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Halloween Decor Contest 2011


Welcome to Elfpack's Halloween Decor Contest. We want to see your creative ideas for Halloween decorations! Let your imagination run wild, and snap a picture.

Whether you carved a pumpkin, decorated some delicious (or disgusting) food, made your home into a full-blown haunted house, or something entirely different, let us see it!

Please prove that whatever is in the picture is yours! You can either be in the picture, or write 'Elfpack' or your username somewhere in the picture!

Deadline: 2nd November

Contest Closed!



1st-<img:stuff/epcontest2.gif> 2nd-<img100*0:/stuff/contest2nd.gif> 3rd-<img100*0:/stuff/contest3rd.gif>
(The partial badges can be upgraded for placing in another contest!)

The winning entry will receive a Competition winner's badge, 6 Togs, and a Giffie-Pet Slot Token, allowing an additional giffie-pet.
The 2nd placed entry will win the 2nd place badge, 4 Togs, an a Unique Giffie-Pets ticket.
The 3rd placed entry will win the 3rd place badge, 2 Togs, and an Exotic pet ticket, allowing an Exotic pet from the Giffie-Pet Store.
All proper entries will be awarded with .5 (one half) Tog!

The winner will be decided by the Council, and judged for creativity, execution and suitability for the theme.

Graphics on the page are from Elfpack Graphics



<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Each member may enter one submission. If you have several decorations, try to fit them all in the same picture
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Stick to the theme! No totally random pictures.
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Make sure your entry follows the uploading art rules.
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Put 'Elfpack', your username, or yourself in the picture so we know you made it.
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Upload your image to Elfpack. If you don't know how, check Uploading images.
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Be respectful to other entries, and other people on the wiki. Failure to comply will result in a spanking from the Guards.
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Have FUN! (Or we will carve you like a pumpkin)


Please post your entries on this page:

Halloween Decor Contest 2011 Entries


Did you decorate yourself instead? Put it on Halloween Costume Contest 2011.

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