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Fabulous banner courtesy of the equally fabulous [My Sky's The Limit]! ^__^


to the

Elfpack Music

The home for musicians and music lovers on Elfpack.

Whether you're a budding musician, a musical virtuoso, or even if you just like listening to music and prefer to leave the playing to those that get paid for it, this is the place for you! Here you can discuss anything from your favourite artists and musicians to tips on how to play and what instruments to buy. You can upload pictures of your instruments and even link to videos of you or your band playing :) This wiki is new and will be constantly under construction, so any tips or suggestions would be welcome- Just drop [phoenixborn] a message and he'll get right back to you :)

Okay, to business! Click on the links below to get to the area for your particular instrument- Add your name, upload pictures of your instruments, or the ones you want, link to songs and videos, and pretty much anything else you want to do! As long as it's relevant anyway, don't let your imagination run too wild :P

The main page of the Elfpack Music Hall (you're on it now fool :P) is where you can talk about music in general- Bands you like, bands you don't, how much you'd like to beat Lars Ulrich over the head with his own symbals, that kind of thing! If it's music, you can talk about it here :)

The titles of the instrument-specific pages are self explanatory I should think;

Drummers/ percussionists!


Keyboard and Pianists!



There isn't really enough demand to warrant setting up a wiki for people who play the Ukulele or the Shakuhachi, so for all those of you who rock enough to buck the trend and play something unusual, and as hard to pronounce as it is to play, then you can go here :) -
Anything else!

Any questions or problems please send a message to [phoenixborn]. Other than that, keep rocking, and if anything on this wiki helps you become rich and famous, remember who you owe it to ~__^

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2008-12-17 [Bookwyrm]: Give me some clues? I'm in the mood to inflict pain but I'm drawing a blank right now...

2008-12-17 [DeeJay™]: do the GTA favourite.. run round B+Q with a chainsaw :D
heck, you dont even have to take one! you'll be able to buy one when you're there! xD
pscht, whoever said violent video games influenced young kids was so wrong.. it affects young adults, too! <img:BR-GIF.gif>

2008-12-17 [Bookwyrm]: -snorts- Do wish I had the 360 here so I could get my ass whooped at COD. Oh well, just have to settle for destroying something real I guess...-wishes she had a car to blow up-

2008-12-17 [DeeJay™]: call of duty? no. halo? yush! xD
my friends and i me and my mates used to link up two TVs, with two boxes, and have a 3-on-3/4-on-4 CTF. that was awesome xD
the alien tank was my weapon of choice. not very fast, but it blew everyone (and everything) to smithereens ;3

2008-12-17 [Bookwyrm]: Meh...I'm not a Halo kind of girl. Preferably I'd dip into medieval times and run a torture chamber...or if I'm feeling particularly heroic I'd pick up a bow and arrow and lay into some ogres or something. I'm not too into the futuristic games...though I do love me some Star Wars. :P

2008-12-17 [Eyes of the Reaper]: I'm all about Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Dynasty Warriors. <.<  >.> I greatly dislike Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, and S.O.C.O.M. I also like a few others like Zelda, Starfox, Donkey know...the old school Nintendo well as a few older PS2 games.

2008-12-17 [DeeJay™]: SNES! :O i love my SNES :3
secret of mana has to be the best game for the SNES. it's even better than mario cart :O

2008-12-17 [Bookwyrm]: SNES = LOVE How I miss mine. -sigh- But at some point, is was bound to enter game system heaven.

I've never actually played Secret of Mana but I really want to. I'm going to have to hunt down a downloadable version or something. XD I hear such good things about it.

2008-12-17 [shinobi14]: Haha. I have my Xbox 360 right here, with COD4 (the best game currently out for the 360). And sitting right next to the 360? A Nintendo 64, all hooked up to my 26" LCD TV. ^___^ I can really play Zelda on that. And Goldeneye, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, and the rest. XD

Halo is pants. After the first one, it all went to hell. >.<

I'm after Fable 2. I should have it by February. ;)

2008-12-17 [DeeJay™]: teehee, i got two! xD SNES', that is
and i have a 64! mario party is the best game for that. closely followed by dark sin/sim/something like that (1st person shooter), and then mario cart 64 :3
jesus, i'm such a geek x]

2008-12-18 [Bookwyrm]:!

-is unable to continue conversation for a period of time in which she will her copy of Fable 2-...-cough-

2008-12-20 [д×ﻉ| PK]: you think your a geek i play vid games for a living and i still love pokemon, super mario games, zelda and plenty of other stuff and i own EVERY nintendo system that was and has been ever made
and yes and i own all the mario games,zelda games and pokemon games (exept for pokemon platinum which comes out next year...)

2008-12-21 [DeeJay™]: play video games for a living? how?! i wanna do that! xD
the pokemon games are awesome. ghastly, abra and bellsprout FTW! xD screw pikachu <_<

2008-12-21 [Eyes of the Reaper]: *was a jigglypuff person herself*

2008-12-22 [д×ﻉ| PK]: video games to me are like crack to a crackhead cant go without them for a while

2008-12-22 [Eyes of the Reaper]: *is like that with sugar, the internet, and elfpack* <.<  >.> *is hopelessly addicted to ep*

2008-12-22 [д×ﻉ| PK]: xD so was i lol i used to be on ep every momment since i joined but now i play vid games or something else

2008-12-22 [Eyes of the Reaper]: I'm always on elfpack while I do other things. @.@ Homework? Elfpack. E-mail? Elfpack. Date? Elfpack. I live, eat, sleep, and breathe elfpack. v.v

2008-12-22 [д×ﻉ| PK]: wow you are addicted to elfpack do you have the pic elfpack addict on your page? xD

2008-12-23 [Eyes of the Reaper]: I don't now but I used to. :)

2008-12-23 [д×ﻉ| PK]: xD

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