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"Elfpack iz da greatest little cyber hank da net!!! pizz off if u dont laik it!!!"

Fun and cool! Sexy and Goofy! But with quality!


Elfpack doesn't create fake members to pretend to entertain you, and it's even hard for others to join with fake accounts. We don't charge you for messaging or uploading as the crappy sites out there do.

Elfpack is made to be more "free" than Elftown (, but we still kick out people that harass others even if we are pretty patient. And Elfpack is not as "free" as another famous big dump of shit and spam on the Internet where it's totally impossible to read anything on the members' pages because they have horrible backgrounds and play annoying music.

If you want to see Elfpack as something, you should look at it as a bar, and not as a telephone company or an advertising board (But Elfpack has many advertising boards). MSN, ICQ and email are seen as compliments. But on Elfpack you get a reason to talk to new people, work with wiki-pages together and interact in new ways. That makes it easier than if you spam random people on ICQ for example.

Elfpack features

<img:> Free Registration and Usage. FREE! I say free, baby!

<img:> Zero Popups and no annoying ads.

<img:> Customizable and searchable profiles

<img:> Internal Messaging

<img:> Unlimited image storage and upload. Example of members' photo-pages: Kaleigh's photos, A Florida Rooftop Adventure and Snow in the Desert.

<img:> A simple to use advanced wiki - A content-handling system with version and access control... Or da plaze 2 bee! This is a wiki-page, for example.

<img:> Watching capabilities so that you get notified when your stalked objects are updated.

<img:> Forums

<img:> Polls so that you can find out what people think.

<img:> Private, internal or external web blog/diary

<img:> Safe and secure site, no bot sniffers, email sniffers, spam, secret javascript programs, etc. Just a lot of crazy people...

<img:> A just, dedicated, but a little lazy crew that is always ready to fix content problems, unruly members, etc.

Elfpack flag
Entrance page: <URI:/>
Become a member: <URI:newuser.html>
Uploading Art Rules
What is an Asshole?

Apply to the crew

Sites built on the same base as Elfpack: - For musicians. - For people who love cats. - For people with a big fantasy and science fiction interest. - For younger children and teenagers. - For really horny people. - For (International) students (18+) who can write properly.

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Login problems?

2005-05-08 [WARNING]: why did elftown died

2005-07-19 [This is murder.]: because with the thousands of users,it shuts down so the creater can make it bigger.....

2005-07-30 [Hedda]: Hrmf! I though my first version was great! ;-)

2005-07-30 [Sunrose]: me too! :(

2005-07-30 [Hedda]: OK, now we have both! ;-)

2005-07-30 [Sunrose]: ;)

2005-08-11 [gothicangel]: how do u get a name for elftown?

2005-08-11 [Sunrose]: : register as a new member :)

2005-10-13 [MdEL]: lol

2006-01-07 [Paul !]: how do you get a name for ... oh shut up

2006-07-13 [Wendy]: diz B teh gratezt paije evva on EP, yo!

2007-02-10 [shinobi14]: Guys (meaning [Hedda] and [Sunrose]), uve done really well on this place. Thankyou.

2007-11-07 [animegirl09]: Hello r u guys online to talk to me?

2007-11-07 [Bookwyrm]: Hello! ^_^

2007-11-07 [animegirl09]: This is my first time here so don't be so mean to me please<img:sa-gif.gif>

2007-11-07 [animegirl09]: HIIIIIIII!!!1<img:dand-gif.gif>

2007-11-07 [animegirl09]: *sigh* i guess nobody wants to talk to me<img:mood1-gif.gif>

2007-11-07 [animegirl09]: <img:mood21-gif.gif><img:mood7-gif.gif>I'm SOOOOO depressed right now since nobody likes me i dont even have any friends<img:mood21-gif.gif>

2007-11-07 [Bookwyrm]: Sorry! I've been working! ^^ What do you mean, mean? Have I been mean?

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