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2013-02-17 10:39:08
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All entries for the Queen of Elfpack Competition are to be placed on this wiki-page.</center> <center><img:stuff/aj/28425/book_gold_div.png></center>

<center>Please place your entry on a wiki-page, and then link that page as a submission. Do not directly place your entries on this page.
If you're unsure how to create your own wiki-page or need help, [kittykittykitty] loves to help out and answer all questions. <img15*0:>


0) [Stephen] - Stephen's Contest Entry

1) [Lina] - Queen Lina

2) [sammie h!] - sammies app for queen of elfpack

3) [Cerulean Sins] - Wannbe Queen Cerulean Sins Of Elfpack

4) [I'm gone.] - fairielover Queen Entry

5) [Morgoth] - I'm better than everyone!

6) [**Yummy**Mummy**] - Queen Rachael

7) [Deg] - Long Live the Deg


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2013-02-07 [Stephen]: He can sing you his signature song, Baby. :P

2013-02-07 [sammie h!]: Baby baby bay ooohh <-- something like that

2013-02-07 [Schlachter]: Seriously... not funny o.0'... I'll...
I'll report you!... to... uh...

2013-02-07 [sammie h!]: Ha ha. :) x

2013-02-07 [Schlachter]: YOU GUYS ARE CREEPING ME OUT!!! It's not funny! Even [Morgoth] isn't that horrifying!
Sick! Seriously sick!

2013-02-07 [sammie h!]: You know he's your secret idol lol. :)

2013-02-07 [Schlachter]: NEIN!!!
You did not just say that...
you did not just say that.
Take it back.

2013-02-07 [sammie h!]: You know you have his face as a tattoo ha ha. :)

2013-02-07 [Schlachter]: HAH!
Now you're just trying too hard...
Tattooing his face anywhere is enough indication that it is time to do what lemmings do.

2013-02-07 [Stephen]: Poor, innocent, sweet, loving and kind Justin, so much hatred when all he does is bring good will and love to the world with his singing.

You see, he makes people unite. It may be a universal hatred of him and desire to see him burn, but it's still uniting people under one common ideal.

He should be praised. <img:exitedN-gif.gif>

2013-02-07 [sammie h!]: Ha ha, there is a funny video of him walking into a door on youtube, as funny as a horse cross a kangaroo *Random*

2013-02-07 [Schlachter]: How touching [Stephen]...
I swear I will never forget this...

2013-02-07 [Stephen]: I'm not sure if I should be fearful of that statement. :3

2013-02-07 [Schlachter]: YOU SHOULD BE FEARFUL OF THE BIEBER!!!

2013-02-08 [Schlachter]: ...the Bieber...
beware the Bieber...

2013-02-08 [Deg]: You be talking bad about the Biebs?!

2013-02-09 [Schlachter]: Be you talking good about the Bieber?
I swear I better not hear anything but foulness about him from your lips... well... read... & keystrokes.

2013-02-09 [Deg]: OH man he's my idol! I have posters of him all over my room. He's seriously the new Elvis or whatever.


I'm...I'm kidding. I promise. LOL

2013-02-09 [Schlachter]: NEIN VERDAMMT!
Don't scare me like that... it's not funny. If I didn't know any better, you Sammie & Stephen are trying to boil up under my skin...

2013-02-09 [Deg]: <img:sutN.gif>

2013-02-09 [Schlachter]: You...

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