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Contest moderated by [Stephen]

Welcome to the Giffie-Pet Poetry Contest! This is a special contest hosted by the Giffie-Pet Staff. The point of this contest is to write a poem about Giffie-Pets, obviously!

This contest is now officially closed! The winner is [Deg] with her skillful submission, Giffe pet poem by: Po' Deg. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered!

Contest Theme
This contest is about one thing, and one thing only.. Giffie-Pets!


Submission Guidelines
1) All poems must rhyme!
2) Nothing naughty! No violence, no sex. Giffie-Pets are playful creatures that intend no harm, and they are created through genetic engineering, thus they do not reproduce.
3) The winning submission will have their poem placed on the main Giffie-Pet Store page. Your name will be forever famous.

Contest Rules
1) Don't steal someone elses' giffie-pet poem! Using copyrighted poems is a violation of the rules and the Guards will instantly ban you if they catch you stealing a poem you did not write.
(We'll be impressed before we ban you that you managed to find the poem, however.)
2) You may only submit two poems!
3) Your poem may not exceed 100 words -- keep it short and sweet.
4) Duel submissions are accepted! If you and a friend both work on a piece, you can both submit it together and if it wins, you will both be given credit. (No more than 2 people will be credited however.)


The entries will be presented in a poll for members to vote on their favorite.

Entering this contest will net you this badge: <img100*0:stuff/contest3rd.gif>

The winner will be most graciously rewarded! The contest winner will receive the following:
- A second pet-slot, for a total of two pets!
- A Unique Giffie-Pets Ticket.
- Their poem will be on the Giffie-Pet Store mainpage.
- They will be rewarded an honorary Giffie-Pet Staff badge for their addition to the pages.
- Lastly, they will receive an Exotic Pet Ticket to give away to a friend, or use themself if they don't already have one pet.
(- We will also announce their name on Mainstuff as a winner.)


<img80*0:stuff/PetMINE.gif>Giffie-Pet Poetry Submissions       <img80*0:stuff/PetMINE.gif>

Contest Deadline is 10 Entries! Once the Tenth entry is submitted, this contest will close and polls will open.


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2012-01-28 [sammie h!]: It's ok. :)

2012-01-31 [Saffron]: How long is the vote for? 1 week?

2012-01-31 [sammie h!]: I'd say 2 weeks. :)

2012-01-31 [Stephen]: I'll close the vote once at least 15 people have voted on it. :3

2012-02-01 [Saffron]: Good idea! : )

2012-02-01 [sammie h!]: Yeah x

2012-02-01 [Stephen]: So of course, encourage people you know to vote on it. :D

2012-02-01 [Saffron]: Already posted on the chat board : ) 

2012-02-18 [Stephen]: 3 more votes and winners will be declared.. :P

2012-02-18 [Stephen]: PS: In the event of a tie, I will declare a winner, but the runner up will still win a second pet and badge for doing so well. ;)

2012-02-19 [sammie h!]: Good idea hun. :)

2012-11-22 [sammie h!]: Poll needs to be closed and winners announced

2012-11-22 [Stephen]: 2012-01-31 [Stephen]: I'll close the vote once at least 15 people have voted on it. :3

I don't see 15 votes yet. =P

2012-11-22 [sammie h!]: Nope, only 12.

2012-11-22 [Stephen]: I set an alarm to run for 48 hours (2-days) about this contest. Once the alarm vanishes, I'll declare a winner. <img:img/mood/87_1155664563.gif>

2012-11-23 [sammie h!]: Ok x

2012-11-25 [Stephen]: Winner announced -- I'll do prizes later today! (:

2012-11-25 [sammie h!]: ok x

2012-12-13 [sammie h!]: Have the awards been given out yet, if not, would you like me to do it? x

2012-12-14 [Stephen]: The awards to the winner have been awarded, and I'll give out the entry badges soon. :P

2012-12-14 [sammie h!]: Ok well if you need a hand let me know, as I can do it. X

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