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Elfpack’s Miss World Contest Entries

Voting was in <poll:13679>

Representing England

Representing Mississippi

Joint Third-
[Beki in Wonderland]
Representing England
Representing Transylvania

Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks to all who took part!


<img300*0:stuff/19677414_19639400348000e61c8535.jpg>[Sabrina Catherine]
The most annoying and talkative butterfly, that everyone can't help but love.

[Wolfe In Chef's Clothing]
Maybe not the cutest cowgirl around but surely the cutest Boston Terrier! :D

[♥i.heart.brian; 112709* (=]

[Sonya Blue]

Vote for me to represent England; You know you wanna ;D
We have fish and chips...The Queen...and the NHS. Englands a pretty awesome place ^^

[Sami_jane x]♥
Well what can i say?
Vote for England and vote for me :)

[Ana Rexia]
Latvia - The land, that sings

England - and unlike the other English contestants i have used the English flag

Canada (Nova Scotia)
I may not live in candada but all my background comes from there. I love my heritage. Candian for life :]

[Niki Nightmare ☆]
Wales.. =] First one i think.

[Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses]
Japan!!! love the the place always have and soon to be moving there XD (lol and yes this was one of my senior pictures)

[Papa Don't Preach]
Great culture, great dialect. what more do you need? C'mon the Scots!

England Because quite frankly...It is the best country :]]

well i'm gonna represent Wales not the best place in the world but it's quiet, oh and good luck to everyone


Englanddddd; =]

[Beki in Wonderland]
Representing my country till the day i die :p ..Oh wait...

I represent New Zealand and the Maori tribe. The Maori people were the first to spin poi. They used to tie rocks to the end of ropes and swing them around to going flexibility and strength. Today, the world has captured this ancient art and combined it with the modern world by adding LED lights or, as you see in my picture, fire.

Germany, seriously it rocks. :)

[Lexxi Scuzz] - Representing England!! With my country's national flower, the red rose! ^_^ (bigger version looks better!) My reasons, well it's the country of my birth and the home of Rugby, and odd traditions like chasing cheese down hills and bog snorkling!! 

Alright. Why Germany? First, everyone loves beer (just kidding). This is the home of Neuschwanstein castle, the home of fairytale castles, gnomes, sauerkraut and kabasa sausage! This is where Oktoberfests were born, and this is where I was born! Andrea Cadle representing Deutschland! Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles!! 

[Vaughne]- Originally I was going to enter this as joint entry with my friend Jack [Mr. Oogie Boogie], but he hasn't got his photo done :( So I have to go solo in my vampire-Transylvania-Dracula's wife entry thingy :] Hope you like the choice :D Peace out <3

I am from North Carolina, usa. AND NORTH CAROLINA IS BORING! so we need some props :P vote for nc. I love you all :)

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2008-06-02 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: haha I know...can't contradict myself can I? Not.With.Grammar!
I'm okay now Bry haha, just had a perfectionist attack ;P
And anyways! Grammar has nothing to do with spelling...grammar's punctuation. So there! ;D

2008-06-02 [Vaughne]: A good point well made, Natasha xD

2008-06-02 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: Why thaaankyou ;D
In yo face, Jackerz! xD

2008-06-02 [Vaughne]: You grammar obsessed girl xD

2008-06-02 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Maybe so.. but it still has something to do with the spelling..

since the punctuation is spelt in-between the two letters.. otherwise i could just put

Youre' There.. the punctuation is there.. so it MUST be spelt right


2008-06-02 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: ...wrong. has to be in the right place...your is still a word...but the context is wrong ;D
Neverminds! ^-^

2008-06-03 [TyTerror;]: Noooo.
I wanted to dres up as a girl and enter!

My hopes and dreams are crushed ._. :P

2008-06-03 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: awwwz I forgets your name. *presses nose* it's like...a button!!! xD eeeeeeepppp *spaz attack*

2008-06-06 [.:Teh Best I'll NEVER Have.:]: ... How come no one has represented Australia? =[
We have cute girls too... XD

2008-06-06 [Box]: Australia :DD

Cause we're not australian?

2008-06-06 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Plus.. im assuming your australian.. why didnt you represent them?

2008-06-06 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: yeahhhh xD
too late now though :P mwahahaha!

2008-06-07 [.:Teh Best I'll NEVER Have.:]: *shrugs* I only found out about this comp when I wrote that message XD

Oh well... Im sure there will be a next time =D So I have til then to persuade... *cough force cough* someone from Australia to enter =]

2008-06-07 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: the nominations are over dear xD

2008-06-09 [.:Teh Best I'll NEVER Have.:]: I realised ^^

2008-06-09 [joeluck]: Switzerland is the best country. No one is representing it therefore you're all losers

2008-06-10 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: Switzerland DOES have like...the cleanest hospitals in the EU..or is it the world?

2008-06-10 [Box]: They have Nuce chocolate :D
and they don't take a side!

2008-06-10 [WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: ohh wait. I was thinking of sweden! xD
swiss chocolate? Never heard of it :P

2008-06-10 [Jesse Marie :)]: WHY DO I NEVER KNOW ABOUT THESE CONTESTS!?

2008-06-10 [Amaranthine]: I don't know how you could have missed this one. It was flashing at the top of every elfpack page as a "message to all"!

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