12-25 [Stephen]: Yaaay!

2012-02-22 [zoloftzantac]: This wiki page is a cute idea that isn't getting the attention is should anymore. If someone wants to take it over you can have it. I just got a message that it was going to be removed from the public listings because of inactivity :( any takers?

Show us your desktop! :)

2012-12-01 [sammie h!]: Ill take over if you like, I don't mind x

2012-12-03 [Stephen]: I have such creative desktops. :P

2013-03-02 [kittykittykitty]: Haha Stephen, is that one of the default ones that comes with your alienware pc?

Added my current one. Definitely tamer than the old ones :(

2013-03-02 [sammie h!]: That looks like default? Lol

2013-04-10 [Stephen]: Yeah, Kitty, it's one of the default backgrounds. :3

2016-11-23 [zoloftzantac]: better late then never, [sammie h!] is the new owner :)

2017-01-23 [sammie h!]: Well that was unexpected dear. :)

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