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Newbie help


Welcome to the Newbie help page.
This page is for people who are new to the concept of Elfpack.

These help pages shall contain screenshots and clearly labelled diagrams.


Elfpack toolbar
Mainstreet help
Using Forums
Using wikis

These are all under construction at the moment so if you need urgent assistance feel free to ask


Go or return to:
-Newbie help

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2006-04-30 [Froggy526]: okay thanks! so is there a way to join the group?

2006-04-30 [zoloftzantac]: they seem to have open membership,just start hanging out there and if you want you can go to the member page and add yourself

2006-04-30 [Froggy526]: oh ok, thanks!

2006-05-11 [kittykittykitty]: I'm a little confused by these 'newbie help' pages... I was going to update some of the screenshots (the old buttons on screenshots would be more confusing for newbies), but the pages are password protected, and the owner doesn't watch them. Are they official EP pages? They don't have the banner

2006-05-11 [zoloftzantac]: Newbie help is official, tho it seems like the pages have differant owners .. I know [RabidSphinx] works here, maybe she knows the story

2006-05-11 [RabidSphinx]: i work here but do not have the paswords...i deal with questions with newbies, not the upkeep of the pages. try messaging the owner of the wiki since they are not watching it and ask them for the pasword...

2006-05-11 [kittykittykitty]: Ok... i'll get onto it :)

2006-05-12 [zoloftzantac]: I don't know why this page has a password anyways ... they should take it off if they aren't even watching it anymore ...

2006-05-12 [kittykittykitty]: I didn't really understand either... freely editable would be much better. I hope he gets back to me soon though *he's been missing for a couple of weeks* ^_^'

2006-05-12 [zoloftzantac]: who did you write to? [The Dark Lord] is the owner, he was on EP a few days ago

2006-05-12 [kittykittykitty]: oh noes! I wrote it to [Dwemer]. I assumed because he was the last to edit....

2006-05-12 [kittykittykitty]: Can you see who is the page owner? Peon Elfpackers can only look at the first version and hope ownership hasn't changed since then (at least i thought that was the only way)

2006-05-12 [zoloftzantac]: Yep, that is how I used to have to do it, I can see current page owners now tho. Maybe I should make [RabidSphinx] the owner and she can take off the password if she wants to ... since this seems to be an orphaned official page ...

2006-05-12 [RabidSphinx]: aww....poor little page...*hugs it*

2006-06-28 [//..Shelby_x]: how do i add friends plz help

2006-06-28 [FireGypsy]: When you go to someones house, you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, and on the left hand side youll see the words "type of relation" and then a selection box. Choose which relation type you would like, or you can make your own if you type it in your own under "own name of relation" and then click "suggest you should start this relation"

2006-06-28 [zoloftzantac]: this only works if that person has already sent you a message, you can not add random people

2006-06-28 [FireGypsy]: Oohh yeah i forgot about that! Well, first talk to the person and make sure they mesage you back ;)

2006-12-13 [XxSinister MorphineXx]: How do I make a link to my diary? I want to be able to make a link to put in my mood. So that you can click on it and go to my diary.

2006-12-13 [zoloftzantac]: Please don't spam the same question all over the place, [Big Brother] has already answered your question on the guards wiki page

2007-01-31 [kittykittykitty]: Regarding what you said a few comments up z, I think for official EP help pages it doesn't matter who the owner is (especially if the owner doesn't care enough to watch the page), and the wiki should be free to edit for anyone who needs to do so as long as it has somebody who is looking out for vandalism of it :) I removed the password

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