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Welcome to Elfpack Houses! On this wiki you'll find several templates which you can combine and send the info to me: [Dwemer]. When I've finished, you will have your own official Elfpack House.


Please don't order anything without reading the rules first!!!

Elfpack Houses -- Rules


Elfpack Houses -- Example


Elfpack Houses -- Templates

Elfpack Houses -- Characters

Elfpack Houses -- Monsters


Lost your Elfpack House picture, or do you just want to watch another member's Elfpack House? Just go to this wiki:

Elfpack Houses -- Database


Of course I needed a staff to be here when I'm too busy making houses, so here they are

[- juggalette -] : For all your questions

[Clandor] : Artistic Advisor and he answers questions at the forum


Here are some cool banners you could put in your house

Elfpack Houses -- Banners


Thanks for visiting Elfpack Houses! Please remind that it can take a while to create an Elfpack House, so please be patient!


Extra Info:

I will not put a copyrighted mark on this wiki, because I trust all Elfpackians, show me I'm right, just don't steal it. That reminds me, if you really want one of my artworks, please tell me, and there is a chance of 95% that it's ok!

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