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Name: [HeAVenShallBuRN]
Image: <img:>

Name: [Deg]
Image: <img:>

Name: [Cerulean Sins] & [**Yummy**Mummy**]
Image: <img:stuff/408876_337894269571877_100000539214969_1275054_606357740_n.jpg> (Purple Cupcakes in honor of Elfpack x-mas style :D)
Here is proof of our entry ---->;set=a.335929786434992.94305.100000539214969&type=3&theater

Name: [Saffron]
Image: <img:> (The Train, House, and Tree are all cookies, candies, and Frosting!)

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2011-12-31 [Deg]: Mine didn't turn out too good, but maybe I'll be making more tomorrow so...!

2011-12-31 [Amalaswinta]: ^-^

2011-12-31 [Deg]: But to my credit...they did taste pretty good, haha!

2011-12-31 [Amalaswinta]: and that's what counts ;)

2011-12-31 [Cerulean Sins]: I hope they are okay :)

2011-12-31 [Amalaswinta]: I just wish you'd live nearby!
or... no... that'd be too bad for my figure... lol!

2011-12-31 [Cerulean Sins]: lol! XD

2012-01-01 [Amalaswinta]: wow [Saffron], you've been busy!

2012-01-01 [Saffron]: It's my favorite time of the year!! I love stuff like this : )

2012-01-01 [Amalaswinta]: excellent :)

2012-01-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *raises hand* I valuch for [Saffron]'s Entry, she sent that exact photo to my phone on december 26th

2012-01-01 [Saffron]: Yeah, didn't occur to me that I should add a little note in there until I saw other people do it >.> It's all packed away now and at my Grandma's house so I can't take a new pic but I do have two other's that are close ups if it helps : )

2012-01-01 [Amalaswinta]: still, there's a very easy way to verify: take Jim's art that's in the background and take a picture with a note on that. Since Jim's work is in your photo, that's proof :)

2012-01-01 [Saffron]: Oh sure I can easily do that : ) Good idea

2012-01-01 [Amalaswinta]: :)

2012-01-03 [Deg]: Holy crap gingerbread house! Haha!

2012-01-03 [sammie h!]: Very nice everyone, keep up the submissions

2012-01-05 [Stephen]: I took a picture and forgot to take the proof pic. xD;

2012-01-05 [Amalaswinta]: d'oh!

2012-01-05 [Stephen]: Ah well. xD
I submitted to the Winter Snow Pictures, at least.

Hopefully the triple awards will get more people interested.

2012-01-05 [Amalaswinta]: don't you have something in the background (table, pc whatever) so you can take another pic of that, like [Saffron]?

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