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2008-06-21 17:07:25
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Elfpack’s Mr World Contest Entries

Voting was in <poll:13696>

First –
[Mr. Oogie Boogie]
Representing Transylvania

[Combat Engineer]
Representing the USA

[death how i long to embrace you]
Representing Jamaica

United States of America
Sexy handsome man, always fun, and has a trail of girls after him.


[death how i long to embrace you]

[Undercover Runner]
England :D

[The Lost Boy]
New Zealand
ahh New zealand! the land of the the hobbit and angry men that hate football! ( by the way anyone whos ever seen castaway, will get why "wilson" is written on the ball;) notice the authentic all blacks shirt? it cost alot (well alot for a pourper), so youd better notice it! (man im so big headed... ahh well i forgive myself.

[«« F A I L;; to Lovę®]
Born and raised in Denmark, now living in NY

U.S.A. all the way, but i'm coming out of washington state.

[Combat Engineer]
3rd USA Contestant US Marine

[Mr. Oogie Boogie]
Going for Mr. Transylvania.. and given myself the Evil look ;P... Im Mr. Transylvania.. and my mistress of evil?.. Is [Vaughne].. running for Miss. Transylvania

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2008-05-29 [Undercover Runner]: hehe yeah :P you should feel bad :P
(p.s. guess what im doing know.. thats right im reply :P so your wrong)

2008-05-29 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: .. Go hurt some more babies you heartless bastard xD

2008-05-29 [Undercover Runner]: I;ve been practicing my swinging for india :)
Got my sack and every thing :)

2008-05-29 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: I dont think you should let babies near your swinging sack dear...

2008-06-01 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: im gonna put this here so you can all see it

6. Participants must not cheat for votes.
This includes messaging people asking them to vote for you, begging for votes in any form such as a mood-comment, or rewarding people who vote for you.
Advertising the voting is allowed, but advertising yourself is not.

2008-06-04 [Hedda]: [BeachBoy] removed on his request.

2008-06-11 [itweetinHEELS]: [Osborn#67] looks like the wrestler, Goldberg

2008-06-11 [joeluck]: Where is Switzerland when you need it?

2008-06-12 [phoenixborn]: SAme place as always I should think O.o BUt then, does anyone ever need switzerland?

2008-06-12 [Undercover Runner]: yeah we always do :)
what would the nazis have done with all there gold ^_^

2008-06-14 [Osborn#67]: i used to wrestle, but i play football now

2008-06-18 [angel4evr]: hahaha nice one when i went to switzerland a cheese burger cost £5.50...they saw me coming

2008-06-22 [death how i long to embrace you]: woot i got 3rd

2008-06-22 [death how i long to embrace you]: 2 votes short of tieing 2nd lol

2008-06-24 [Combat Engineer]: of course second again

2008-06-25 [death how i long to embrace you]: ahhh but you didnt win by much lol

2008-06-25 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: nope.. that was me :D

xD ahaha.. nah.. you guys did well.. im actually shocked i got so much D:

2008-06-27 [Osborn#67]: i actually had votes? holy crap!

2008-06-27 [death how i long to embrace you]: I think everyone had at least one

2008-06-27 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Yeah.. people did

2008-06-27 [Osborn#67]: i saw two i think with zero

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