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 "You dastard!" A malevolent man roared with fury. "Your words are sharp like razors, and yet, you do nothing!"
  "I do not quiver at your likings. Nor do I lack strength to fight, you mischievously old man," Lucado rebuked Malucifer, his voice stern.
  "You're a pathetic reason of a human being," Malucifer said wryly. "What makes you so sure you can defeat me?"

Lucado paused. In the silence he heard rolls of thunder boom with laughter.

  "You cannot extirpate me!" Malucifer exclaimed, mocking him. "Tell me, whom is it that you are in search of?"
Biting his tongue Lucado replied "You very well know whom I am seeking, you Imbecile! Now where is she?"
   "LUCADO!" A terrified screech echoed within the crowd.
   "Willow," Lucado's breath cut short.
   "Shut up wretch! Malucifer shouted.
   "Lucado help!"

Mulicifer clasped onto her, about to slap her "I will silence you, once and for all!"

   "Unhand her!" Demanded Lucado.
   "If you want her," Mulicifer shoved her aside and devilishly cracked a smile. "Then come and retrieve her."

         * * * * * * * *

Willow planted her feet in the river, unclothed, as a cold sensation rushed over her body. Her nipples hardened instantly when she dunked underneath the misty clear water. Cool air edged its way through her long black hair. The reflection of the sunrise sparkled like diamonds in her eyes.  Footsteps in the woods startled her(She observed his face, watching him from a distance, the corner of her lips lifted into a smile. She felt naughty at the thought of swimming in the nude in the presence of a man. Even though he couldn't, exactly see her, she still felt a little promiscuous. She watched him walk through the woods looking for something. What exactly she did not know.) 
*dastard: coward, a person who acts treacherously.
*wryly: cleverly and often ironically humorous.
*Extirpate: to destroy completely.
*Imbecile: fool, idiot.
*wretch: a miserable unhappy person, a base, despicable or vile person.

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