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Please help me, [tazz] by signing this wiki. This wiki is STRONGLY against xxx material anywhere on Elfpack. By signing this wiki, you are showing support for this wiki against xxx material.


Elfpack is a place for fun and meeting people not for showing something that should be kept in private. (IE Porn) Now, Artistic Nudity IS NOT PORN!! This wiki is only against xxx images. Artistic Nudity is a tacful way of displaying the body in a drawing, painting or any other form of art. It is not pornographic.

I as all members of this wiki to display a badge in your house (when we get one) with a link back to this page. The more people we have looking at thispage, the more people will sign and the more xxx images will be gotten off of Elfpack. I DO NOT want to hear of ANY member of this wiki messaging people with xxx images on their house and bashing them, or starting arguments with them. If you do, you will be reported to the guards! We do not want any trouble here, just a supportive wiki against xxx images. If you see someone with a xxx image on their house, report them to the guards saying they have a pornographic image, and the guards will handle it.

To EVERYONE: I am asking that you all refrain from using bulger language in any form. It would be easier to get more people if the language was more suitable. Also, PLEASE DO NOT BASH PEOPLE FOR ANYTHING!!! I know that is hard to do, but the is is not the place for bashing people even if they are child molesters or child porn freaks. We are not trying to start a wiki for bashing people. Thank you. Yours truly: [eyes of frost]


[tazz]/[Sia Tasha]

Official graphics lady and guard of the wiki:
[eyes of frost]

Our members
All it takes is one!

1.[Soft as Bone]-you're right, and i am honored to be the first
2.[..Heartless♥ VK] Porn is sick...Ew sick.. You shouldn't be able to have porn anyway!
3.[Shadow of a woman] I understand what your saying, it's to easy to find and access, I mean, if you like that sort of stuff there's no need or reason to publish it for all to see, keep it under wraps, for goodness sake.
4.[x-Cegi-baby-x] i knw i hate ppl lke tat ireackon it sick n put on island on them self n leave ta young kids on there own
5.[Sky Chord] i dont think that there should be such a thing like child porn.
6. [Crazy-Lord] If you've reached certain age then porn is ok, but most people are to young for it to see (Child Porn is never OK)
7. [Amalaswinta]
8. [Sia Tasha] because i understand
9.[kaia*is living it up]
10.[Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]
11.[Morrigan {Ψ} Your Siren {Ψ}]
12.[asdfghjkl;] there are little kids on here... they don't need to see the pictures and start thinking of sex, it isn't right to let that continue! For the little girls with big dreams to be great!
13.[Draco's Lover]i'm with her
14.[Goodbye EP]
15. [RainCloud] Little kids? Heck, I don't like seeing it myself!
16.[I wished upon a star_but still lost you] I agree with [RainCloud] if you want to show porn and xxx go somewhere else, like <> Not HERE
17.[Innocent Seduction] I'm so glad this is here.
18. [11bravo10]
19. [Aeo-kun] Sick and twisted, thats all that comes to mind when I think of that. *shudders*
20. [LoverGirl77]i agree
21. [BettyBoop_69] i agree and support u 100%
22. [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀] there is a time and place for that and this is not either...
23. [B!ttersweet]
24. [BuhBye.]
25. [Eriseith] this isn't the place for that if people want XXX, they can go join Fake.
26. [nelly-206]
27. [Lelly] if you want porn get a fucking magazine
28. [x_PanCakes]
29. [gone off here]
30. [Mare Pacificum] I am for artistic nudity, and don't really have a problem with porn, but children don't need to be involved..
31. [Witchyra]
32. [moonlight angel]
33.[Captain Jack Sparrow]
34. [DarkSora31] go to fake if you want xxx images..
35. [monica]
36. [Monica2]
37. [The Luckiest Loser ♥]
38. [JimiJones] porn is for us horny adults not for innocent children to be abused by
39. [~*~Vintage Marionette~*~] Porn is lame and disgusting and deserves to be banned!
40. [Susan..x] I agree with um everyone else..lame ppl should go fine porn else where...
41. [Raiyr] Do you realize how disgusting it is to take pictures of kids? Sheesh -.- Perverts... Go find porn elsewhere...
42. [goners] i hate coming on here and going on to a new page and *bam* theres all this porn and nudity! it needs to be banned!!!
43.[~Donkey_ Kong_ Rocks~] uhhh, hi
44.[Ally Yo!]-*nods* i strongly agree. and i think parents shouldnt give 13 year old girls digital cameras and web cams
45.[lizzy lovey]- [Sia Tasha]'s baby
48.[dragonus]Hey bro I support you on this cause it would be stupid to advertize adult material on here it's for makeing friends and haveing fun not that crap if people wanted that then they should go to fake or something those who do put it in here shouldent even get a warning they should be banned from here I mean for crist's sake would anyone realy want there children to see that crap


[All graphics (c) to ][eyes of frost] ]

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2006-05-31 [eyes of frost]: Alrighty then, Rachel (me) is going to make this page a little better looking alrighty? :) It's all because me wuvvles teh [tazz] person. *licks*

2006-05-31 [xXDEEZ NUTSXx]: porn is really gross i think

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: 2 rite

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: yer

2006-05-31 [..Heartless♥ VK]: porn is discusting

2006-05-31 [eyes of frost]: Well as I told [tazz], the guards do that damndest to get the porn images off of here. There is even a little button that says "Remove due to being porn" or something to that affect.

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: yer i no, i tink it says report image or sumfing

2006-05-31 [tazz]: we all shoud watch for porn just to help because i know the guards aer bussie with all ther work

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: yer, k

2006-05-31 [eyes of frost]: Yea. It does. Then the person is warned, so they do alot to try and keep it off here. As long as you guys don't bash the guards or the people that made elfpack on here I am sure this wiki is okay. :)

2006-05-31 [tazz]: i will make shor they dont k

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: k

2006-05-31 [eyes of frost]: So what do you guys/girls think so far of the wiki?

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: it kwwl

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: I thinks it's good that some is finally making things like this aware, to others

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: yer gd speakin yaz

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: cheers huni

2006-05-31 [tazz]: i love it

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: lol

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: tats kk

2006-05-31 [tazz]: thank you all it means a lot to me

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]:

I'm clever Ceri ain't he ha ha

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: i knw

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: lol look at fun and frolics

2006-05-31 [Soft as Bone]: i agree with what you said next your name above [Shadow of a woman] if people like porn it;s fine, but not everyone does, so they shouldn;t have to cover their eyes. it;s called common certicy, even though it;s not so common

2006-05-31 [tazz]: thank you

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: exactly, i mean not everyone wants to be subjected to seing these sights, i mean if kids see them whta are the gonna think having public sex is right?

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: gd point yaz

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: thanks any more piccies coming? lol

2006-05-31 [tazz]: pluse it premotes child mulastashion sorry if i spellet rong

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: yer tell me when cz i dnt knw if u dne or nt

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: nxt. Ok [tazz]apologie accepted. lol

2006-05-31 [tazz]: nxt ?

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: look at fun and frolics and you'll get it

2006-05-31 [eyes of frost]: OKay...everyone, I am not trying to be mean but please cut the net speak...It is okay for spelling errors but I don't understand a word you are saying, and if you want to rally more support you have to be able to speak proper English...

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: ok sorry i cannot help it once i get start i cant stop sorry

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: yay, someone understands me, lol means laugh out loud

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: ok yasmin what    youmean

2006-05-31 [eyes of frost]: Stuff like lol and brb are okay to abbreviate, but...I mean "u" for "you" and "ur" for "your"'s got to stop!!! *going nuts trying to understand it all*

2006-05-31 [tazz]: thats macks two of us

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: oh right, sorry, I understand *pats shoulder*

2006-05-31 [tazz]: dont be sorry

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: ok

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: hello

2006-05-31 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: hello yaz

2006-05-31 [tazz]: hello

2006-05-31 [Shadow of a woman]: hwello comment me up on fun and froloics

2006-06-01 [Sweetheart, you're a fucking trainwreck.]: Ello people.^^

2006-06-01 [eyes of frost]: Holy crap...this wiki sure got big fast...

2006-06-01 [eyes of frost]: And wait a minute...wouldn't I be considered partly an owner since I helped re word and added all the graphics? Eh oh well. I am still up there :) *Smiles and sits down* I guess I will be thiswiki's guard or something...hrm...*THinks* Yea...I like the sound of that...the wiki guard...

2006-06-01 [tazz]: sorry i did not know if that was ok with you please change any thig you want you are the biggest part of this

2006-06-01 [eyes of frost]: Nah. Like I said I dont mind being the graphics lady. Well and the guard this is a warning to any of you horrible people out there that want to ruin this wiki: Mess with it, or the people here and you will deal with me! *Stick out tongue*

2006-06-01 [tazz]: thank you i feal safe now that we have the [eyes of frost] keeping an eye on this wiki

2006-06-01 [Lez_emo_lover]: so like this is against nude pic but not drawings right?

2006-06-01 [tazz]: right you can have any thing you want but nude piks of real people

2006-06-01 [Lez_emo_lover]: ok cool

2006-06-01 [tazz]: plese pass this wiki to a friend

2006-06-01 [Lez_emo_lover]: ok i will

2006-06-01 [tazz]: thank you all for your saporte and help

2006-06-01 [sexer then hell]: can i just put my name up there?

2006-06-01 [Eriseith]: I support this wiki!!! XD

2006-06-01 [tazz]: thanxs

2006-06-01 [Eriseith]: because they are the ones who keep track of how many times a person has gone against those rules... and can either ban them or completely cut them from EP

2006-06-01 [x_PanCakes]: (^_^) i will Support this Wiki 2 :)

2006-06-01 [Lelly]: me too ^^ yay

2006-06-01 [I love my baby so much]: yea me too

2006-06-01 [re(BECCA)]: can i have my name put on there????

2006-06-01 [eyes of frost]: Well hey guys: Artistic Nudity is not porn. Just get that much straight, because if you all consider Artistic Nudity porn...then I have no right to be on this wiki.

2006-06-01 [tazz]: i know   Artistic Nudity is not porn

2006-06-01 [eyes of frost]: Oh, OOKAY. Lol. Just making sure! Because it would kind of contradict me to be a part of this and be co-owner of the artistic nudity wiki...  X_x

2006-06-02 [zoloftzantac]: but I like porn ...

2006-06-02 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: BT IT NT RITE IS DISGUSTING

2006-06-02 [Shadow of a woman]: Porn is ok, for your personel life, but all we are asking is that it is not made public and put on dispaly for people of all ages too see. I mean some people can be easily offended. For example; A muslim woman, they have to cover all of their bodies except their eyes, or some ne who has been sexually abused they don't want to be exposed to these things again, so please take in to concideration other poeple's feelings before your own. 

2006-06-02 [tazz]: nude is an art but child nudity is bad

2006-06-02 [Soft as Bone]: exsactly, that;s why there is an age limmit to how old you have to be in porn movies and stuff like that!

2006-06-02 [Sia Tasha]: Child porn is sick and only for nasty ass dicks, including the children do it just for fun!

2006-06-02 [Sia Tasha]: Ok so everyone is clear this wiki ain't against all porn only child pornography (including the ones who tak pics of themselves) under the age of 18 and all, we only sugest you sensor the extreme porn for the younger members ok thank you for your time.

2006-06-03 [Shadow of a woman]: I think it should be against all porn unless it's artistick even then some of that should be blurred over

2006-06-03 [Goodbye EP]: No.. that isn't right.

2006-06-05 [eyes of frost]: Actually, I am agains tthe artistic nudity being blurred over, seeing that I am an artist. The body was meant in some form to be shown, and I think that if it is not in a pornographic way, then it is just fine the way it it.

2006-06-05 [eyes of frost]: To EVERYONE: I am asking that you all refrain from using bulger language in any form. It would be easier to get more people if the language was more suitable. Also, PLEASE DO NOT BASH PEOPLE FOR ANYTHING!!! I know that is hard to do, but th is is not the place for bashing people even if they are child molesters or child porn freaks. We are not trying to start a wiki for bashing people. Thank you.

2006-06-05 [Lelly]: .. hun dont take offense but the word is vulger not bulger, xxx

2006-06-05 [Goodbye EP]: AH! You said 'xxx'. j/k

2006-06-05 [eyes of frost]: GAH!!! Rachel didn't mean to misspell! Really. I was having a horrible day. Problems at home and with the bf O_o. Sorry for the spelling! *dies*

2006-06-05 [Soft as Bone]: i;m sorry you;re having a bad day, but don;t worry, you;re not the only one!

2006-06-07 [Lelly]: awwwwwww am sorry hun *hugs* hope youre feeling better.. haha yes i say xxx alot :P

2006-06-08 [tazz]: i made this to be a safe wiki please help keep it a safe wiki. We are not here to call people names we are not here to make fun of people -----PLEASE BE NICE  -----and i know i cant spell

2006-06-08 [RainCloud]: question: what if the child wants to do it? it being child porn or something like that

2006-06-09 [Asrun]: Still illegal. Child pornography of any type is illegal and therefore not allowed on EP. People with any type of possession of child pornography whether or not the child does it by choice will still be charged, which is why we want to keep EP clear of it. We don't need predators on this site.

2006-06-09 [RainCloud]: nono, I'm not asking if its legal or not. Of course its still illegal and wrong. Just...does it make it a bit more right?

2006-06-09 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: um...i suppose its a matter of opinion...

2006-06-09 [RainCloud]: exactly. what's ur opinion?

2006-06-09 [♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]: its wrong...but you also have to take into account that the child might not the best of judgement

2006-06-09 [Goodbye EP]: Yes... But even so, the child should know right from wrong. People are born with shame, and it is programmed into our minds that it is wrong to be naked. At least, society did that at some point. So no child would be so innocent as to not know that it is wrong to pose for naked pictures...

2006-06-12 [tazz]: some chrildren dont have a choice

2006-06-12 [Croft]: What is going on??

2006-06-12 [RainCloud]: I didnt say that they would think its wrong.

2006-06-13 [Babygirl1990]: Agreed sorry

2006-06-13 [RainCloud]: I'm just asking, just to put it out there. Personally, I believe that its still wrong and someone should talk to the child, despite what the child believes.

2006-06-13 [tazz]: yes yes yes thank you

2006-06-13 [RainCloud]: your welcome?

2006-06-15 [Sia Tasha]: wow

2006-06-15 [RainCloud]: what?

2006-06-15 [Croft]: what what ?

2006-06-15 [RainCloud]: why?

2006-06-15 [Sia Tasha]: ok people are seriousely miss understanding this wiki, I mean it doesn't matter if the children are willing or not this is against child porn of all sorts accept animai!

2006-06-15 [RainCloud]: i was just seemed relative

2006-06-16 [Lelly]: mmm, child porn is wrong no matter the childs opinion.. children should know better but if their parents failed in that aspect of the childs education it doesnt make it right, it just means the child should be corrected by somebody who knows better

2006-06-16 [tazz]: I agree! Finally someone understands what I'm saying!

2006-06-16 [Lelly]: :P yes thats common sense for you

2006-06-17 [Sia Tasha]: ??? What do nyou mean [Lelly] ?

2006-06-18 [goners]: i love this page! i think it is so true that its wrong i stand strongly for it. nice work [tazz] and who ever else helped... sorry i dont know ur names... ^ _ ^

2006-06-18 [Goodbye EP]: Basically, it means this: CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IS WRONG NO MATTER WHAT SITUATION. lol I think.... yes. mmmk. Off to bake a cake for my dad.

2006-06-18 [Lelly]: yesh thats right, child pronography is wrong.. end of story :P

2006-06-18 [Goodbye EP]: CAKE!

2006-06-19 [big_sis]: hey sexie wats up? how r u?

2006-06-19 [Lelly]: cake is yummy

2006-06-19 [Raiyr]: Lol, I like [~Donkey_ Kong_ Rocks~]'s thingy to the side... Uhhh, hi xD

2006-06-25 [lizzy lovey]: Hey people keep in mind my older bro and sis' wiki isn't just to talk aboout stupid stuff its about child porn.

2007-01-15 [tazz]: im sorry i have ben gon for a long time but i have a lot of stuf to deal with and it is hard my uncal is on life suporte and will die tonight at 6:00 pm and i have a new son on the way :)

2007-01-20 [RainCloud]: awww, i'm sorry :'(

2007-01-25 [Goodbye EP]: WAIT! WTF? It's about child porn?

2007-01-25 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: omg i aint bin on here 4 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggeeeeessssss

yer soz 2 here bout ur uncle tazz????
hope u feelin ok nw
heres a *hug* 4 u

2007-01-30 [tazz]: thank you that means a lot to me

2007-01-30 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: tat ok =)

2007-02-10 [Lelly]: yes you silly its about us being against the exploitation of young children... :P...and imreally sorry bout your uncle and congratulations on the baby!!

2007-02-13 [tazz]: thanks lelly

2007-03-04 [Lelly]: has the baby been born???

2007-03-04 [Nenajane]: Don't think just the young chindern!what about the teens like me.I was only 13.

2007-03-13 [Asrun]: You're still a child until you're 18.

2007-03-14 [RainCloud]: yep. just cuz ur less naive doesn't mean that ur not a child nymore

2007-03-14 [tazz]: not yet

2007-03-14 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: when is ta bby born?

2007-03-15 [Lelly]: yeshyesh whens it due?

2007-03-15 [Sia Tasha]: about a one to two more munths

2007-03-16 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: wooooooo wa u hpin 2 hve?

2007-03-18 [tazz]: a boy

2007-03-18 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: awww kl wa u wana call him

2007-03-19 [tazz]: he will have my name

2007-03-19 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: awww wow

2007-03-20 [Lelly]: what is your full name anyways ??

2007-03-22 [Sia Tasha]: [tazz] 's full name is Joseph Jerome Glines.

2007-03-24 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: awww kl

2007-03-24 [Lelly]: thats a nice name :)

2007-04-01 [Nenajane]: I hope his nickname will be JJ.

2007-04-01 [x-Cegi-baby-x]: y?

2007-04-15 [Nenajane]: I am now 22 and I sill can't get the memores of that day out of my mind.I wish I can forget the day I was raped.

2007-04-15 [Nenajane]: now tazz is the baby's nickname going to be  JJ like you where call for along time??

2007-04-25 [dragonus]: hey sis word's of advice don't let thine horror's of thoa past haunt you for naught for thine way many wheel's to thine futur pave many road's ye must travel but don't freght for thine love shal light thine way tis only a matter of time thine see what ye meen but for now just bide thee fare well

2007-05-21 [Nenajane]: TO ALL,Sia Tasha's and Tazz's baby boy was born on mothers day {5-13-07} 8:30 am.He is a big baby.his nickname is JJ.for joseph Jerome Glines Jr.

2007-06-08 [Nenajane]: TO ALL,If you look on my home page you can see a pic of  Sia Tasha and Tazz's son,I AM HOLDING HIM!

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