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2010-09-12 08:06:36
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Innocent life

In a world where children, teenagers, adult must behave, must be good little humans or there masters will punish them in such dark ways. At the turn of the Millenium the vampires, demons, shapshifters, werewolves, fae, witches, charmers, warlocks and other beings of the night came out the world and they took over the world with in two years. They use the humans as slaves, but some humans like to be slaves to the dark ones (which is what they are called) because some treat them like family or use them as sex slaves while some slaves get abused.No one can fight back against the dark ones because they are too strong and powerful, so the humans have just given up.

There are 'Inncoent' House all over the world where people can go and get themself slaves or you can go on the website to see what slaves are left. And once you have choosen they get shipped off to your house. Please keep in mind that only teh rich and powerful may own slaves that are grade A ones, all the other poor dark ones must suffer with less control able slaves.

1. All characters must go here---> Masters/Mistresses Or Slaves
2. All sex must go here---> No so innocent romance
3. All non-RP talk must go in () or []
4. No being mean to each other or you will be asked to leave after 3 warning
5. Spelling dosen't matter but NO text talk and PLEASE use PROPER engish.
6. Anyone can join and please invite people too :D
7. You rp here--->Innocent life rp zone
8. No KILLING off other people character without his or hers say so
9. No god moding
10. Please keep the story line intersting, make up your know twists but please KEEP TO THE STORY LINE !!!
11. No racism, discrimination, or any form of rudeness will be tolerated.

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2010-09-13 [wolvie]: [will join in just a sec :D]

2010-09-13 [Ritsuka-Kun]: wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D

2010-09-13 [Tis gone but never gone]: yay! :D

2010-09-13 [Strawboy]: ill make a character when i can be creative XD

2010-09-13 [Tis gone but never gone]: okay hun ^^ no worries :D

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: sorry was makin a random Rpg that everyone should join *uses mind controll to make ya'll join!*

2010-09-13 [Tis gone but never gone]: i'll join ur rpg hun ^^ No worries

2010-09-13 [Strawboy]: need the name first XD

2010-09-13 [Tis gone but never gone]: XD a name???

2010-09-13 [Strawboy]: to wolvies rp :P

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: *facepalms* mai bad xD Wolvie's epic harry potter RPG Join you know you want to @_@

2010-09-13 [Tis gone but never gone]: Nice XD

2010-09-13 [Strawboy]: couldnt simplify the name huh XD

2010-09-13 [Ritsuka-Kun]: XD

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: nope it needed to be an epic name :D plus i was way hpyer which sadly is leaving :O come back hyperness!!!!!!!!

2010-09-13 [Strawboy]: you seem plenty hyper to me >.>

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: no trust me it's like all leaving now v.v its saddening

2010-09-13 [Ritsuka-Kun]: nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu o.p

2010-09-13 [ArtworkA]: :]

2010-09-27 [Tis gone but never gone]: THIS HAS STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-09-29 [Legendary]: hmmmmmmmmm lo?

2010-09-29 [Tis gone but never gone]: ello XD

2010-09-29 [Legendary]: i hasnt even red it yet XD but i shall

2010-09-29 [Tis gone but never gone]: nice XD

2010-09-29 [Legendary]: hmmmm interesting

2010-09-29 [Tis gone but never gone]: so u like?

2010-09-29 [Legendary]: hmmm yish

2010-09-29 [Tis gone but never gone]: yay!

2010-09-29 [Legendary]: XD

2010-11-07 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: is this rp still going? o_O i wanna be a slave xD

2010-11-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: i think i;ve killed it lol

2010-11-07 [Strawboy]: could restart it :)

2010-11-07 [Tis gone but never gone]: i could lol

2010-11-08 [Strawboy]: just make sure you have enough people to make a restart :) me and you would be 2, so i say we need at least one more person

2012-11-01 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: We should restart...

2012-11-02 [ArtworkA]: o.O?

2012-11-02 [Cerulean Sins]: Yup :D

2012-11-02 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: :D Woot!

2012-11-02 [Cerulean Sins]: :D

2012-11-02 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: *dances* I'm gonna change my characters.

2012-11-02 [Cerulean Sins]: awesome :D

2012-11-03 [Cerulean Sins]: FYI!

I'm deleting all character if folk dosen't comment to this post!

2012-11-03 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: o.0 Nooooooooo! 

2012-11-04 [Ritsuka-Kun]: oh snap o.o

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