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Name: [HeAVenShallBuRN]
Image: <img:>

Name: [Amalaswinta] - a park in Schiedam, a few years ago (can't prove it's mine but I'm not posting this one to win anything so, yeah... )

Name: [Saffron]
(My Amazing Mr. Snowman!)

Name: [Stephen]
As seen in my house. :3

Name: [Deg]
As seen from my bedroom window this morning as the sun was rising. =]
My much less pretty proof picture. :( Haha!

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2011-12-19 [sammie h!]: Same here, we have had snow but it just won't stick. :)

2011-12-19 [sammie h!]: That's a lovely picture [Amalaswinta] and it may be a few years ago but as it's a picture of snow, it still counts. :)

2011-12-19 [Amalaswinta]: we only have 'real' snow once every few years.... :)

2011-12-19 [sammie h!]: Poor you xx

2011-12-19 [Amalaswinta]: noooooo lucky me, don't like snow (well, when it's fresh I like it but then it gets all yucky and muddy and ew...)

2011-12-19 [sammie h!]: Lol, very true, I hate it when it turns to slush x

2012-01-01 [Amalaswinta]: awesome snowman!!

2012-01-01 [Saffron]: Thanks! I especially love the shovel arms, orange eyes, and funnel hat : P

2012-01-05 [sammie h!]: Very lovely pictures everyone. :)

2012-01-06 [sammie h!]: Nice hun x

2012-01-06 [Deg]: :) Thanks! :D

2012-01-06 [sammie h!]: please note: Rule 5. You must prove the picture is your own work.
That means either YOU must be in the photo, or you must have 'EP' or 'Elfpack' somewhere in there.

2012-01-06 [sammie h!]: I will discuss with the council if we can bypass that rule x

2012-01-06 [Deg]: Mmmmmmmm...well, I can do that easily enough ahah. :)

2012-01-06 [sammie h!]: ok x

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: heh, seems no one actually followed rule number 5 :p

2012-01-06 [Deg]: Who should I send the proof picture to? You? :)

2012-01-06 [Deg]: :(
Well it's sort of hard haha so I don't blame them. I don't wanna ruin the picture with my ugly face. I just took a different picture...but yeah, like you for [Amalaswinta], what are you supposed to do? :( I feel like we should just be trusted...I don't think we're that desperate that we're gonna rip off someone elses picture.

2012-01-06 [sammie h!]: [Saffron]

2012-01-06 [sammie h!]: [Deg] you can send it to me, I'm sure Ama has a lot to do :)

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: eh, I say, at least for this particular contest, I know the posters and trust them

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