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Highway to Hell NYPD Characters

This just for the cops

EP name-
Character name-
Sexual like-
History-[has to be at least three sentences long.]

EP name-[Cerulean Sins]
Character name- Anya Blake aka Ice
Sexual like- Bi
Job- Detective
Weapons- Gun
Personality- Cold, hard, always in control.
History- Anya's whole family had been cops at some point and then it was her turn. As soon as she finished high school, she went straight into the Police Academy. She passed with flying colours and became a cop, she was so proud of herself. She climbed up the ranks and soon became Detective Anya Blake by the time she was 27. 

EP name-[~Kissed by an Angel~]
Character name- Blaze Thomas aka Pheonix
Age- 26
Sexual like- BI
Job- Detective
Weapons- Gun and Martial Arts
Personality- Friendly, Kind, and open but is dedicated to her work and kicks but like no other
History- Blaze never thought she's become a cop. She finished High School and made her name on Broadway for a couple of years but when her fiance got shot because of a mugging she swore to keep the streets of new york safe so no one would be harmed!


EP Name - [HeAVenShallBuRN]
Name - Jakob O'Riley aka Jackle
Age - 19
Sexual Like - Straight
Job - To go undercover, become Elizbeth's boyfriend at any cost.
Personality - Straight and to the point
History - Came over to NY on a boat when he was about five years old and grew up here...always wanted to be a cop, ever since his sixth birthday when he got a cap gun, plastic badge, and plastic handcuffs. He got into the academy too! At such a young age, he was only 16! He had a highi GPA and a great I.Q.

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