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2007-01-21 23:02:37
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Happy #1 Birthday Rebeca




Christmas morning








Happy #2 Birthday Rebeca





Beach time with friends


This drawing of my baby girl Rebeca, was made by [Lust]. Thank you Lynn.

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2005-09-08 [GC_RULES]: she is so cute do you remember me?

2005-09-23 [69 Play-mate 69]: she is so adorable

2005-09-24 [sexy_chav]: your kid is soo sweet

2005-10-16 [It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]: she is so cute godbless her

2005-10-26 [why must u push me away]: awwww hey hope u do welll with Rebeca!!!!godbless u guys

2005-11-09 [XxlissyXx]: awwwwwww shes sssooo cute i love her

2005-11-09 [FarfalaX]: ahyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

2005-11-09 [FarfalaX]: i wana cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

2005-11-20 [_perfucktion]: your daughter is so adorable! *pinches her cheeks* lol

2005-12-11 [not that long till my baby comes home]: Oh my goodness....she is so precious

2005-12-22 [*Babygurl*]: She's really cute!

2005-12-23 [Juggalette 4 life]: she is an angle that god blessed you with if only i hadnt of lost mine

2005-12-29 [hot chick!]: she look like a queen!^_^

2005-12-29 [ScareCrow]: I know she is the princess in skullheads castle...she the cutest princess ^_^

2005-12-30 [Invader Havoc]: That is such a cute baby! *tries to kidnap Rebeca* aww, I can't kidnap her? fine...if you MUST keep her :-D

2006-01-20 [$$$ THUG.]: she is so aborible.

2006-01-22 [RoseBlade]: Te amo muchooo

2006-02-03 [superego]: She is so cute and adorable!  :)))

2006-02-10 [uninvited]: She is so lovely! Please, give a kiss from me to her:)

2006-02-10 [skullhead]: will do ~_^

2006-02-10 [uninvited]: thanks:) I love children but I dont have a child:( I hope I day:)

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