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2010-04-15 21:54:58
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QOE submissions 2



[Cloud Natiion]


[pretty blue bomber]

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2010-04-13 [EmmaExCore.]: My epic top hat better git me some extra points *shakes fist*
Not that I think i'll even come close. God Damn you girls is pretty :):):)

2010-04-15 [Deg]: Haha, I like your tophat :)
And WHOOO For [GlassCasket]!! Lol, such a good sport!

2010-04-15 [GlassCasket]: XD thanks! >.> think i'll win.........? rofl

2010-04-15 [Deg]: Lmao, um...well...there is always a chance! :)

2010-04-15 [Joshua.]: Cloud Natiion is gunna wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

2010-04-16 [Deg]: :) That first picture of [Cloud Natiion] is very appealing. A lot of these submissions are :)

2010-04-16 [GlassCasket]: *cries* i'm such a frekin loser!!!

2010-04-16 [Deg]: o.O!!! No you're not!!

2010-04-16 [GlassCasket]: K :)

2010-04-16 [chesire_ the cizat7]: lol not even haha i hope who does win is amazing and exetremly beautiful

2010-04-16 [pretty blue bomber]: haha i love you channing... i hope you win sissy.... you are so beautiful... oh btw thank you for sending my pics to me so i could enter.. lol last minute but i did

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