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This is a wiki for everybody who loves Paramore or just thinks they are awesome. You can just come here and talk about the great Paramore. Join if you love Paramore. Just message me →[your exotic nightmare] for the password!!


The combination of musical energy between brothers and Hayley’s bold charisma earned them instant attention, particularly from Florida indie Fueled by Ramen, who signed the band and put them to work recording their debut. Says Hayley, “Some of our favorite bands are on Fueled by Ramen. We knew that they would know exactly how to carry out the vision for our band and music.” Paramore went into the studio with producers James Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, Underoath) and Mike Green (Yellowcard, The Black Maria) and blew them away with their sincerity and enthusiasm.

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1. [your exotic nightmare]=owner
2. [HeatherMassacre]
3. [ShanelleRenee]

Pictures and Music Videos!>>>Paramore Vids
Banners!>>>Paramore Bann to the zers
Info on Paramore!>>>Band Info
Info on Hayley>>>Haley Williams I know i spelled it wrong...
Info on Josh>>>Josh Farro
Info on Jeremy>>>Jeremy Davis
Info on Zac>>>Zac Farro

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2008-04-17 [HeatherMassacre]: add me plllease. o.o;

2008-04-17 [your exotic nightmare]: Done! Thanks for joining!!!<img:img/mood/5_1116262856.jpg>

2008-04-17 [HeatherMassacre]: Yay. :D

2008-04-18 [your exotic nightmare]: XD

2008-04-23 [your exotic nightmare]: Check out the pix! I get really bored.

2008-09-19 [your exotic nightmare]: <img:mood10_gif.gif>Paramore's doing the lead single for the Twilight movie! I'm soooo excited!<img:mood10_gif.gif>

2008-12-30 [ShanelleRenee]: can i join?

2009-01-07 [your exotic nightmare]: yeah!!

2009-02-03 [your exotic nightmare]: Can't wait for the new album!! AHH!!

2009-07-16 [Tis gone but never gone]: can i join?? please?

2009-10-21 [WASHACKED]: me too???

2010-02-26 [Away forever, bye]: Parmore ROCKS!

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