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"War is not decided by who is right, but by who is left."

--Sir Winston Churchill, submitted by: [Ringbearer]


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2009-12-30 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: So, when is the next quote ... contest-thing going up? O_o

2010-01-02 [Bookwyrm]: Goood question...>.<

2010-01-03 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: I have good quotes (in my opinion)!

2010-03-16 [Bookwyrm]: Seeking new staff! If the two ladies I was talking with before are still interested, please contact me again, your messages have been swallowed by an inbox monster!! :O

Taking applications NOW!!

2010-04-03 [Bookwyrm]: Stiiiiill taking apps! No one's applied yet! :P

2011-06-02 [LinkTurrner]: When will a new contest come up?

2011-06-02 [Bookwyrm]: Not sure yet.

2011-06-17 [LinkTurrner]: Okay, do you still need new staff, is that why?

2011-06-18 [Bookwyrm]: Yes that's part of the reason. The other part is I have a six month old that requires a lot of attention. XD

2011-06-18 [LinkTurrner]: oh ok I see. xD I'd be glad to help if you need it?

2011-06-18 [Bookwyrm]: Let me get some stuff sorted, and I'll let you know. :D Send me a message so I don't forget, though. XD

2011-06-18 [LinkTurrner]: OK ^^

2011-07-27 [Stephen]:


<Limg20*0:stuff/epqt_qt2.gif> This one, I mean.

2011-07-28 [Bookwyrm]: lol I promise that we'll get this up and running again.

2011-07-31 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I shouyld drop my own quote in...

2011-08-05 [LinkTurrner]: Nice your getting it back up and going

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