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2010-04-15 12:56:18
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Queen of Elfpack submissions


[Tis gone but never gone]


[Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]




[Sister Creep]






[chesire_ the cizat7]


[hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]


[Kali Nicole]


[Zombiie Natiion]

[Fallen Angel 666]




[Morrigan {Ψ} Your Siren {Ψ}]



[Moka Akashiya]







[Queen of darkness]
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2010-03-15 [Sister Creep]: It's a useless title though. It's just fun. Sheesh.

2010-03-15 [Ihsahn]: The first queen was an evil person :P

2010-03-15 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: i agree with [chesire_ the cizat7] all the way.

2010-03-15 [Sister Creep]: Well. I'm pretty evil. I'll be a good fit for the abandoned throne. :P

2010-03-15 [ArtworkA]: I dont really care I tryed for this cause Lady Random asked me too^^

2010-03-15 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: i tried because its only like my second contest to ever enter. ^_^ my first one was poem.

2010-03-15 [Ihsahn]: ya, and a participant badge is also being made for those that took their time to post a pic of themselves having a pulse.

2010-03-15 [chesire_ the cizat7]: hee heee yea but when you have a title wouldnt you want it to mean something good and not something terrible i mean if i was titled a bamf then i wanted it becasue i did something so good and that was tight that i ended up with the title not ssomething sooo stupid and you would look back and be like i shouldnt have this title becasue look what happened... i mean all i am saying is whoever gets the title should make the best and show what and who you really are and prove to [Ihsahn] that he did good.

2010-03-15 [Sister Creep]: But the title means nothing. You don't get special powers. It's just a fun contest. Nothing more.

2010-03-15 [Ihsahn]: I'm not exactly prince charming either.

2010-03-15 [chesire_ the cizat7]: right and i am only doing this becasue i love people and taking pictures and helping people out.. this is my first contest but hell it has been a fun one so far lol. we all are talking so its not like we all hate each other and are criticizing over the internet

2010-03-15 [Sister Creep]: Good point. Andy-roo is a nasty evil man with horns and a tail.

2010-03-15 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: i agree

2010-03-15 [chesire_ the cizat7]: right but hell have fun with a useles title

2010-03-15 [Sister Creep]: Aha! See, [Ihsahn]? They agree that you are a nasty evil man with horns and a tail.

2010-03-15 [Tis gone but never gone]: I think the queen of elfpack should be fair to all, treat everyone fairly and not act like a bitch or whatever. He or she should spend time making EP better, by making new people feel welcome and help them in anyway. Also he or she should not be baced just on looks alone but also on what the other members of EP but also on intelligence. The Queen of Elfpack should have a brain.

2010-03-15 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: haha

2010-03-15 [Ihsahn]: The title is kind of a vanity title.

2010-03-15 [chesire_ the cizat7]: thats always funnn or if you get the right person you could try and make the title mean something.. you never can have something that is useless. you can always make something out of nothing

2010-03-15 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: <img:dand-gif.gif>

2010-03-15 [chesire_ the cizat7]: i agree with [Tis gone but never gone]

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