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Moderated by [Stephen], designed by [skullhead]


Welcome Elfpackers to the first ever Elfpack Graffiti Contest. The object of this contest is simple: We want you to make a colorful graffiti of the Elfpack name, take a photograph of it, and submit that photo. Be creative! It can be done in goth, punk, emo, or any other style you like, and on any surface.



The First Place winner will receive the full Artist Badge, the Competition Winner First Place Badge and a choice of either a Unique Giffie-Pets Ticket or 6 Togs!

The Second Place winner will receive the full Artist Badge, the Competition Second Place Badge, and their choice of either an Exotic Pet Ticket or 3 Togs.

The Third Place winner will receive the full Artist Badge, the Competition Third Place Badge, and their choice of either any normal pet from the Giffie-Pet Store, or 1 Tog!

For entering this contest, you will be credited three donations of art towards the Artists badge.


Rules, Guidelines and Tips

1) The entry MUST say Elfpack on the graffiti. It can have more than just Elfpack, but if the word "Elfpack" is not visible, the entry will be removed.

2) You can only submit one entry for this contest. You may submit multiple pictures of the same entry, but only one entry in total.

3) Be respectful of the work, time and efforts of other submitters. Do not badmouth others, disrespect them, or insult them. Doing so will result in your entry being removed, and may also provoke the Guards to pay you a visit.

4) No photo manipulations or computer made work allowed. You can draw the graffiti on paper, walls or other such things using pens, pencils, paints and other "raw" materials.

5) The contest moderator's call on any submission is final and disputing it will not help you; however you can always ask why your submission was rejected and work to improve it.

6) If you don't know what graffiti is, then click on the word --> Graffiti.

7) Have fun and be artistic! Otherwise, [Bookwyrm] will breathe firebreath at you!


-Elfpack Graffiti Contest Entries-

This contest is closed! Congratulations to the winners!

            First Place           Second Place           Third Place
     [Zombiie Natiion]      [Death of a Soul]      [Chelsea Lou]


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2011-11-21 [sammie h!]: Does the name have to be under an active crew member???

2011-11-21 [Stephen]: I set it to myself, but past official contests aren't as important.

I should close this. xD

2011-11-21 [sammie h!]: Yeah, good idea lol

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