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Crystal Tokyo

<img:stuff/crystalqueen%5b1%5d.jpg> Neo Queen Serenity
<img:stuff/crystalking%5b1%5d.jpg> King Endymion
<img:stuff/SmallLady.jpg> Princess Small Lady Serenity

Shortly after Sailor Moon defeated Galaxia, Mamoru and Usagi were married.

Several years later, an ecological disaster froze the entire Earth. The people of Earth fell into a state of dormancy and they slept for nine-hundred years.

When the 30th Century came, the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal awoke Usagi. Eternal Sailor Moon used the Silver Crystal's powers to unfreeze the Earth and its people. She created a peaceful city, much like the Moon Kingdom from the Silver Millennium, and this city was called "Crystal Tokyo". Usagi became its ruler, known as Neo-Queen Serenity and Mamoru became its king, King Endymion. Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus became the guardians of Crystal Tokyo.  

 Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion bore a little girl, who the called, Princess Small Lady Serenity.Neo-Queen Serenity attempted to purify every person on Earth with the Imperium Silver Crystal. Those who refused to be purified left the Earth, lived on the tenth planet of the solar system, Nemesis, and later formed the Black Moon Family.

Years later, Small Lady entered the chamber where the Queen kept the Imperium Silver Crystal. She admired it and thought that if she borrowed it, she would become "a real lady like Mommy". When she touched it, it began to glow and all of a sudden disappeared.

 At that same moment, the bitter people of the Black Moon Family attacked Crystal Tokyo. Without the Imperium Silver Crystal's power, Crystal Tokyo's defenses failed. The Sailor Senshi went into battle but the enemies were very strong. Neo-Queen Serenity, realizing the crystal was gone, panicked and went outside where the fighting was taking place to look for Small Lady. As soon as she stepped out of the palace, the Black Moon people attacked her. The Sailor Senshi encased her into a protective cocoon of quartz and she fell into state of dormancy.

The Sailor Senshi took her into the Crystal Palace and found Small Lady there as well. The King and the Senshi continued to fight but they were in need of the Imperium Silver Crystal and its power. The Silver Crystal was no where to be found and Small Lady was afraid to tell them what had happened.

The King was badly injured and the four Sailor Senshi focused their powers on keeping the Crystal Palace secure. With the help of Sailor Pluto, Small Lady traveled to the past (20th Century Tokyo) to seek help from the legendary Sailor Moon of the bedtime stories her father told her. Since the Imperium Silver Crystal of the 30th Century was lost, perhaps the Silver Crystal of the past would work.

 Though the Black Moon family followed her to Tokyo and tried to capture her, Small Lady returned to Crystal Tokyo with the Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Moon of Tokyo. The Sailor Senshi were shocked to find the city completely in ruins, except for the Crystal Palace, and quickly became seperated from Small Lady.

King Endymion, still injured from battle, sent a hologram of himself to greeted the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask when the arrived in Crystal Tokyo. Immediately, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask recognized King Endymion's voice from their nightmares. Tuxedo Mask attacked King Endymion, who also looked exactly like Tuxedo Mask, out of confusion and anger but he passed right through the hologram. King Endymion introduced himself as Tuxedo Mask's future self. Sailor Moon is even more confused and upset by this and King Endymion said he would explain.

 Unknown to the Sailor Senshi, Sapphire and Prince Diamond watched their arrival in Crystal Tokyo. Prince Diamond, who was infatuated with Neo-Queen Serenity, realized Sailor Moon's connection to Neo-Queen Serenity. Sapphire asked Emerald to finish her off before they reach the Crystal Palace but Prince Diamond refused and said he would capture Sailor Moon himself. Prince Diamond disappeared and Emerald, who loved Prince Diamond, was very angry at Sailor Moon for "bewitching his heart".

King Endymion took the Sailor Senshi into a special chamber within the Crystal Palace. He reassured everyone that Chibi-Usa was safe. He told them about the origin of the Black Moon family and what happened to Crystal Tokyo. Their only hope was the Imperium Silver Crystal and only Neo-Queen Serenity could use it. To everyone's shock, King Endymion told Sailor Moon that Neo-Queen Serenity was her future self. Sleeping Small Lady rose from a pillar in the floor. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask held her to see if she was okay. "Small Lady...She is your daughter," King Endymion told them.

 King Endymion used to tell Small Lady bedtime stories of the strongest and most powerful of all the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon. Small Lady only knew Sailor Moon as a legend and never knew that her own mother was Sailor Moon.3 Small Lady went into the past to bring back Sailor Moon and the Silver Crystal because she believed they could save her mother. King Endymion told Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask that he gave them the nightmares because they needed to know their love was strong enough to endure such hardships because they would face much worse challenges in the future. Only be staying together and combining their love and strength would they succeed.

Suddenly, the room darkened and Prince Diamond appeared. He kidnapped Sailor Moon and teleported her to the Dark Moon Citadel. He dressed her up as Neo-Queen Serenity and was about to force a kiss upon her when Tuxedo Mask rescued her with the help of a distraction from Emerald. When Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon return to the Crystal Palace, King Endymion and Small Lady took them to see Neo-Queen Serenity, still in her crystal casing. Sailor Moon tried to use the Silver Crystal to free her but nothing happened and Sailor Moon collapsed from trying. Small Lady cried out, "Not even Sailor Moon can help Mama!" and ran out in tears.

 Emerald asked Wiseman if she would ever become Prince Diamond's queen. Wiseman said she would and gave her a dark tiara. When she took it, her body rushed with dark power. She cried out, "I will give my soul of Diamond!" and she turned into a huge green dragon. Dragon Emerald attacked the Crystal Palace but Sailor Moon defeated her. Emerald reverted back to her human form and cried out, "Diamond!" before she died.

Wiseman approached the emotional Small Lady and twisted her memories so that she believed her parents didn't love her. Her growth and strong powers were accelerated into a young adult. The Black Crystal turned the crescent moon on her forehead upside-down and she called herself, "Black Lady" (Wicked Lady).

 Wiseman told Prince Diamond that they cannot be defeated if they take Black Lady into the past so Wiseman and Black Lady return to 20th Century Tokyo. Sailor Pluto, sensing that something terrible had happened to Small Lady, appeared to the Sailor Senshi and sent them back to Tokyo also.

When Wiseman was defeated in 20th Century Tokyo and the Dark Moon Crystal shattered, the quartz encasing Neo-Queen Serenity also shattered and she awoke from her dormancy. Small Lady returned to Crystal Tokyo, where she was greeted by Mom, Dad, and the Sailor Senshi. Crystal Tokyo was beautiful and peaceful once again.

Not long after though, Neo-Queen Serenity realized it was time for Small Lady to become more mature. (She was a spoiled and whiny child, much like her mother!) Neo-Queen Serenity gave Small Lady a transformatin brooch and a small wand and then sent Small Lady to the past, this time to train as Sailor Senshi in Training, Sailor Chibi Moon. After awhile, Neo-Queen Serenity and Prince Endymion missed Small Lady very much and asked her to return. Small Lady returned with many gifts from the Sailor Senshi of present day Tokyo but she was sad because she missed them, so Neo-Queen Serenity sent her to the past once more to finish her training. 5 When Small Lady returned, she was finally a full-fledged Sailor Senshi, Super Sailor Chibi Moon.6 She was then ready to protect Crystal Tokyo and become a powerful Queen just like her mother.

Crystal Tokyo flourished and remained beautiful. The Queen, King, Small Lady, and the Sailor Senshi lived happily ever after.

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