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Give sammie your opinion

This is for crew members only:

This is so then you can give me your opinions, you can ask me questions, as long as they are not stupid ones, and you can tell me why you don't trust me, and I can answer them honestly and keep track of the reasons.

Some example reasons you don't trust me, and my answers

Your fiance is a banned trouble maker: - Yes your right, he is, but he has no access to my profile.

But you use the same ip adress as him: - That's because I use a pc in a library, The ip adress is connected to 37 other pc's, maybe even more as the web server is based in Northallerton, UK.

We think you are Mat, protending to be Sammie: - I don't know how to explain this to you, but your intitled to your opinion, Mat doesn't have time to come on here, he has more importent things to do on here.

Please write your questions down or anything, in the comments box, I would also like to say that I wish for none crew members, not to comment, just leave it to the crew. :)

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2012-03-25 [Cerulean Sins]: My opinion is that your trying really hard to improve and you have improved and been a great help to Elfpack.

2012-03-25 [GlassCasket]: I think your doing good your just trying too hard. I honestly don't/didn't know about your fiance. I feel like your giving the best you can but maybe your trying a little too much :P Not really criticizing but just maybe ease off the gas? I dunno lol

2012-03-26 [djxmonster]: I think you're trying too hard and easily give up when frustrated. This takes time. I also think you are annoying everyone by spamming pages about this wiki.

2012-03-26 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I'm gonna have to agree with DJ on this one, are annoying me with spamming this in every single offical page, it needs to stop Sammie, so does your thoughts about peoples opinions. Think of it this way. Does our opinion matter in your real life? THERE there's my question for you

2012-03-26 [sammie h!]: DJ And Dogmattic: I was told to do so my Ama, and I wrote these things down as these are some of the reasons I have been given, if I tried to hard Elfpack would be a different color, have new buttons and more members by now lol. x

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