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Moderated by [Stephen] and [LinkTurrner]


Hello Elfpackers and welcome to the Originality Contest!
The point of this contest is to try and enter the most unique, create and innovative creation you can. There's two categories, Photography and Writing.

Contest Rules (General)
- Submissions shouldn't be too inappropriate.
  - No porn! Nudity or general sexual themes are OK, but this contest is not made for erotic viewing or reading.
- No copyrighted submissions! All submissions must be made by you.
  - A friend may help you, but only the person who uploads and submits the work will be credited should they win.

Contest Rules (Photography)
- Follow all general contest rules!
- You may not submit more than two (2) entries.
- Old photos are allowed. (We'd rather see new ones, though.)

Contest Rules (Writing)
- Follow all general contest rules!
- You may only submit one entry.
- Submission cannot be over 650 words.
Thank [HeAVenShallBuRN] for the increased limit!


Winners will be selected by the Elfpack members from the selection the Council presents -- the number of selections will depend on the total number of entries.

The single entry that gets the most votes out of Photography and Writing will be declared the Grand Winner. 

In addition, a third winner will be selected by the Council, named the "Crew Favorite".


(The only important part, right?!)

For entering this contest, you will be able to select one normal (Not rare or unique!) Giffie-Pet of your choice to be your pet. (However, you cannot have more than one pet!) (Giffie-Pet Store)

The Crew Favorite will receive the "First Place Contest Winner" badge. (<URL:stuff/epcontest.gif>)

The Winners (One from each contest) of both Writing and Photography will receive both the first place Contest Winner Badge in addition to being given an Exotic Giffie-Pet Ticket, enabling them to choose an Exotic Giffie-Pet of their choice as a pet.
(Find the exotics in the Normal Pet Storehouse. You can also use this ticket for any normal pet, or give it to a friend of your choosing.)

The Grand Prize winner will receive the first place Contest Winner Badge in addition to either having colors enabled in their house OR getting a Unique Giffie-Pet of their choice. (Unique Giffie-Pets)
(If you wish, you may give the house-enabled colors or the Unique Giffie Pet Ticket to a single friend of your choosing.)


The polls are closed!

The Grand Prize Winner is [Yudan333], with her entry <URL:>

The winner for the writing entry is [Sicarius] with Mara Gibson-Tales from Faell--Contest.

The winner of the photography entry is [Cerulean Sins] with <URL:stuff/148659_173185259376113_100000539214969_496404_6079554_n.jpg>

Due to the recent problems and changes within the Council, the final winner is [Bookwyrm] with <URL:>
***The winner was selected by which entry received the most votes after the others***



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<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_green_blob.png> The Wiki-Index
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_green_blob.png> The Help-Index

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2011-08-19 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Mkay enough drop teh subject, now, before Ist art cleaning these comments up

2011-08-19 [Yorthanii]: so now automatically i cant defend myself? because someone thinks im being negative? im done with this, [Stephen] thank you for the invite good luck with the contest...peace

2011-08-19 [Stephen]: No, no.
I'm not saying don't defend yourself.
Just do it without throwing insults at one another.

You're free to stay, and validate your opinion to others' if you feel the need, I just don't want people throwing insults in the process of doing so.

2011-08-19 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Exactly what point I was getting at, I do not want drama here either, and I'm sure no one else STEPHEH can we just...hide comments please?

2011-08-19 [Stephen]: lol
Nooo, we can't just disable the comment box. If things got too out of hand, we could delete comments, but the ones from before weren't bad enough to warrant deletion.

2011-08-19 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: T hat's why I didn't delete them...if it got one more step out of an insult being flung out? even if it's a yo mama, gone

2011-08-19 [Stephen]: xD

2011-08-19 [Yorthanii]: heres the thing i felt disrespected by said comment so thus i throw an insult, yes it was an insult ill admit, and frankly idc, i understand its a contest and your trying to get people to participate which is great more power to you, but as i did not start this little bickering drama match i dont really see how i can be put on the chopping block for insults, people ask stupid questions there gonna get a stupid answer. Also others commenting on acting like i have no knowledge at all, really? you dont know me so dont assume...assumption is the number one starter of arguements and drama. you can delete all you want, "OMG oh no you deleted my comments im so mad grr" like i said before i dont care, treat other how you want to be treated i think thats the motto...

2011-08-19 [Stephen]: You're not on a chopping block, don't worry. I explained most of this in the private message, so there's not too much to say.

There's no official Guard-warnings being given out, so no one's in trouble. =)

Your comments have no reason to be deleted right now.

Comments like "Fuck you, you retard" are deletable, but not things like this. xD

2011-08-19 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: AND, if you wish to insult someones mother.... elfpack Jokes

2011-08-19 [Yorthanii]: I use logic and reason, not ignorance and tom-foolery

2011-08-19 [Yorthanii]: your mother is a 2 bit whore, <==== not directed towards anyone just wanted to say it

2011-08-19 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: ...we have one for that too! or...we did >> questionable jokes

2011-08-19 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: And btw, clearly you're degrading MY mother, SHE WAS A THREE BIT WHORE!

2011-08-19 [Yorthanii]: excuse me 3 bit whore

2011-08-19 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *nod*

2011-08-19 [Yorthanii]: uh sure?

2011-08-19 [Stephen]: *chuckles*
Yes Bás, I completely remade the Jokes pages so they're simpler. ;)
I wasn't fond of the layout, it was far too complex for a simple submission.

You should submit to Jokes, xKooLaiDx. That'd be awesome.

2011-08-19 [Yorthanii]: nah im good trolling is funner

2011-08-19 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I don't troll on here anymore, I've got a council position.

2011-08-19 [Sicarius]: ...Trolling trolls is waaaay more fun... XD ...and Bas, don't lie...(just kidding) :P

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