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The "Hell" will give you insight into the hardworking slaves and slavers of Elfpack.

The Slavers

The Warden and Deputy Wardens are the Leaders of Elfpack.
The Magicians program Elfpack.
The Council are the people who make the big decisions.
The Guards, Sergeants and Captain are the moderators chosen by the Warden from among the Council.
The Custodians are the ones who moderate the wiki.
The Ambassadore Exilios is the public-relations master between Elfpack and Elftown.
The Graphic Bosses create and maintain site graphics.
The Mainstuff Bosses maintain Mainstuff and its features.
The Chat Bosses maintain and moderate Elfpack Chat.
The Public Relations Specialist maintains off-site networking work.
The Queen of Elfpack is the Queen.
The Stalkers spend all their time spying on, stalking and making notes on others.

The Slaves

The Volunteers
The Poem Bosses
The Trivia Staff
The Quote Crew
The Giffie-Pet Staff
The Toggery Committee
The Daily Goofs
The Daily Jokers
The Elfpack Awards Crew
The Role-Playing Crew
The Harbringers
The Rats sniff out trouble and report it to the Guards.

The Donors

The Building Contractors are the ones who slave away and make official pages.
The Donors have donated real money to Elfpack.
The Badge Makers create all the official badges on Elfpack.
The Artists have created graphics for Elfpack.
The Elfpack Poets have donated poems to Elfpack.

The Inmates

The lazy town Drunk-asses
The annoying Beggars
The Town Guides
The Sex monsters
Street Crazy Kids
The Town Adventurers

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2005-12-07 [Dopped up cracker]: i got one....what the hell is wiki??

2005-12-07 [Dwemer]: This is a wiki :)

2006-02-04 [lonely one]: hey wats up

2006-02-06 [GlassCasket]: a wiki is a page you can customize for yourself

2006-02-08 [Sketch_the_Hex]: in sain.

2006-02-22 [*lifes a bitch*]: *: Does anyone need a website?? contact me!!

2006-02-22 [zoloftzantac]: *yawn*

2006-03-14 [individual thought]: <img:>

2006-03-14 [Sunrose]: Ahw kitty!!! *attackhuggles*

2006-03-15 [zoloftzantac]: super cute ^_^

2006-03-16 [individual thought]: Mines *huggle squish*

2006-04-02 [zoloftzantac]: what about her?

2006-04-02 [RabidSphinx]: you did that on the gerads wiki too...wth?

2006-04-02 [zoloftzantac]: *deletes them all*

2006-04-03 [Crozzy]: Cute Kitty!

2006-04-07 [cursed]: not big ones ı mean little kitties ı do not like them

2006-04-07 [zoloftzantac]:

*bites [cursed]'s arm off*

2006-04-07 [RabidSphinx]: meow

2006-04-07 [zoloftzantac]: [cursed] changed their comment after I posted this pic, it used to say "i hate cats"

2006-04-07 [RabidSphinx]: what! *bites [cursed] too* what a fag...

2006-04-07 [zoloftzantac]: *bite! bite! bite!*

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