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Give sammie your opinion

This is for crew members only:

This is so then you can give me your opinions, you can ask me questions, as long as they are not stupid ones, and you can tell me why you don't trust me, and I can answer them honestly and keep track of the reasons.

Some example reasons you don't trust me, and my answers

Your fiance is a banned trouble maker: - Yes your right, he is, but he has no access to my profile.

But you use the same ip adress as him: - That's because I use a pc in a library, The ip adress is connected to 37 other pc's, maybe even more as the web server is based in Northallerton, UK.

We think you are Mat, protending to be Sammie: - I don't know how to explain this to you, but your intitled to your opinion, Mat doesn't have time to come on here, he has more importent things to do on here.

Please write your questions down or anything, in the comments box, I would also like to say that I wish for none crew members, not to comment, just leave it to the crew. :)

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2012-03-26 [sammie h!]: DJ And Dogmattic: I was told to do so my Ama, and I wrote these things down as these are some of the reasons I have been given, if I tried to hard Elfpack would be a different color, have new buttons and more members by now lol. x

2012-03-26 [sammie h!]: And no is the answer to your question

2012-03-26 [djxmonster]: I don't care who told you that you can post on official pages, just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should. Spamming pages is going to make people want to stay away from this wiki.

Sammie, I believe your heart is in the right place but you want a quick fix. It takes time for people to gain trust... I know from experience.

Off topic, I hope you had permission to copy and paste EP material (Bob's Diner) on your personal webpage.

2012-03-26 [Amalaswinta]: sammie, exactly what are you referring to with "I was told to do so by Ama"?

as to my opinion, even though you know it already, I'll state it here as well:

I greatly admire the way you've turned yourself around from someone who'd snap at tiny things and go on a rant to someone who manages to remain her cool even in difficult/stressful situations.
You're doing a great job at the EP awards and because of that you've been awarded the 2nd level volunteer badge, being the grasshopper badge.

I'm really sorry this isn't enough for you but as I've told you a couple of times now: the majority of the council has to agree on a change of privs. That's why I think this page is a good idea, although listing it on so many official pages wasn't quite such a good idea.

I hope all council members will state their opinion and/or reasons for not wanting you to have higher privs.
My main concern, as I have also told you, has nothing to do with you personally (not anymore) but is simply the fact that your sharing your life with someone who has done much damage in the past. (re)Earning that trust will take a long time, more than just a couple of months, even though it may seem like a really long time to you.

Just keep doing the things you're doing now, you're a great help but please, try to be satisfied with what you have now :)

2012-03-27 [sammie h!]: [djxmonster] I asked the makers permission and he said Yes. :)

2012-03-27 [djxmonster]: You have permission from [Hedda]?
The banners, badges, and images are property of Elfpack.

2012-03-27 [Amalaswinta]: dj: actually, that's not entirely true.
when an artist creates something and donates it to EP, that particular image then belongs to both EP and the artist.
The artist is free to use it however he/she wants, including giving permission to use it outside EP :)

2012-03-27 [djxmonster]: From UAR's: Donations made to Elfpack by a member of Elfpack, will be considered to be given to Elfpack. While we will of course give you credit for your donation, once you've made a donation (wiki-pages, graphics, text, money, etc) you cannot undonate your donation. It becomes property of the site, and site staff.

2012-03-27 [Amalaswinta]: indeed, the copy of the image donated is property of EP.
however, nowhere does it say it the original is no longer property of the artist.
I for one wouldn't have donated everything I have if it meant I couldn't sell my artwork anymore because I donated it to a website ;)

2012-03-28 [djxmonster]: That's kind of a grey area but I'll leave it alone :p

Regardless, if she's using EP images outside of EP, she needs permission from EACH artist that created a graphic she is using on that page NOT just permission from the EP page creator.

2012-03-28 [sammie h!]: But they was put on a members wiki, so therefor donated there work to the owner.

2012-03-28 [Amalaswinta]: @sammie: you have to have permission from the artist to use outside EP.
For example: the pieces I've donated are free for use on EP but if you'd want to use one of them on one of your own sites, you'd have to ask my permission first

anyways, enough about that, back to the topic at hand :)

2012-03-28 [sammie h!]: Yeah, when I get onto the page, I will delete Bob's diner but I'm havng problems at the moment, on there end, I just did it to promote Elfpack and Elftown, but I will take all the art down to do with Elfpack apart from my own work.

2012-03-30 [Stephen]: Overall, Sammie:

I think you're doing excellent. You've went far beyond what I expected you to, and honestly I had a lot of reservations about accepting your application. However, you've proven to be very hardworking and willing to carry out tasks.

It's still a long road ahead for you before you have the trust of all the staff, but I think overall you've been making amazing improvements and I honestly hope you continue to do so.

2012-03-30 [Amalaswinta]: +1

2012-03-30 [djxmonster]: Agreed

2012-03-30 [GlassCasket]: [Stephen] always says it best :P

2012-03-30 [sammie h!]: He sure does, and thanks for all your support :)

2012-03-31 [Amalaswinta]: [The Goddamn Batman]: not only do you go against sammie's explicit request not to comment if you're not crew, you're making a number of statements that are quite incorrect.
at least a number of council members are being very honest to sammie. We tell her we find her annoying, yes. We also find each other annoying from time to time.
We don't trust her... well, not quite, we don't trust her fiance, quite a different story.
As for not acting like 'us', I think sammie acts like a pro, which is more than we can ask of any volunteer. That is why she personally inspired the Grasshopper badge.
Your opinion about sammie doesn't really interest me, I know I value her work and respect the way she has turned around from annoying brat to sometimes annoying but valued volunteer.

2012-03-31 [sammie h!]: Thanks for your Comment [Amalaswinta]

I know I can be annoying at times, so from now on I want all Crew members to just say stop when I am being annoying so I know.

I know you don't trust my fiance, but isn't there a way of learning to trust him?

He has said to me that you can ban him if you like as he doesn't really log in anyway.

The reason our ip is the same is that we use the computers at the library, or I go to a friends like now, the library computers are all connected to one network throughout North Yorkshire, so that's why.

2012-04-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: [The Goddamn Batman] Do us all a favor and just stop being mean to Sammie, THAT'S MY JOB! *Grr grrr grr!* SAMMIE HE'S TAKING MY JOB FROM ME!

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