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2005-07-03 15:41:07
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Elfpack's Dragon Art Contest

Voting at Official Art Contest Polls


Place you entry between the lines:

Name: [Dwemer]
Title: ''Narrow-Arrow, Terror of MoonLight Mountain''

Name: [Amalaswinta]
Title: Draco

Title: Guardians

Name: [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]
Title: Dragon in attack *from my painting "Chris the dragon slayer"*

Title: Dragon Ready for attack *from my painting "Chris the dragon slayer"*

Name: [phoenixandashes]
Title: Welsh Dragon

Title: Blue Dragon

Titel: The guard

Name: [Mom]


Name: [Alexandra the Great]
Title: Ignis, Beast of Fire

Title: Tonara, creature of Thunder and Lightning

title: none for now..
put this up until I get somthing better :o


Name: [footfalls]
Title: Garden Dragon

Name: [Analeyin]
Title: Dropping By...

Name: [pBm^_+El**+w]
Title: "Jak'edrac's Shared Vision" (novel illustration) Click for full size.

Name: [pBm^_+El**+w]
Title: "Underwater Chase" (novel illustration) Click for full size.

Name: [SpiralDragon]
Title: "Wonderes Dragon" Please click for full size.

Name [SpiralDragon]
Title: "A beautiful head view" Please click for full size.

Name [Ril]
Title: Dragon Balance
Title:Dragon Mist

Title: Meykalin

Title: Kyphin

Title:Thunder Drake

Name: [Lioness123]
Title: "Nogard"

Name: [~altopia~]
Title: Sun setting

Title: Fighting Dragons

Name: [Peachirach]
Title: Baby dragon


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2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: the link to the image

2005-06-23 [Dwemer]: It works fine with me though... Stange... <URL:>

2005-06-23 [Dwemer]: Please try again dear ^_-

2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: yup :)

2005-06-23 [Dwemer]: It works ?

2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: yup :)

2005-06-23 [Dwemer]: Good good ^_- by the way this member IS banned now ;)

2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: good! no place for thieves here!

2005-06-23 [Mom]: Whats strange...they are unimaginative enough to take them from one of the biggest dragon sites. Not too smart.

2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: well... some people are just born dumb I guess... XD

2005-06-23 [Dwemer]: Wha? ^_- hahaha!

2005-06-23 [Mom]: Dumb???? [Amalaswinta] thats being nice.

2005-06-23 [Dwemer]: ^_^ But she is very nice *holy sound* hihi!

2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: *grins*

2005-06-23 [Mom]: I figured so.....=}

2005-06-23 [Dwemer]: Contest Master: This is for all you art thieves! [Mom] Will find you! So don't even try, or, Make Her Day!

2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: hehe... Marshall [Mom], has a nice ring to it, don't you think? ;-)

2005-06-23 [Mom]: I have been called alot of things...Marshall is definately not one of them.

2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: :D well.. a marshall is a lawkeeper after all ;-)

2005-06-23 [Mom]: I just think it's unfair that people work so hard at their art and then you have "Fakes" come along and Not only claims someone elses art but lie to the others in the contest as well.

2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: *nods* I totally agree

2005-06-23 [SpiralDragon]: Yeh that makes me really mad...I just can't beleave people would go as far as claiming others art theres, They should actually try for once in there life and make there own artwork up...( just trying to a point)

2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: agreed... I've actually seen my work at several websites already. At one point I actually had to write to a person's ISP because he claimed he made the piece and refused to take it off. I had to send a step by step imagery of how I created the image. He was banned by his ISP, that felt good *grins devlishly*

2005-06-23 [SpiralDragon]: Im going to start puting my name on my dragon art with the copy right. I work so hard on my art, I would hate to see someone else claim its theres. oh and Im glad you got em [Amalaswinta]

2005-06-23 [Amalaswinta]: best think you can do is put a watermark all over it, like I did for example with ROAR!

2005-06-24 [Analeyin]: I'm baack... [Ril], I like the composition in the balance picture. [ɱ℧ʂɧɼѻѲ₥]: Wow! The detail and form in both of the dragon heads are astounding! [Wolf-Pack_NL] I really like the line quality and the flow of the wings! [Death of the Youth], there's a pleasant sort of aura about that piece up yonder. Me likes all!

2005-06-24 [Ril]: thank you Analeyin

2005-06-24 [ɱ℧ʂɧɼѻѲ₥]: Thanks [Analeyin] ^_^

2005-06-25 [Dwemer]: 5 More days!!!

2005-06-25 [MarieFair]: wheee....^_^

2005-06-25 [Amalaswinta]: *drumroll*

2005-06-25 [Analeyin]: *clock ticks away* 432,000 seconds or so 'til the contest closes!

2005-06-25 [Dwemer]: WOW! :)

2005-06-25 [Amalaswinta]: XD

2005-06-25 [Dwemer]: We have many different types of Dragons here!

2005-06-25 [Analeyin]: Indeed...

2005-06-25 [SpiralDragon]: I looked up [Death of the Youth]'s dragon, its on google, I beleave he did not make it. Please some check it out. Its Twin Dragons in Goolges/images.

2005-06-25 [SpiralDragon]: I just want a fair contest with no one cheating in it, [Death of the Youth]

2005-06-25 [SpiralDragon]: That Dragon "Twin Dragon" pic doesn't even open to a to view page? Its the actual size that cannot be right?


2005-06-26 [Amalaswinta]: [Death of the Youth]: I'm sorry, but I'm having serious doubts whether you actually made the Twin Dragons. I've checked the web, and the original is at . Unless you can prove ownership, you will not only be disqualified, but you'll also be reported to the guards.

2005-06-26 [SpiralDragon]: I only want a fair contest. Thanks [Amalaswinta] for looking in to this problem. ^_^

2005-06-26 [Amalaswinta]: We all want a fair contest, but somehow this is one contest that seems to be overrun with art theft...

2005-06-26 [Dwemer]: *sigh*

2005-06-26 [SpiralDragon]: *smiles ^_^*

2005-06-27 [Dwemer]: *smiles*

2005-06-27 [Dwemer]: Contest Master: [Death of the Youth] , your art was stolen and therefor removed from this contest.

2005-06-27 [Amalaswinta]: ah, it's good to be a guard ;-)

2005-06-27 [Dwemer]: Yes thank you for the co-op :)

2005-06-27 [Amalaswinta]: ^_^

2005-06-27 [Lioness123]: HOLY way can I win this contest...

2005-06-27 [Analeyin]: Don't say that *swats*! Join us in our fruitless quest! (After all, who wants fruit when you can get a nifty badge! <(^_~)>)

2005-06-27 [Analeyin]: [Lioness123] I like your dragon. It looks weathered and spunky all at the same time! (If a dragon can be spunky, that is...)

2005-06-27 [Mom]: [Lioness123]...I don't expect to win either but a little friendly competition is good for everyone. Besides it's great practice. I love your dragon also. I have a habit of giving my dragons friendly eyes too.

2005-06-27 [Amalaswinta]: just a note to [Lioness123] and [Mom]: I'd give anything (well, not anything, but a lot) to be able to draw like that, don't sell yourself short, please :)

2005-06-27 [Mom]: But [Amalaswinta] your's is perfection.

2005-06-27 [Amalaswinta]: though I'm very flattered by that compliment, I don't see it as perfection (an artist is always his/her own worst critic ey? haha). Thing is, I'm limited in my artwork by the characters I own. You are limited only by your imagination

2005-06-28 [Lioness123]: thanks people, best of luck to all of you

2005-06-28 [SpiralDragon]: I don't think [Acmeboy] made that dragon picture. Im suspicious about it.

2005-06-28 [Amalaswinta]: I share your suspicion...

2005-06-28 [Dwemer]: Some cases don't even deserve research... Will we take it down?

2005-06-28 [Amalaswinta]: not without prove...

2005-06-28 [Dwemer]: I'll do a research right away.

2005-06-28 [SpiralDragon]: Ive tried, I really couldn't find anything on it, but im still looking...

2005-06-28 [Dwemer]: Me neither, well I have to say I was wrong then... I'm sorry.

2005-06-28 [Amalaswinta]: I for one would like to see this fullsize... nobody makes a drawing/painting whatever this small...

2005-06-29 [Lioness123]: ask him how he made it ; )

2005-06-29 [~altopia~]: Is it ok for me to post one of my paintings?

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: of course it is :)

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: Really good [~altopia~] ! And right on time ^_-

2005-06-29 [~altopia~]: yay. I know..I saw the close date.. *sits down and views the works*

2005-06-29 [~altopia~]: *sigh* I love dragons. Well done everyone!

2005-06-29 [~altopia~]: Hee,hee. I like yours too [Dwemer].

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: I think all of us here love dragons, judging by the entries ;-) I really like yours though, dragons are mostly portaied (is that spelled correctly???) quite aggresive, yours look sweet :)

2005-06-29 [~altopia~]: Aww thanks. Yours is really good, very realistic.

2005-06-29 [SpiralDragon]: [~altopia~] Wow very nice painting!. I can only use pencil I could never get how to paint...Great job anyway! [Amalaswinta] You right no one makes a picture and posts it that small, anyway if they did wouldn't it be a link so you could see the reg. size?...

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: He did not react to my message...

2005-06-29 [SpiralDragon]: I'll try to message him ... [Acmeboy]

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: No use, he has to give it THIS DAY. before the night falls I want to have voting polls.

2005-06-29 [SpiralDragon]: *signs* wah what a day...

2005-06-29 [SpiralDragon]: well what do we do, he can't prove it cause he won't message back to anyone. can we use that agaist him?

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: He send me: Ok soz, what does ''soz'' means?

2005-06-29 [Mom]: I enlarge the entry...maybe we can see whats up now.

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: Please make it small again [Mom] we want [Acmeboy] to give us to enlarged version :)

2005-06-29 [Mom]: sorry

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: No problem :) I know you were trying to help *smiles*.

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: What the? I'm having serious doubts about [Acmeboy]'s newest entry...

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: aw.. what a cute little baby! maybe yours and mine can play together (once mine wakes up...)

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: [Acmeboy]: Make up your mind... first you enter an image which is clearly a thumbnail by the name of Olympus God, then, after we clearly get suspicious, you take it off and replace it with another image, without changing the name? I mean, what's the deal here???

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: Not even Van Gogh was that good in drawing when he was eleven years old!

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: indeed

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: What stays, I can't proof anything...

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: yep. which brings me to my latest bright idea: don't accept entries which have been uploaded through the image or photoslot :D

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: But we can't trace images from EP upload can we?

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: nope (not that I know of anyway...)

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: Then, how does this better the situation we have? (confuzled...)

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: when we no longer accept entries that have been uploaded through the photo or imageslot, people are forced to upload them to some other server. Almost every server requires an ID, so it gets easier to check for cheating :)

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: Ah good point ;) We'll do that! But what do we do with this one...?

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: I'd say disqualify him, but since ya can't prove anything, you have no grounds on which to do so... can't do nothing about it...

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: What a crappy situation... As I share your idea of disqualiftying him, I can't do it. I have to keep him in this contest... *sigh*

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: yup

2005-06-29 [Dwemer]: *sad face* Damn art thieves, you make lives of real artists miserable...

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: again I say "yup"

2005-06-29 [SpiralDragon]: [Peachirach] very cute dragon! ^^ Amalaswinta well we asked for proof right and we never recieved any, so can't we use that aganst him?

2005-06-29 [SpiralDragon]: [Peachirach] very cute dragon! ^^ well we asked for proof right and we never recieved any, so can't we use that aganst him?

2005-06-29 [Amalaswinta]: thing is, he replaced that entry by another... and although my fingers are yearning to type "disqualified for art theft", we still can't prove anything. However, since we've written so many comments about that one entry already, I doubt anyone will actually vote for that entry

2005-06-29 [~altopia~]: but what if it was his own work? mean why not? There are alot of talented people around, I didn't think it stood out as better than some of the others... No offence meant to anyone BTW

2005-06-29 [~altopia~]: I think we ask him to post a bigger version. surely if you produce something of that quality, you have a large version of it too.

2005-06-29 [~altopia~]: It makes me sad anyone would steal art to post as their own in a competition...

2005-06-30 [GreyFox]: it is up to the moderator of the contest as to what is qualified and not qualified, the fact that Ninboy has uploaded something that blatantly screams 'not done by him', then removing it and replacing it with something else that is clearly not the same style as the first, showing that his credibility is zero, and intends to cheat. I would disqualify him.

2005-06-30 [GreyFox]: I am a guard in two other Elftown communities like EP. I also run alot of contests, So I know what I'm talking about. If this is the same Ninboy from ET, his art is clearly nothing as advanced as his first entry, due to his Front page contest entry in ET which consisted of very simple line art.

2005-06-30 [GreyFox]: People who put up entries that are not theirs and it's BLATANT, should be disqualified immediately. This is not a democracy, and it doesn't mean you are a bad person, since everyone spotted it immediately. Trust me if you are going to moderate the contest, you are within your rights to do whatever you please. :)

2005-06-30 [GreyFox]: on another note.. people who do art generally do not upload low res thumbnails of their art. They always want people to see the details.

2005-06-30 [Dwemer]: *Shakes head* I respect your opinion, I just ''know'' he didn't do it... But if he reports me for removing he gets right. We have no proof. But that's why [Amalaswinta] and me made an idea for the future contests, you will find out soon ;)

2005-06-30 [Amalaswinta]: [GreyFox]: I agree with everything you're saying, but since we have no other proof than our strong suspision, we can't disqualify him... However, since there have been so many false entries in this one contest already (Art Contest Blacklist) the rules for future art contests will be a bit different

2005-06-30 [SpiralDragon]: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found that dragon on google! its over this web site plarge.cfm?pictureid=17337. I looked up Dragon art in google images its on the first page! wow this is the second person I found stealing art in the contest! 

2005-06-30 [SpiralDragon]: but just go to google and in images type in dragon art its on the first page at the bottem. yes yes yes!!! got em! ^^

2005-06-30 [Amalaswinta]: fixed :D  member is banned from contest, reported to the guards and added to the Art Contest Blacklist

2005-06-30 [Amalaswinta]: and thank you [SpiralDragon] ^_^

2005-06-30 [Dwemer]: *bows* ^_- Thank you [SpiralDragon] ^_^

2005-06-30 [SpiralDragon]: Your welcome  [Amalaswinta] & [Dwemer] ^_^ Im so Glad I got em! I had a little time so I was looking through google and I wanted to look up some dragon pictures, but ive seen most of them, I then thought of dragon art just for the fun of it. well I scroll down and OMG theres the dragon were looking for! I allmost fell of my chair! lol ^_~

2005-06-30 [Amalaswinta]: XD

2005-06-30 [Dwemer]: *^.^*

2005-06-30 [SpiralDragon]: =^_^=

2005-06-30 [Dwemer]: Contest Master: Contest Closed.

2005-07-01 [~altopia~]: You guys were right! I guess I'm alittle nieve at times! How dare he do that!!!!

2005-07-01 [Peachirach]: Thanks for your compliment spiraldragon I like both of yours too :)

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: Yep Yep, voting begins this day ;) so I wish you all the best, may the best artist win eh? ^_^ *hugs*

2005-07-01 [SpiralDragon]: Thanks Peachirach ^_^ *sits and eats a lolly pop* MMM......umm hehe :)

2005-07-01 [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: ehm I probably wouldn't vote because I am on vacation that periode.. well let the best artist winn ^_^ gd luck you all

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: Look on Mainstuff, the polls are on another page ;)

2005-07-01 [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: oh?? I thought it was later in july the voting,.. well I could vote the 3th ^^ the 4th I am gone tho..

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: The polls are allready open silly ^_^ *pets*

2005-07-01 [SpiralDragon]: WindEagle ^_^ heres the link: Official Art Contest Polls (I hope its ok to put this here?)

2005-07-01 [SpiralDragon]: lol

2005-07-01 [SpiralDragon]: Amalaswinta we put the link on at the same time XD

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: Of course it is ;) LOL!

2005-07-01 [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: are they? :S

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: hahaha!

2005-07-01 [Amalaswinta]: LOL

2005-07-01 [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: oh wow I do bad in the voting.. is is that bad my dragons?? :S

2005-07-01 [Amalaswinta]: nah, the voting has only just started, a lot can happen ;-) By the way, I think this is actually the first contest where all participants get along really well and vote for someone else... YAY US! ^_^

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: Yeah, voting on yourself is so, so, well... You know...

2005-07-01 [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: hmmm divicoulte.. traditional art and digital together.. how to choose >.<

2005-07-01 [SpiralDragon]: lol yeh its a great contest ^^ thats because we draw Dragons and were kind :D *jumps around*...mew!

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: Choose with your hard, You're a Traditional Artist, so I was thinking you would vote for something made by a traditional artist.

2005-07-01 [Amalaswinta]: well, exept for mine, everything is still hand drawn, so, basically, (kind of) traditional ;-)

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: *hugs are participators*

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: I like to think paintings, drawings etc. are tradtional, and all the rest digital art.

2005-07-01 [SpiralDragon]: Iduuno, traditional art the artist puts all he/she can into it. digital?...The art comes out great and better than anything else but the computer made it that way not the artist.. (just my opinon)

2005-07-01 [Amalaswinta]: strictly taken, anything made with the help of a computer would be digital art, yeah

2005-07-01 [SpiralDragon]: Hmm... yeh I guess ^^

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: I don't know the way some of you create digital art. As for myself, first I draw it, on paper, and after that I create it. No scanning or such. So it's both accually...

2005-07-01 [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: well my paintings look better in reall than the picture u could see here.. so no the pc can't make it better.. *my opinion*

2005-07-01 [SpiralDragon]: No matter how hard I try I can't paint! you lucky painters! ^^ hehe

2005-07-01 [Amalaswinta]: I did some really creative abstract work on walls and huge papers, but that was years ago when I was in therapy. Seems I can only do 'traditional' when I feel lousy =P

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: Me neither, even my little cousin (he's 5) can paint better then me...

2005-07-01 [SpiralDragon]: I think painting is the only thing I really can't do...

2005-07-01 [Dwemer]: There is one painter I admire most, I forgot his name. Something with Micheanglo or something like that...

2005-07-01 [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: I love Salvador Dali :D he is freaking good! well he made wierd things but he was good ;) lol well I could do everything in the art.. just some practice.. well I didn't do it all yet but I would.. *the traditional art I mean*

2005-07-02 [Dwemer]: ^_^ Are you on a Art College ?

2005-07-02 [~altopia~]: Carrivagio is my favourite.. I do traditional art and have started on digital too. I'd say Its still more time consuming by far doing traditional art, even though I'm just starting out with digital. My entry on here took me six weeks. Its hard to see, but there is lots of detail, and the tones are built up in semitransparent washes...Also drying time and preperation. But I admire both art forms.

2005-07-02 [Dwemer]: Me too. Yours totaly rock by the way ^_^. Just a question, you all know the monster art contest has begun too. (you can make entries there now! wheeee!) But what contest would you really like to have after that one?

2005-07-02 [~altopia~]: hmmm.Self portraiture.

2005-07-02 [Dwemer]: ^_^ Sounds good.

2005-07-03 [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: I go on vacation till the 28th of july well I would see who wonn when I come back ^_^ *huggles all* :P maybe I have a chance ;) lol.. have a nice time u all

2005-07-03 [Amalaswinta]: [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: have fun! (and I'd say you have a good chance hehe)

2005-07-03 [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: thanks.. I try ;) lol maybe yeah but [Dwemer] couldn't be beaten easely.. he is 10 votes ahead

2005-07-03 [Amalaswinta]: ehm, yeah, but still, stranger things have happened during polls ;-)

2005-07-03 [the biggest mistake and a waist of time]: hmmm maybe.. lets hope ;) lol.. got to go now *hugg* see u soon again.. bye

2005-07-03 [Amalaswinta]: *huggles* ^_^

2005-07-04 [Dwemer]: Have a great time ;)

2005-07-05 [SpiralDragon]: Wow tough crowd. ive gottin 3 votes so far...(but I really don't mine, I just love showing it to people) Amalaswinta & Dwemer Great job with the votes ^_^ you have so many! XDDD

2005-07-05 [Amalaswinta]: ah, but alexandra has more votes than me ;-)

2005-07-05 [Amalaswinta]: just a question: have any of you received an insulting message from a 15 year old girl? so far I'm counting 2 ([SpiralDragon] and me)

2005-07-05 [phoenixandashes]: Not yet.... why?

2005-07-05 [Amalaswinta]: just wondering if maybe she was flaming all members of this contest, but it seems it was just [SpiralDragon] and me ;-)

2005-07-05 [Dwemer]: A shame, 3 more and... (*muted*)

2005-07-05 [Amalaswinta]: hahaha

2005-07-05 [Dwemer]: ^_-

2005-07-05 [~altopia~]: I was thinking, perhaps we could next time run sister comps for traditional and digital art. They are very different after all, like when you run a photo and art comp on the same topic. Little adjustments like brightness and contrast should be allowed but no manipulations in the art,,(everyone knows scanners are temprimental) It's just an idea, pls let me know what you think.

2005-07-06 [Amalaswinta]: actually, we've been thinking about that already, it's just that almost every entry basically is digital. This is the first contest I know of with so many 'tradition' entries ;-)

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: We could organise a ''Traditional Art Contest'' and a ''Modern Art Contest'' next time Amalas, what do you think?

2005-07-06 [Mom]: I think that would be is hard to judge a pencil drawing against a digitally drawn and colored one.

2005-07-06 [~altopia~]: yeah, its true. I've been fiddling about with both art forms, and they are very far removed from eachother.

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: But that's after the current ones of course :)

2005-07-06 [~altopia~]: though I must say, equally as enjoyable:)

2005-07-06 [~altopia~]: yeah of course:)

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: Yeps, digital and traditional are very different... But sometimes it looks the same.

2005-07-06 [~altopia~]: hmmm...I was asked if my painting was digital...They can look similar

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: See what I meen? :)

2005-07-06 [~altopia~]: *nods*

2005-07-06 [SpiralDragon]: ''Traditional Art Contest'' and a ''Modern Art Contest'' would a very cool idea. I might make it a little more even ^_~

2005-07-06 [Amalaswinta]: ah yes, but then the question arises: "What's modern art?" is it contemporary art? digital art? abstract art? ;-)

2005-07-06 [SpiralDragon]: hehe we could put up a drawing or pic of each during a contest! :DDD

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: This contest has ended ;)

2005-07-06 [Amalaswinta]: ehm.. just thinking... you do all know about our Elfpack Contests Suggestion Page don't you?

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: Erm, I hope they do! ... Well, now they do ;)

2005-07-06 [Amalaswinta]: ^_^ anyways, I'm going back to couch-slouching now ;-)

2005-07-06 [Dwemer]: me tooz ;)

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