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2009-09-23 15:52:51
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Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is a fantastic dancer, singer, songwriter and theatrical producer. She has taken the young generation by storm with her strange clothing, retro performing and unique lyric style.


Born in New York 1986, Gaga has spent most of her working life writing songs for the likes of Britney Spears and Akon. She did what all rock bands do - worked damn hard to get where she is. No one hit wonders here, as Lady Gaga has 5 singles and 6 videos - all at the start of her mainstream career.


Gaga's influences include the stunning David Bowie and Christina Aguilera, and she identifies herself as bisexual. No, her hair is not a wig and yes, it is bleach blonde. Gaga recently had it chopped off in the style of a bob, which looks equally sexy as her past long style.

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2009-09-21 [skrillex.]: she's awesome haha.
really hot too.

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