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Highway to Hell Characters

This is only for the Mafia characters

EP name-
Character name-
Sexual like-
What Mafia do you belong to?-
History-[has to be at least three sentences long.]

EP name-[Cerulean Sins]
Character name- Elizibeth Carr
Age- 18
Sexual like- Straight
Job- N/A
What Mafia do you belong to?- Blaidd Drwg
Weapons- Gun (Browning
Personality- Honerable, loyal, caring, dark temper, hides her emotions.
History- Elizbeth is the daughter of Victoria Carr and Satyricon. She has a twin brother called Luke. Elizbeth is different from everyone in her family because she feels, she's not so cold as everyone would like to think. Elizbeth secretly hates her father and step-mother for killing Victoria. Elizbeth had seen her mother's death but never said a word, she has vowed to get her sweet sweet revenge and she day very soon.

EP name-[Cerulean Sins]
Character name-Penelope Black aka Penny
Sexual like-Bi
Job-Head Drug dealer
What Mafia do you belong to?- Blaidd Drwg
Weapons-Gun, sawed off shot gun
Personality-Cold hearted woman with a verry nasty temper
History-Penny grew up with the Blaidd Drwg Mafia because her parents where in it but then they got killed when she was only 18. So she stayed with the mafia because they asked her too, so she took up her father's old job of being a drug dealer.Penny is really protective of her little sister, Anna. She has no problem pointing a gun at someone and killing him or her that want to hurt her sister. Penny has troble showing her emotions other than coldness. Then she fell in love with Satyricon and he broke through her icy shield around her heart. They got married and she and Satyricon raised his kids with Victoria. Victoria had crossed a line that got herself killed by Satyricon's hands...well by his gun. She had lost her sister Anna two two months ago when someone had set their house on fire, and Penny is looking for her sister's killer.

EP name-[Cerulean Sins]
Character name-Maya Walker
Sexual like-
Job-Contact killer/Hit woman
What Mafia do you belong to?-
Weapons- Anything she can get her hands on
Personality- Sweet, bubbly but has a dark temper.
History-Maya is best friends with Annabelle Black. So Maya got involed with the mafia threw Annabelle. Now after some years of hard work she is now head hustler but she is also a mafia whore. Five years ago she got sick of being a whore and a hustler, so she had a long chat with Penny and by the end of it she became a Hit woman. Maya had been heart broken when Anna was killed in the fire, she just couldn't believe it. Maya had tried to save her but in the end she got dragged out of the burning house by the firefighters and Maya had the scars to prove that she tired and failed to save her best friend.

EP name- [Cerulean Sins]
Character name-Victoria Carr O'Neil
Sexual like- Bi
Job- Owner of Beauty Salons
What Mafia do you belong to?- Irish Mob (The O'Neil Mob)
Weapons- Firestar
Personality- Sweethearted gal but with a temper
History-Victoria went to college to study dancing in the arts but she got kicked out because her grades where not that good, so she got a job in casino royale as a show dancers at the age of 23. So she has been working at casino royale for the past 5 years and in all that time she has been a star at the casino, she has been asked on countless times to dance for the Blaidd Drwg mafia. She use to fuck Satyricon and ended up pregnant with Elizbeth and Luke. Victoria fell in love with Shamus O'Neil but Satyricon and Penny didn't want the twins to be involved with the Irish Mob, so they killed her...or so they thought since Victoria was wearing a bullet proof vest. She faked her own death and changed her name to Vikki O'Neil and moved to New York with her new family.

EP Name - [HeAVenShallBuRN]
Name - Satyricon Black
Sexual like - Straight (no longer bi)
AGe - 43
Job - The Boss
Mafia? - The hell do you think, Blaid Drwg
Weapons - Every fucking thing
Personality - Sociopath
History - I can't recollect.

Name - Harmony Black
Sexual Like - Straight
Age - 18
Job - None
Mafia - Blaid Drwg
Weapons - Gloc 40
Personality - Sweet and kind
History - She is the only child of Satyricon and Penny black, after graduation, she went off home...taking a tour of Londonand stuff...of course under a completely different name...and is coming home...with more than just a surprise for them...but two surprises...Her grandma decided to pay a visit, and...she has a girl, a beautiful little red head...from a guy she met on...her gradution vacation.

Name - Luke Carr
Age - 18
Sexual like - Straight
Job - N/a
Mafia - Blaid Drwg
Weapons - Knives
Personality: Cold and ruthless
History - He is the son of Victoria and Satyricon, Older brother of Elizibeth Carr, but only by two minutes. He ewasn't there to see his mother killed...and just thinks his sister is imagining things, He's still trying to...convince her that he's their father, killing him would'nt do any good

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