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Elfpack has its own official flag, and anthem, and this page is where you can see them both.


The Elfpack Flag

(Webart by [UncleBuzzie])


Elfpack Anthem

Ode to Melancholy
der wuz a sight calld elfpak
its da kewlest lil cyber shack
i wanted 2 b a gard der
coz den I cud flirt w/o care
u kno, itz got all the sexx0ring i lak

dammit, i wish i had better luk
y do i alwez hav 2 suck?
i need food, luv an care
not airplanz w/ lo fair
1 day, i swear i'll fcuk!

(Lyrics? by [Fanta Boi] and [Fanta gurl])

Also, [::You're So Last Tuesday::]'s MP3: <URL:stuff/epa-batman.mp3>


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2005-05-14 [De'ladrei]: isnt it ^_^

2005-05-18 [Sun-Tzu]: yup...

2005-05-18 [De'ladrei]: *pets the kangaroo*

2005-05-19 [Rain]: nize kangaroo...

2005-05-20 [the queer kidd]: lol (top 2 comments!) i was wondering sorta kinda looked like german or dutch!

2005-05-20 [De'ladrei]: lol no its just net speak...although now you mention it i can see the resemblance a bit lol

2005-05-20 [Sunrose]: That's not even close to German or!

2005-05-20 [De'ladrei]: *shrugs* I have a strong scottish accent, i try saying that it comes out sounding like it lol

2005-05-21 [De'ladrei]: a thought occurs to me, shouldnt [UncleBuzzie] be a contractor because of this page?

2005-05-21 [Sunrose]: No, I did most of the building. He made the flag and pasted the poem. The rest was done by me.

2005-05-22 [De'ladrei]: ah okies just checking ^^ *dwemers has got to her too* i keep checking things like this now O_O"

2005-05-22 [Sunrose]: *hugs*

2005-05-22 [De'ladrei]: *Hugs back*

2005-05-23 [SOAD]: ahhhhh

2005-05-26 [joeluck]: hey em if i designed a new flag and it was nicer would it become the offical flag?

2005-05-26 [De'ladrei]: it might become the other flag...that gets used along with this one

2005-05-26 [joeluck]: i see but if i completly wiped the floor with the old one..?

2005-05-26 [De'ladrei]: *shrugs* i dont know, maybe

2005-05-26 [joeluck]: hmm cool..

2005-07-11 [Box]: talk about intresting topics

2005-07-11 [Box]: to my next place to help bye for ever

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