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2011-07-27 19:24:33
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Official Contest Rules


Thanks to [Kieli] for giving us this fine set of rules.
Feel free to use them for your own contests too, as long as you make clear yours isn't official ;)


The Rules:

1. Entries must be the submitter's original work and idea.
No copying, tracing, or entering things that you didn't make yourself! No assembled images, such as dolls or computer game characters are allowed, unless you created the art for them. Collaborations are allowed only with express permission of all parties involved.
Anyone found to be breaking this rule will be reported to the guards and/or added to the Art Contest Blacklist.

2. All members must be respectful to everyone else and their work.
If anyone is causing trouble on the wiki, they may be banned from ALL contests and have their comments deleted in the future.

3. All entries must be on the theme.
No random images! If it's not obvious that your entry fits the theme, please explain why. The judges have the final decision in what is allowed.

4. Entries should be uploaded to Elfpack.
See Uploading Images for more info. Entries not uploaded to Elfpack will be removed before the contest ends.

5. All submissions should be entered by the closing date.
Final versions must be accepted by the deadline. Late entries may not be eligible.

6. Participants must not cheat for votes.
This includes messaging people asking them to vote for you, begging for votes in any form such as a mood-comment, or rewarding people who vote for you.
Advertising the voting is allowed, but advertising yourself is not.

7. Have fun!
(Or we will ************************!! o_O;;)


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