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Newbie help


Welcome to the Newbie help page.
This page is for people who are new to the concept of Elfpack.

These help pages shall contain screenshots and clearly labelled diagrams.


Elfpack toolbar
Mainstreet help
Using Forums
Using wikis

These are all under construction at the moment so if you need urgent assistance feel free to ask


Go or return to:
-Newbie help

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2005-05-22 [Benji Madden Fan]: how do i put pictures on my description?????

2005-07-13 [zanders]: you use the tag: <IMG:image_filename>. For example: <IMG:>

2005-07-17 [Naruto-kun's Sakura-chan]: um.....what are coolpoints and anticool points?

2005-07-18 [FireGypsy]: Coolpoints is just something [Hedda] created for fun. If you think someone is cool or they are nice and such, click on their house, click coolpoints and state the reason for giving them a coolpoint. But be careful, when you give coolpoints, you get negative coolpoints, so dont give too many away. =)

2005-07-19 [Naruto-kun's Sakura-chan]: okay.thank you very much.*bows*

2005-07-19 [FireGypsy]: no problem =)

2005-07-28 [DenDen]: awww this is awesome!

2005-07-28 [FireGypsy]: isnt it =D

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