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Elfpack Graphics Submissions

Welcome to the submissions page for Elfpack Graphics. Here, you can submit artwork to be donated to be among the graphics for us by all Elfpackers. Make sure you read the submission rules before donating graphics, please.

Graphic Submission Rules

1) The images MUST have been created by YOU!
- Anyone violating this rule will be banned from submitting graphics, and visited by the Guards.
3) Upload your images to Elfpack.
- You can upload images using your house, or you can ask one of the Custodians for the privs needed to upload to the wiki.
4) Keep the images no bigger than [300x300] pixels. Dividers are the exception: they may be up to 500 pixels in length.
- This is to make sure all images look good on different screen sizes.
5) Transparent backgrounds only. If your image has a background, make it a transparent background to accommodate any changes in the color of stylesheets.
- To upload transparent images you need wiki uploading privs. You can ask one of the Custodians for those privs.
6) Graphics submitted on lined, notebook paper will not be accepted.
- Quality issue. We may reject images if we feel they do not meet standard quality issues. We want graphics people put time into, not scribbles.


Once again, please read the above rules before submitting graphics. If a submission breaks the rules, it will be removed.

Please place graphic submissions under this line break, and separate all submission with a break. If you made multiple submissions at once, you do not need to use the break to separate each submission. Also, please avoid placing any tags (such as the center tag) around your submission.


Do you have any questions, comments or complaints? Please ask them in the comment box of this wiki-page. Thank you.

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2013-04-01 [Stephen]: Sammie and Deg, how would you two like to handle this page and the main Elfpack Graphics page?

2013-04-01 [Deg]: No problem-o, I'd be chill with that.

2013-11-20 [kittykittykitty]: [Deg] and [sammie h!], are you in charge of this part of the site? [Syn Serafim] submitted some graphics directly to EG Dividers 9.

2013-11-21 [Deg]: Wow, yes, I forgot about that. Um. Was assigned the task, immediately forgot. Cool. I'm just...really cool, lately.

SO. Anyways. About that. Let's see.

2013-11-21 [Deg]: Well, the graphics submitted fit the submission rules. The only one they didn't follow is the one where it says they should submit here, first. Should I just drop them a friendly heads-up that I appreciate their submissions but next time please go through here?

2013-11-21 [Deg]: Alright! This is what I have done. I sent a kind message to Syn Serafim reminding him of the guidelines/such and so forth.

Also, I took [deletedguy2006]'s submissions, put them away for safekeeping, and sent a message to him saying that if he wants to resubmit graphics in the future he can but for now the images do not match the criteria/blah blah blah. He hasn't been on for like, 2+ years so I'm not too worried about it. Still.

2013-11-23 [kittykittykitty]: Great! Thanks for sorting it. Isn't [Syn Serafim] also due for a badge?

2013-11-24 [Deg]: Gah! You're right, thanks for reminding me. Totally blanked!

2013-11-24 [Deg]: Aaaand done.

2013-12-02 [sammie h!]: Hay Kitty, I didn't know if any of us was in charge of this, I've been really busy lately so not really been on much?

2013-12-19 [kittykittykitty]: 2013-04-01 [Stephen]: Sammie and Deg, how would you two like to handle this page and the main Elfpack Graphics page?

It looks like [Stephen] put you in charge a while ago :P At least [Deg] agreed to it xD

2014-01-11 [sammie h!]: Ok well once i'm back on my feet fully I will start, Artsie knows whats gone on and why I've not been on.

2014-02-07 [kittykittykitty]: Ok sure. Real life happens; don't worry about it :)

2014-02-07 [sammie h!]: I'll start when I get back home x

2014-02-08 [Deg]: Real life happens; don't worry about it

DOES IT EVER. Haaahahhaaa. Hm.

2014-02-08 [sammie h!]: [Deg] if you realised what it was....

2014-02-13 [Deg]: Huh?

2014-02-13 [sammie h!]: as in my life thing

2014-02-24 [Deg]: Oh. Yeah.

2014-03-29 [Stephen]: =P

Delegating work is a healthy thing.
I've been on Elfpack, actively, for almost four hours tonight and I've gotten very little done. But it's nice regardless! x)

2014-03-30 [Deg]: <img:exitedN-gif.gif>

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