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Lady Sexy

Welcome to Lady Sexy's sex shop.
Where you can get any sex toys for every desire. We have so many sex toys here not just for women but for men too. We have toys for gay and strainge couples. Also for those people who don't have a partner, so we have toys to help your sexual needs. This store is a place where you can just relax and not worry about everyone looking at you. Just come on in and find what ya need, after all we all need a little lovein, even if it's by a rampant rabbit or butt plug.

What we have in stock...

Sex toys for guys

Sex toys for girls





Bondage toys



1. All character must go here--->Sex shop staff
2. All sex must go here--->Sexy time
3. All non-RP talk must go in () or []
4. No being mean to each other
5. Spelling dosen't matter but please use proper english and do not use text talk
6. You must be over 16 to join.

The story

You work in Lady Sexy's sex shop in London. You either work their cause your a uni/college student, single mother, a high school drop out or whatever. Anyways you need to pay your bills and other stuff as well. The shop hires people that have had horrible pasts or are run aways. No one knows why these kind of people are drawn to the shop but they are. The shop has a aparment up above the it, so some staff can stay their if they have no where to go.

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2010-02-26 [shadows of life]: Jen show her some of the good one.

2010-02-26 [Away forever, bye]: Girl 1 looked at them,"I'll...take the blue one."

2010-02-26 [shadows of life]: Jen nods. "I'll ring that up for you."

2010-02-26 [Away forever, bye]: Girl 1,"Thank you."

2010-02-26 [shadows of life]: Jen nods and walks to the counter.

2010-03-06 [Away forever, bye]: Girl 1 followed Jen to the counter.

2010-03-06 [shadows of life]: Jen rings her up.

2010-03-06 [Away forever, bye]: Girl 1,"Thank you."she handed over her credit card.

2010-03-06 [shadows of life]: "Welcome." Jen smiled as she runs her credit card.

2010-03-06 [Away forever, bye]: Girl 1 nodded.

Anna was still showing the other two girls some S&M stuff.

2010-03-06 [shadows of life]: Jen handed he girl her bag. "Here you go."

2010-03-06 [Away forever, bye]: Girl 1 took the bag,"Thanks."

2010-03-06 [shadows of life]: "Welcome."

2010-03-06 [Away forever, bye]: Girl 1 looked at her friend,"Girls I'll be at the caf across the street."she said as she walked out the shop.

Girl 2 and 3 nodded as they listen to Anna

2010-03-06 [shadows of life]: Jen walked over to Anna.

2010-03-06 [Away forever, bye]: Anna,"Okay well you two think about it then come back, okay?"

Girl 2 and 3 nodded,"Okay thanks."they smiles then walks out.

2010-03-06 [shadows of life]: Jen looked over at Anna. "So did they see anything they liked?"

2010-03-06 [Away forever, bye]: Anna looked at Jen,"Oh yeah they did."

2010-03-06 [shadows of life]: "That good." Jen nodded. "So there going to come back and buy something."

2010-03-06 [Away forever, bye]: Anna,"Oh yeah they will."

2010-03-06 [shadows of life]: "Cool."

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