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2010-04-15 12:56:18
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Queen of Elfpack submissions


[Tis gone but never gone]


[Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]




[Sister Creep]






[chesire_ the cizat7]


[hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]


[Kali Nicole]


[Zombiie Natiion]

[Fallen Angel 666]




[Morrigan {Ψ} Your Siren {Ψ}]



[Moka Akashiya]







[Queen of darkness]
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2010-03-15 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: yes very different.

2010-03-15 [Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]: I looked at her house, i find it sad that people have to pretend to be someone else *sigh* people should like you for who you are

2010-03-15 [Tis gone but never gone]: Yes I agree. Be happy with who you are and take some pride in it too.

2010-03-15 [Ihsahn]: The ship always has to have a captain!

2010-03-15 [Sister Creep]: I find it sad that she made such a pathetic attempt. I mean... damn. If you're going to fake, shouldn't you also have the same or a similar picture on your page? Also, the ego comment was a joke, [chesire_ the cizat7]. What you said sounded a little condescending and presumptuous.

2010-03-15 [ArtworkA]: To much reading for meh XD I lazy has hell

2010-03-15 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: lol

2010-03-15 [ArtworkA]: Ha well its true XD

2010-03-15 [Stephen]: zomgmustenterthis. <img:img/mood/5_1116340164.jpg>

2010-03-15 [ArtworkA]: lol

2010-03-15 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: hehe

2010-03-15 [chesire_ the cizat7]: I am sorry that I had Agee points and I have a brain with many ideas once again. This was a peacefull talk until I left and you said that about my comments.I am sorry if you were offended by my comments.however you do have to understand that I was not talking about you I just said the whole ego  Idea is a bit over rated

2010-03-15 [Ihsahn]: Nothing is wrong with having an ego. It never bothers me unless it is unwarranted I however hope we get more entrants.

2010-03-15 [Kali Nicole]: ha doubt ill get anywhere but thought i would try :)

2010-03-15 [italianstud]: do we get to vote.. cuz i think i found the winner

2010-03-15 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: don't get to vote. [Ihsahn] is the only person who votes.

2010-03-15 [Ihsahn]: I'll prolly have to many people in mind so I'll choose finalists then put a poll up possibly :P

2010-03-15 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: nice. ^_^

2010-03-16 [Kali Nicole]: :)

2010-03-16 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: ^^ nice pic by the way play boi bunny. ^^

2010-03-16 [Kali Nicole]: thanks i like urs its pretty :)

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