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The BattleField

[Tis gone but never gone]
Name: Lady Rayna Lapen Tadiga
Age: 25
Powers: Fire
Finishing Technique(s): Fire balls, fire darts, fire shield.She can tap in to the fire stones power.
Bio: Rayna is a powerful fire user,she is also the keeper of the fire stone. She has a bad temper on her, so if you get her mad your going to get a fire ball in the face.Rayna a phoenix but her fire is dark blue, cause she is the daughter of Lord Dread, one of the lords of darkness & mother was Lady Iona Lapen, who was a phoenix.
<img:stuff/C%3aUsersMichellePicturesAnime%20picturesanime%20girls4836848431a8086374942l%5b1%5d.jpg> Tis Rayna but she has red eyes
<img400*0:stuff/C%3aUsersMichellePicturesAnime%20picturesanime%20animalsphoenix%5b1%5d.jpg> Rayna in phoenix form

[Tis gone but never gone]
Name: Lisha Eden Kasshu
Age: 26
Powers: Darkness, shadows & death.
Finishing Technique: Unknown until she uses her powers
Bio: Lisha is a traveller & she never stays in one place for long. She is on a mission to find her father, who is one of the 10 lords of darkness, & to kill him or join him in taking over the world. On her right arm is a cresent moon shaped birth mark, which means she is the true daughter of darkness.

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