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Elfpack birthday 2008 contest

Elfpack's birthday is on the 12th of October. Now in 2008 Elfpack will become 4 years old.

This year's contest

I love Elfpack because ...

Contest closed. Poll was in <poll:13856>!

Winner: [Redneck Heartbreaker]

"I love Elfpack because it helps me get away. the only time im semi-atease is when im on Elfpack talking to people from far far away that i never thought i would meet. but yet they share the same experiences with me. and myspace got boring. :)"

Second: [MadHatress]

"I love Elfpack because EP offers the right to show your 'wild side'."

Third: [GlassCasket]

"I love elfpack because it is elfpack, what isn't to love?"

Congratulations to the winners!

§1 Write one or two sentences where the first sentence starts with "I love Elfpack because". Write a link to your house before the submission.

§2 It should be 1-2 lines of text, but there is no strict limit. Too long or too boringly short entries might be removed before the final.

§3 It should be something unique and it must be true (in the wide sense of the word though). "I love Elfpack because of all the nice people" is bad and not unique, while "I love Elfpack because I created it." is quite unique as it's only usable by [Hedda]. Try to make it specific so instead of "I love Elfpack because I met my husband here." (which isn't unique) write "I love Elfpack because I met my husband [xxx] here as he was always commenting on my wiki example wiki-page."

§4 The prize will be donor-privileges (see <URL:donate.html>) and a happy birthday hug from Elfpack.

§5 Deadline is of course on Sunday 2008-10-12 but you're welcome to submit entries until the poll is up and this page is locked.

§6 The winner will be selected by a Mainstuff poll, so write something that the Elfpackers will like, not something that you think the Elfpack administration wants to hear...

§7 Your phrase might be used together with your Elfpack username on (Note: You have to log out to see that page instead of the normal Mainstuff), so don't enter the contest if you don't want attention for a year! Be extra careful about entering things about love that might be very painful for you in the future. You can't ever take submissions back when the voting has started!

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Example submission:
[Hedda]: I love Elfpack because I created it.

Add your submissions after here:

[X-TheDarkened-X]: I love Elfpack because of the wiki comment fights! (Example below xD).

[phoenixborn]: I love Elfpack because it has koala bears down the side fools! You have to ask? Oh, and it's a fantastic place where I've managed to meet some of the most important and loved people in my life :)

[Shatureel]: I love Elfpack because it changed my life and has shown me how small the world truly is and how much I have in common with people around the world.

[MadHatress]: I love Elfpack because EP offers the right to show your 'wild side'.

[Redneck Heartbreaker]: I love Elfpack because it helps me get away. the only time im semi-atease is when im on Elfpack talking to people from far far away that i never thought i would meet. but yet they share the same experiences with me. and myspace got boring. :)

[Mr. Oogie Boogie]: I love Elfpack because it's a site where my entire group of friends use too, i've met WONDERFUL online friends on this site.. and even found love, and won contests.... and donated to PROVE my love.. Mwuahahah. AND i get to tease one of my favorite peope alive, >:D [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb] <33

[Faith.Hope.Love]: I love Elfpack because here is where, I can let down meh long hair, and no one would notice or even care, that that's all I would wear! O..O

[making love to a corpse.]: I love Elfpack because I was able to get in touch with my true self here, with the help of very dear friends. Some say that the people you meet on the Internet aren't real friends, but in my case, EP has proven that to be entirely false.

[Dead Inside.] I love Elfpack because no matter how pissed off you get there is allway's someone on here that can cheer you up and make you feel better. ^^

[Shadow of a woman] I love elfpack, as I can be who I want to be, without getting out of bed in the morning. I also love it as I have made some of the greatest friends ever on here, such as [Amaya.Kai.Kyouwa] & [x-Cegi-baby-x]. They are both really sweet and I love the fact that without fail they never forget my birthday! (Which is today!)

[The Lost Boy] i love elfpack because, everything else on the net fu****g sucks, m'kay?

[Bookwyrm] Elfpack - Friends, foes, and cake! What's not to love? (Cake not included)

[angel4evr] i love elfpack because, what isnt to love about it? all types of people mingle and tingle on here,ive met so many wierd and wacky peeps all ace in their own lil way <3 happy bday and go ep ^^

[itweetinHEELS] I love Elfpack because I know when i come on here i don't have to worry about seeing nudity or seeing spam everytime i look in the mailbox. It's just a great way of being able to make friends without all the big publicity and worry.

[GlassCasket] I love elfpack because it is elfpack, what isn't to love?

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2008-10-18 [Bookwyrm]: ...>.> -cough- Well that brought a bit of a smile anyway. :P

2008-10-19 [υиïqυε’bαявíε★]: arhhh sucks :| i entered too late..

2008-10-19 [Hedda]: Sorry, but I had to remove [υиïqυε’bαявíε★]'s entry because the contest's deadline has passed:
I LOVE Elfpack; because i think it brings more people across the world closer. ++ theres soo many amazing people on here''

2008-10-19 [υиïqυε’bαявíε★]: ohh it sucks :( '' if theres another one. i will deffo enter :D

2008-10-20 [Hedda]: It was a pretty good line too. <img:mood9-gif.gif>

I think there will be something similar sooner or later. Elfpack always needs good quotes that can convince the right people to come here.

2008-10-20 [Dead Inside.]: 1,2,3 LSD The Gummie Bears are chasing me. Some are yellow. Some are blue. The green one just took my shoe. 1,2,3 LSD next time won't you trip with me?

2008-10-21 [υиïqυε’bαявíε★]: I'll join the next one when theres one <img:dand-gif.gif>

2008-10-24 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Me likes to bake yummies, [Bookwyrm], cakes, cookies, pie, pastries, you name it. Just made a vanilla and fudge swirl cake with chocolate frosting, sprinkled with 'crushed nuts'. hehe *cuts the cake in half and gives a half to* Likes to make other goodies, too. I made Perogies today as well. Loves them. [MadHatress], why do you feel so bad for the nuts? They are yummy to chomp on. *chomps* <img:mood2-gif.gif>

2008-10-25 [MadHatress]: xD
because the crushing of the nuts has to make the trees scream in pain...other than that I love nuts!!

2008-10-25 [Bookwyrm]: [Faith.Hope.Love] can I move in with you? Pwease? XD I love to bake too, I just never do because I'm usually the only one in the house so...I'd be the only one eating it all! :P

Poor trees. T_T Oh well...-nom nom nom-

2008-11-03 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Ah, I see, [MadHatress]. So it's the trees that you feel sorry for then!? I suppose I do see your point. *tries to maintain a straight face* *grabs another nut, twists and yanks it off the tree and splits it open* Nuts are high in protein, so they must be good fer ya. *ebil grin*

Sure, [Bookwyrm]! Goodie! We can bake lots of yummies! I know what you mean about no one being around to share with. That's a big part of the enjoyment of cooking and baking, is watching someone eat and enjoy it. It's getting chilly now where I live, so now I'm into making sauces, some call gravies, for all sorts of dishes, particularly Italian dishes. I love Italian food. *smacks lips* :)

2008-11-03 [Bookwyrm]: ...-drools- I have a sudden desire to move back home with my grandmother. XD

2008-11-03 [MadHatress]: yeah...the trees. lol *wince* the mental image hurts me

2008-11-04 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Hmm... I sometimes wish I could still move back in with mine. :P Naw, actually, the nuts will usually drop off the tree when they are ready to. ;)

2008-11-04 [MadHatress]: like when a guy hits puberty? <img:zabuN-gif.gif>

2008-11-04 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Or soon after? lol

2008-12-04 [arron]: i love elf pack because cutie010491: is her lol love you baby AAF<img:lo-gif.gif><img:mood22-gif.gif><img:kis-gif.gif>

2008-12-05 [Nosmore]: I love elfpack because it helped me to acknowledge my talent of making friends that are unhappy to happy.

2009-01-24 [MadHatress]: i don't know that that's a good thing

2009-02-08 [Nosmore]: I love elfpack because it is the easiest way of packing new friends

2009-02-18 [STEVEN COOK]: hi every-1

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