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2010-02-19 18:29:27
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2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro presses her hips against him again- so good

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Loki shivers lightly "Yea that was amazing"

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro pulls away and leans down taking him into her mouth-

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Loki gasps lightly as he puts one hand on the back of her head moaning softly.

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro slowly moves back and forth-

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Loki moaned as his hips bucked just a little.

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro begins to deepthroat him-

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Loki smiles down at her moaning softly as he gently runs his fingers through her hair

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro smiles whilst she continues-

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Loki smiles back "oh fuck..."

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro hears him and speeds up-

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Loki pants heavily "oh god...cant...last..."

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro deep throats him as far as she can go-

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Loki cries out loudly in pleasure as he cums

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro swallows hungrilly and looks up at him giggling- was that good,considering ive never done it before

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Loki smiles panting lightly "im glad you enjoyed it"

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro giggles pulling him with her tail kissinghim- much enjoyed

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Loki kissed her back "yes it was"

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro giggles- can i has mai underware now??

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Loki chuckles giving her teh undies

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: nekro takies them and puts them on- thankie-sai

(alright and cut,nice going kitteh)

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