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Invite someone to Elfpack!


Eventhough Elfpack isn't invitation only, you can send an invitation to an email-address or generate a list of codes, that people can use.

It can be useful if you want to mark some people invited by you, or just want to send them an email with the invitation.

Who you should invite

Elfpack is a website for people who want to make fun, so invite fun people to Elfpack. We don't want grumpy members here.

How do I invite someone through an e-mail?

There are three fields to fill:

The email address of the one you wish to invite: Here you introduce the mail address of the person you wish to invite.

Comment to add to the invitation: What you write here is the message that will be sent along with the invitation. Musmakers has a standarized message, but you can add your own words, explaining why you are sending the invitation. This can prevent the mail from being deleted as spam.

Why this person is invited: Fill this field with the reasons why this person is getting the invitation.

After you’ve filled the fields, just click on invite and a mail with all the data will be sent to the mail address given.

How do I invite someone without sending an e-mail?

Only fill in the reason field and press ''invite''. You will now get a generated list of codes. Just give someone the code and he will be directed to the sign-up screen.

So you don't have to fill in all three fields, just the ''reason'' field.
You will see your reason why you invited a member on that member's House as a secret comment.

Are there any invite rules?


When you press this button, you will get a list of members you invited. And also this information:

-Score: The number of people you invited, who are active.
-Invites: The number of people you invited.
-Penalty: The number of people you invited, who are inactive.


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