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Well they have all been found, maybe you will find the next hiding spot.....

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2007-09-04 [chugnut]: It's so obvious! On mine, you even made the text 'Killer Rabbit' Bold! The only way to make it easier is to make it a link and post it on Mainstreet!

2007-09-04 [Big Brother]: i guess the hint after it implying that there are some somewhere didn't help either....

2007-09-04 [chugnut]: Yeah, it's kind of sad how unimaginative some people can be.

2007-09-05 [Big Brother]: i should probably put up an alarm note bout it after the current one has had a chance.

2007-11-06 [chugnut]: You could probably put up that alarm note now, seeing as Halloween has already passed.

2007-11-07 [Big Brother]: naaa, i'm just interested in how long it will take for someone to find this place ^_^ it's getting pretty funny.

2007-11-07 [chugnut]: True...

2009-02-09 [My Sky's The Limit]: ...well what the hell, it's so damn obvious!

2009-02-09 [Big Brother]: woot!!!!! and if it was so obvious why did it take a year???? [chugnut] found it in a very short amount of time!!

2009-02-09 [Big Brother]: oh, and i'll have to chat with Traci.....normally staff can't win.........but seeing as it has taken THIS LONG i think it should be fine.....

2009-02-09 [My Sky's The Limit]: Because it didn't really click...^^; I'm normally fast at these kinds of things, just...not this time LOL!

-eyes light up- Really!? -dances- Thank you thank you!!

2009-02-10 [Big Brother]: well keep this secret, brag if you want but don't tell. And i will get you your pet in time, i just wanna wait to see if i get the last winner......

2009-02-10 [My Sky's The Limit]: -salutes- You have my word, Big Brother!

2009-04-05 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: *looks around* This is where they were hiding? This entire time?! GOD!

2009-04-05 [Big Brother]: how did you find this place???

2009-04-05 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: Well like, I remember when these things just came out, and I freaking had a cow over them. I tried everything I could figure out back then, and then when Cathy bragged about her almost getting one, I nearly had a caniption. She told me that there was a hint on the normal pets page so I stared at that page for freaking ever today, and tried like...eleventybillion things like 'the white rabbit' 'the killer white rabbit' 'white rabbit' then I was angry cause I couldnt figure it out so I was like "It cant be as simple as.... Boom, page.

2009-04-05 [Big Brother]: no idea who Cathy is.....but lol.

what do you want it named?

2009-04-05 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: Cathy = [My Sky's The Limit]



2009-04-06 [Big Brother]: huh, didn't know her real name lol.

2009-04-06 [Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]: Wow lol.

2009-04-06 [My Sky's The Limit]: Well, I haven't really posted it, so no harm done ^-^

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