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       <img175*0:stuff/aj/6723/EpQueen.png>  <img198*0:stuff/queenofelfpack.jpg>
            (Webart by [Amalaswinta])                (Webart by [Sunrose])
This is a special place, reserved for the almighty Queen (or King) of Elfpack!
She is evil, she is a hacker, she is a stalker and most of all, she is sexi!
                Worship her, the Queen of All, the Queen of Elfpack!


(Webart by [WonderTweek])

Her Royal Grandiose Supreme, [Cerulean Sins]!

Hail the prior Queens as well:
[Fanta gurl] from 2004-11-22 until 2010-03-15
[Cloud Natiion] from 2010-03-15 until 2012-11-29


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2010-06-01 [GlassCasket]: Ninjas are better than pirates >.> THATS A LIE!!

2010-06-01 [Cloud Natiion]: Pirates are way way better!!

2010-06-01 [GlassCasket]: agreed

2010-07-02 [Help Desk 101]: ninja pirates?

2010-07-02 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: No, not ninja pirates...

2010-07-02 [Cloud Natiion]: Just pirates..

2010-07-02 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Nah, not just pirates, and still, not Ninja Pirates. They are Android Pirates.

2010-07-12 [GlassCasket]: Agreed.

2010-12-02 [Cloud Natiion]: :D awesome

2010-12-02 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Queeny! Can you make me yer king :D The KING of Elfpack!

2010-12-02 [Cloud Natiion]: aha good suggestion but i already have an (un)official king im afraid! sorry! :))

2010-12-02 [Ihsahn]: bleh.

2010-12-02 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Oh darn.

2010-12-02 [Cloud Natiion]: oh hush ihsahn :P you need to be on msn more!!

2010-12-03 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: lol agreed he does need to hush :D

2010-12-03 [Ihsahn]: I'm busy with work, don't have time to live on the internet. Not hushing by the way.

2010-12-03 [Cloud Natiion]: shouldnt you be having time off though after that thingy?? they need to let you rest more! silly hospitals.

2010-12-04 [Ihsahn]: I get it, yet when I'm off I don't stare at a computer all day.

2010-12-05 [Cloud Natiion]: nor do i, yet i still have time to say hi to you. funny, that.

2010-12-20 [Help Desk 101]: Android Ninjas?

2010-12-20 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Yes andriod ninjas!

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