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The Emergancy staff are here for when a member of the council is poorly, they can take over there work load until that other person gets better, only [Stephen] can choose who the Emergency staff members are, they play a vital role in keeping Elfpack in shape when some of our staff are taken ill, they can be retired members who are not on here often or even current crew members who would like to help out that little bit extra.


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Ze Boss [Stephen]
Wammie [sammie h!]


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2012-05-04 [Stephen]: Firstly, the official template should only be used on official pages. :3

Although it's good you know how to use templates, that's always a plus. ;)

I'm not completely sure about this -- I like the idea, but not how it's presented. The idea of a reserve group who are willing to pick up the slack in case of a problem is nice, but I don't know if it should be an actual official title. If it has a badge, people'll sign up just for the badge. Which people do indeed do, and denying that is pointless.

It would also have to be composed of people who can take certain positions. Hm. Not completely sure.

Try rewording the page (and use normal graphics for now), and we'll see from there.

2012-05-05 [sammie h!]: How is that x

2012-05-05 [Stephen]: Well, you did good removing the graphics, but you didn't change or reward the page really.

2012-05-06 [sammie h!]: I reworded it, check on the second page on here and click view diff

2012-05-07 [Stephen]: Oh, you did. xD

Hm, you're closer, but it's still not quite right.

I still don't like the idea of a special badge for it, since I don't want people signing up just for the badge, but maybe it can be OK.

By the way, this doesn't make complete sense: "only [Stephen] can choose who the Emergency staff members are, they play a vital role in keeping Elfpack in shape when some of our staff are taken ill, The Warden's and the Council are the members who decide to appoint members to these roles"

and it'd be something of a volunteer role, not really an appointed role persae. It's just, in essence, staff who volunteer to do extra work if they need to in order to keep things working currently.

2012-05-07 [sammie h!]: With the badge buisness, I meant a badge a bit like we do with the Volunteers, I am part of the Volunteers as I do the Elfpack awards so people would say, I am part of the Volunteers as I am part of the Emergency staff. :)

Corrected the thing what didn't make no sense. :)

2012-05-07 [Stephen]: But..

I wouldn't want non-staff being able to be a backup staff -- so they'd HAVE to have either a (retired) Council or (retired) Volunteer badge to even be on the Emergency Staff.

So it wouldn't make them part of the Volunteers, since they'd have the Volunteer position before becoming backup staff.

2012-05-08 [sammie h!]: Well how about....

2 main Volunteers are in charge of the wiki and the others have to be either a retired crew member or a retired Volunteer. :)

2012-05-09 [Stephen]: I *really* don't like putting someone in charge of this.

Not every single part of Elfpack has someone in charge of it, persae. Also, non-retired crew could do it as well. =P

2012-05-09 [sammie h!]: How about that. :)

2012-06-03 [kittykittykitty]: Our staff isn't big enough to need this. Replacements are done on a case-by-case basis depending on who is available, who is suited to the job at that particular time, and how long the staff member will be gone for.

We know each other well enough to know who is available if they need to be, and who can't take anything else on their plate. We already do this via the council forum and it works quite well.

I also prefer discussing such things such as illnesses and absences in the privacy of the forum, rather than on a public wiki.

2012-07-28 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Maybe [sammie h!] before doing things like this you should speak with the council, so your not doing something not really worth doing

2012-08-03 [sammie h!]: Already been dealt with by stephen

2012-08-18 [Stephen]: Stephen likes this idea, but he doesn't like how it's presented.

However, Stephen is tired right now, since it's 4am for him.

2012-08-19 [sammie h!]: Lol you make me smile

2012-10-05 [Stephen]: =P

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